How To Know If You're Vaping Properly: Guide And Tips

Are you new to vaping? Perhaps you've had cigarettes before but transitioning over to vaping seems a little alien to you.

Never fear, vaping is just as easy and something that can be picked up easily with the right guidance. If you're needing some guidance on how to vape properly, then you've come to the right place.

This guide will help you understand what vaping is, how to vape when it comes to inhaling correctly and tips for vaping, in general, to get the best experience possible.

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What is vaping?

So what is vaping? Well, vaping is the act of inhaling a smoke-like vapor from a vape device or electronic cigarette. Vaping is just like smoking, however, it's considered to be less harmful and somewhat less addictive than smoking cigarettes.

You'll also come across a flavored nicotine liquid which is referred to as vape juice. Most vape juices will contain nicotine but there are some that don't contain nicotine and therefore may benefit those looking for an alternative.

With vaping, there's more control over what flavor you'll smoke and how much nicotine is in each vape device.

What are vape mods?

Vape mods are advanced vape devices that are designed to be used with vape tanks, which you'd typically buy separately. This helps to further customize the experience that the vape provides to the user.

These mods are the largest vaping devices and the best when it comes to power too. They tend to have a boxy shape and due to their larger size, they can hold bigger batteries that provide hours of use.

How to know if you're inhaling correctly or wrong

How do you know if you're vaping correctly? If you've never smoked or vaped before, it can be hard to differentiate whether you're inhaling it correctly or whether you're doing it wrong. Here are some differences between inhaling correctly and not inhaling it properly.

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Inhaling properly

There are a number of tips that can help to inhale vape properly instead of doing the complete opposite. With that in mind, here are some tips to inhale your vape device correctly and to get the best experience possible.

  • Place your lips correctly around the device

If you don't purse your lips properly around the device, there's a risk that some vapor can escape. This can provide you with a less intense flavor and a nicotine kick that you may be after if opting for a nicotine e-liquid.

  • Mouth to lung mtl

This is the technique that you should consider when it comes to vaping. Take in the vapor, into the mouth and hold for a few seconds before opening the mouth and inhaling through the lungs. Finally - exhale!

  • Take slow and smooth inhales

It's important to take slow and smooth inhales when it comes to vaping. Take it slowly, there's no need to panic. By doing it slowly, you're going to get a good experience the first time around.

  • Wait between each puff

Make sure to wait between each puff in order to enjoy the taste that every drag provides. It can also be handy waiting a few minutes to feel the kick of the nicotine before taking the next hit.

  • Buy premium e-liquid

The type of vape juice is important when it comes to your vape pod. Make sure that you're buying the best vape juice on the market so that the experience is a good one every time.

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Inhaling Wrong

Yes, it's easy enough to get your inhalation techniques wrong. Whether that's the actual inhale or the type of device or liquid you're using. Here are some key indicators that you're inhaling your vape pens wrong.

  • Vaping after the tank is empty or the coil is burned out

This is a common problem, particularly if you've been given one to try for the first time. Some vapers have a habit of continuing to vape even with the coil burning out or the tank running empty of e-liquid.

  • Inhaling too quickly

It's important to inhale slowly. If you're inhaling too quickly, then you're likely going to have a less enjoyable experience and won't taste or feel the same intensity as you would if you took the inhale slower.

  • You're coughing after the inhale

Coughing after the inhale is likely due to the fact you've inhaled too quickly or you've not inhaled it into your lungs properly. Make sure to correct this with the mouth to lung mtl technique mentioned above.

Tips for vaping properly

It's important to remember that everyone had to start somewhere when learning how to vape properly. With any vaping device or vape juice, the experience is likely to be a little different each time. Here are some top tips for vaping properly.

  • Check that the vape pen is working correctly.
  • Use the mouth to lung technique.
  • Take it slowly.
  • Try different vape pens and electronic cigarette devices to find the best option for you.

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How do you inhale a vape without it hurting?

To inhale a vaping device without it hurting, take it slowly. The best vaping experience is taking in a slow and smooth draw. That way, you're less likely to cough and splutter!

How long should you inhale for vape?

With a vape pen, inhaling for a few seconds is all that's needed. Make sure that the vape mod has a fully charged battery and enough e-liquid in the tank. With a low vape battery, you may find it's not as intense in flavor.