5 Vape Tricks For Beginners You Need To Know

There are some great vape tricks that beginners can try their hand at when it comes to performing the trick themselves. The top five vape tricks for beginners are:

  1. Ghost Inhale
  2. Dragon
  3. French Inhale
  4. Waterfall
  5. Blowing O's

If you're looking to impress your friends and colleagues with these easy vape tricks, then this guide should be helpful. These five vape tricks can be perfected with a bit of practice and as an easy vape trick, it's something that you can pull out and perform when the time is right!


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Ghost inhale

The ghost inhale is one of the best for easy vape tricks because it's one that often appears more difficult than it actually is.

When it comes to impressing others, making something look hard when in reality it's easy, will give the ego a little boost.

The vape trick works by inhaling the vapor and pushing it out with the tongue. This is then sucked back in immediately, giving it a ghostly effect of it being there one minute and gone the next.

For beginner vape tricks, this is up there as one of the most used.


The Dragon is one of the most visually impressive tricks to do and like with most vape tricks, the ones that look the most difficult, tend to be the easiest to master.

With this one, you'll need all the vapor possible in the mouth, clenching the center of the mouth shut and loosening the edges for vapor to seep out. At the same time, the vapor is forced out of the nose at the same time.

The result is the visual appearance of the vape user looking like a dragon! For cool tricks like this one, being able to breathe through both the nose and mouth simultaneously can feel alien but with practice, can be achieved.

French inhale

The French inhale is a trick that is often referred to as the bane inhale. However, whatever you choose to call it, the french inhale trick is a favorite amongst vape users who fancy themselves as a bit of a vape tricker.

It works by taking the vapor into your mouth and then pushing the bottom lip out. Slowly breathe out and then switch to inhale it up into the nose. This, like the dragon, requires the ability to alternate or use both mouth and nose when breathing.

Again, it takes time but as far as popular vape tricks go, this is up there as one of the best to learn.


The waterfall trick is a visually beautiful effect that is easy as can be. It can also be referred to as an Irish waterfall but this variation is more like the french inhale.

You can use any type of vapes for this trick but it's worth using an e-liquid with a high VG where possible.

To perfect this trick, take a mouthful of vapor into the moth and smoke slowly out the vapor onto a super flat surface. The result is a thick mist that settles on the surface to create a mystical effect.


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Blowing O’s

Blowing o ring shapes with your vape is a great way to practice vape tricks and to get the most out of your vape pens. They can be difficult to get your head around - or should we say mouth - but with practice, it'll all come naturally in time.

Blowing o rings can be done by drawing in vapor and shaping your mouth into an o ring shape. It requires some pressure from your throat, much like the practice of throat clicking, to get the shape out in a rapid fashion.

Vape trickers you should follow

If you're interested in exploring vape tricks further, then following some of the most well know vape trickers is useful. Learning from the best is, after all, how you can become the best!

V Austin L has a substantial following of over 3 million subscribers to date. Performing a variety of vape tricks using a multitude of vape device options, it's worth taking a look at some of the videos he puts out. However, it's worth mentioning he's not posted anything for over a year now.

GrimmGreen has plenty of videos to get you started on easy vape tricks and most importantly, he posts regular videos currently and does more than just vape tricks. 

Virchelle Vapes, otherwise known as Chelle Bear, has posted many different how-to videos when it comes to vape tricks. There's not a huge amount on there, but there's certainly plenty to get started or to build skills in order to become one of the advanced vapers out there

Where to buy the best vapes for tricks?

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What are the most popular vapes?

The most popular vapes for beginners are disposable devices. They're pre-filled and pre-charged, meaning there's no hassle when it comes to using them. Simply unpackage them and start puffing!

What is the hardest vape trick?

The hardest vape trick to master is the Jellyfish shape. It takes some time to master, especially as it involves drawing twice in order to get the desired effect. For an advanced trick, this is one of the most complicated to learn and pull off.

What are the best vapes to practice tricks with?

Disposable vapes are a great way to practice tricks, as well as any vape kits that offer a powerful battery and atomizer. However, it's all about the e-liquid content itself. The higher the VG content, the more effective it's going to be in blowing out large amounts of dense vapor.