The Top 5 Best E-Cigarettes You Must Try In 2023

With many e-cigarettes now popping up on the market, there's an abundance of options that can make choosing one quite the challenge. Whether you're a newcomer to vaping or you've become well-acquainted with e-cig starter kits, there are some great options and then there's the best.

The creme de la creme of e-cigarettes is what you deserve and so we've piled together what we feel are the top five best e-cigarettes to try in 2023. For the best e-cigs to help quit smoking, this list should also provide you with a number of options to make transitioning to vaping easier.

The top five best e-cigarettes of 2023 are:

1- Mint ICE Fume Infinity

2- Ice Mint HQD Cuvie Plus

3- Black Ice Fume Ultra

4- Sakura Grape Elf Bar BC5000

5- SMOK Vape V2

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Let's dive into what's considered some of the top e-cigarettes to try within the new year. It's a great way of kicking off 2023 by exploring such a delightful range of vape devices.

  1. Mint ICE Fume Infinity

Bringing Ice Ice baby back with a cold blow, the Mint ICE Fume Infinity offers endless amounts of delicious vape juice in a sleek and stylish vape pen.


Mint Ice Fume Infinity


With the Fume Infinity, you get plenty of wonderful features to delight the senses which make this pen an option you can't put down for more than five seconds.

Enjoy up to 3,500 puffs per device, delivered by a power output of 1,500mAh. As far as electronic cigarettes go, the Fume Infinity range is plentiful in flavor and generous in its flavor range too.

Draw-activated, it makes for a beginner-friendly vape that anyone new to disposable vapes will enjoy.

Price - $19.95


Customers love the taste of the Fume Infinity, especially when it comes to its performance. While some have mentioned a different expectation of flavor, many still highlight the feeling of a refreshing icy mint finish.

  1. Ice Mint HQD Cuvie Plus

It seems to be the case that many vape users are a fan of the cool, menthol ice flavorings because another top performer is exactly that. The Ice Mint HQD Cuvie Plus is the largest of the two in the range from HQD.

Mint Ice HQD Cuvie Plus


Delivering up to 1,200 puffs of pure icy delight, these e-cigs are a great choice for those who want a similar experience to menthol-style cigarettes. As one of the best sellers from the HQD range, you'll find it easy to keep cool with this flavor e-cig.

The vape pen features a power range of 7w-12w and has a 50mg/ml concentration of nicotine for a satisfying hit with every puff.

Price - $14.65


You'll be joining a vaping community of happy customers with this ice mint flavor. It's described as being a classic ice mint flavor and useful for those looking to transition after quitting smoking.

  1. Black Ice Fume Ultra

Sleek, sultry, and sexy in packaging, the Black Ice Fume Ultra is everything you'd want from an e-cigarette when it comes to a fruity flavor combined with an icy kick to finish.

Black Ice Fume Ultra


As one of the most popular vape pens on the market, the Black Ice from Fume Ultra is a deep, rich blackberry that's combined with the oh-so-loved icy finish. You'll likely be sporting a Cheshire cat grin across your face with this one.

With up to 2,500 puffs, it's the ideal vape kit for those who want a long-lasting and satisfying introduction to the Fume brand. With 5% salt nicotine, the smooth throat hit is an addictive effect that you'll want again and again with this disposable vape.

Price - $16.95


Any customer will tell you that the SmokyBox is the number one place to order vape pens. With fair pricing and plenty of choices, customers are a fan of these vapes, as well as recommend them as the best vape they've ever had!

  1. Sakura Grape Elf Bar BC5000

This Japanese grape flavor offers a sweet taste that is heavenly despite not being a typical flavor choice for many vape users. As far as e-cigs go, the Sakura Grape Elf Bar BC5000 is a vape device you won't regret buying.

Sakura Grape Elf Bar BC5000


The floral and sweet flavors of the Japanese Sakura Grape are a nice addition to the Elf Bar BC5000 range. It's earned its spot as one of the best e-cig vapes due to its powerful battery performance and offering up to 5,000 wonderful puffs of vape in each device.

An additional perk of these vapes is that they can be recharged. The rechargeable battery is a unique feature as most electronic cigarette disposables are disposed of once used. Read our blog on How To Charge An Elf Bar Vape? to get the most out of your BC5000.

Price - $19.95


As an unusual flavor, it's not often purchased by new vape users but many customers enjoy this e-cig flavor once they've taken their first few puffs.

  1. SMOK Vape V2

When it comes to sub-ohm vaping, the SMOK Vape V2 is a valid choice of e-cig options. It's the ideal vape pen kit for both intermediate and advanced users of vaping.

Smok Vape V2

 Smok Vape V2


Built in a compact pen style, the device has a powerful output of 60W and is backed by a 1,600mAh built-in battery.

Great for on-the-go vaping, this vape kit allows you to enjoy a full day of vaping without worrying about it running out during your work lunch hour.

With a range of safety features, it's a trusted device for those who need vaping devices suited to their needs. The 60% VG ratio allows users to get a delightful vapor output and offers easy refill by simply unscrewing the mouthpiece on top to replenish your juices.

Price - $16.27


Many customers praise the device for being a top performer when it comes to mouth-to-lung vaping and is a step up for those who are wanting to try a non-disposable e-cigarette.

Where is the best place to buy a new e-cigarette?

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Is vaping healthier than smoking cigarettes?

Yes, vaping is considered to be a healthier alternative to cigarettes due to cigarettes containing tobacco which is what causes many problems within the body. This is particularly in the case of the lungs. There are many benefits of vaping that are worth knowing when considering a transition from smoking.

What e-cigarette is the most similar to smoking a regular cigarette?

When it comes to smoking cigarettes, finding the best alternative when quitting is important, which means it needs to look and feel like a cigarette.

Therefore a good e-cigarette option that's similar to smoking a regular one is the Elf Bar or any of the other sleek and slim disposable devices on the SmokyBox site.