10 Signals To Identify Expired Disposable Vapes

Did you know that disposable vapes can expire? It's one of those products that you wouldn't think could go out of date but alas, any disposable vape pens will likely expire at some point depending on what brand you shop from and what type of disposable vape pen you buy.

Spotting the signs of an expired disposable vape pen is something that's worth being knowledgeable on. The reason for this is that should you get sent any vape juice, you can properly assess the current quality to ensure you've not been given something that's expired.

In this guide, we'll share the ten signals to identify expired disposable vape pens so that you can enjoy your vape experience every time without fail.

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How long does Disposable Vapes last? 

Disposable vape pens will typically have a shelf life of one to two years before they reach their expiration date. This is due to the primary ingredients being propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. It's also the changes in these substances that can be impacted by nicotine oxidation and the lack of its flavoring.

As the e-juice ages, the nicotine content becomes less potent and the taste is weaker as a result.

How to know if your vape expired

How do you know if your vape has expired? Here are ten signals that your disposable vape has reached its expiration date and should be chucked!

   1. Color

The color change is one of the most obvious signs that the vape has expired and as such, should be thrown out.

   2. Smell

When a vape juice has expired, the smell may change or disappear completely. It's something to be aware of when it comes to identifying a vape juice that's in date and when it might be out of date.

   3. Gotten thicker

Depending on the formulation, the e-liquid is likely to have gotten thicker or thinner and this can be a sign that your disposable vape has seen better days!

   4. Ingredients are separating

The ingredients that make up the e-liquid are more than likely to start separating. Separation is normal even when it's in date, which is why a lot of these e-liquids will have a 'shake well' on the packaging.

If the substances don't come together though as they would do if within the expiration dates, then it's likely that the e-liquid has gone off completely. It's better to dispose of it than to try vaping it.

   5. The nicotine content is reduced

For any disposable vape, the nicotine content within it is likely to vary depending on your choice of strength. When it's expired, the e-liquid degrades and will eventually diminish to the point that it's no longer usable. You also will lack that nicotine hit that many vape users often require from their disposable vape.

   6. A bad aftertaste

Getting a bad aftertaste when drawing on your disposable pen? That could be a sign of the e-liquid going bad or a problem with the battery life. Regardless of what problem is causing it, it's better to get rid than to continue using it.

   7. It's been exposed to a lot of sunlight

The ingredients that make up an e-liquid can easily be damaged if not stored correctly. As such, if your e-liquid has been exposed to the sunlight for a prolonged amount of time, this may make your e-liquids taste different or ruin the e-liquid entirely.

   8. The strength of the flavor

The flavor strength of your e-liquids is subject to oxidation and that means after some time, the flavor will become a lot weaker, even if within its expiration date. Your disposable device will likely become less flavorful the closer it gets to the expiration dates labeled on the product.

   9. It's darker than usual

A disposable pen lasts for one to two years but if you start to notice the color get darker, then this could be a sign that it's meeting its expiry date earlier than expected. An expired e-liquid isn't going to taste or smell great, so it's best to chuck it out when this happens.

   10. The expiration date on the vape pen itself

It's good to check the vape devices themselves for an expiration date. This will indicate when you've got an expired e-liquid and that way, you don't need to experience the taste or smell of your expired vape.

How to extend the useful life of your vape?

To extend the usable life of your vape and e-liquids, there are a couple of ways you can do this.

Keeping it in a good storage location

A good storage location is key when it comes to making sure that your vape pen lasts. Even the best disposable vapes can go bad if you don't store them properly. Make sure they're stored in a cool/room-temperature location and that they're not put in any direct sunlight.

Make sure to keep the vape pen clean

Be sure to keep your vape pen clean so that nothing is getting into the vape mouthpiece or seeping into the vape device itself in other ways.

Where can I get more disposable vapes?

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Do disposable Vapes have an expiry date?

Yes, they'll usually have an expiration date that's been labeled as such on the packaging. Make sure to check this before you go using the vape itself.

Can I use three year old vape juice?

Whilst it's not advisable to use the vape juice beyond its expiration date, there's nothing to say it's dangerous to do so. We'd recommend you throw it out and get a new one!