Buy Vapes At Gas Stations: How Much They Cost?

 Gas station vape prices can vary anywhere between $15 to $20 for a basic disposable. As an alternative to smoking, you can simply throw a vape into your backpack and away you go!

There may be times when you are far away from your local vape outlet or don't have the ability to order online. It's therefore useful to know what gas stations will have available when it comes to vape pens and various other devices.


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What types of vapes can I find in a Gas Station? 

When it comes to types of vape pens, there is a variety to choose from. However, in most gas stations, you're most likely to come across the disposable types.

Disposable vapes

Disposable vapes are great for short-term vaping, especially when you're on the go and don't want to carry various vape juice cartridges around with you.

These disposable devices don't need charging and are draw-activated, meaning all you have to do is inhale on the device to activate it!

At your local gas station, you're likely to come across a number of brands. Depending on your preference, there are a variety of disposable vape options and flavors to choose from.

Rechargeable vapes

Rechargeable vapes, also known as rechargeable electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes, are vaping devices that are designed to be reusable by allowing users to recharge the battery. Unlike disposable vapes, which are discarded after use, rechargeable vapes typically consist of a rechargeable battery component and a refillable or replaceable cartridge or tank for the e-liquid. Users can recharge the battery using a USB charger or a dedicated charging dock, enabling them to enjoy vaping without the need for constant replacement of the entire device. These rechargeable devices offer a more sustainable and cost-effective option for vapers who prefer to customize their vaping experience with different e-liquid flavors and nicotine strengths.

Top 5 vapes to find at gas stations

There are a number of gas station vape types to choose from. When choosing a vape pen, it's good to consider the price and the benefits that come with using this type of vape above others. A disposable e-cigarette may be disposable, but you want it to provide a satisfying experience nevertheless.

1. HQD

HQD vape is a brand of disposable e-cigarettes. It was founded in 2014 and has become one of the world's most popular disposable e-cigarette brands. HQD vapes are known for their compact size, lightweight design, and ease of use. They are also relatively affordable, making them a popular choice for new and experienced vapers.

HQD vapes come pre-filled with a variety of e-liquid flavors and nicotine strengths. They are also draw-activated, meaning that they start producing vapor when the user inhales. This makes them very easy to use, even for new vapers. 

2. Fume

Fume disposable vapes are incredibly popular for their wide variety of flavors and robust reliability when it comes to disposable vapes. They offer several different sizes, which include the Fume Mini, Fume Extra, Fume Ultra, and Fume Infinity, to name but a few. With a variety of sizes available, there's something for every type of vape user, whatever their experience. To help you decide which the best Fume vape is right for you, here are the specifics for each device. Discover how much nicotine is in a fume vape.

3. Geek Bar

Founded in 2015, GEEK BAR is a renowned electronic cigarette label recognized for its disposable vaping apparatus, meticulously designed with care for mature individuals seeking a more intelligent vaping experience. With an increasing number of adult vapers discovering the gratification provided by disposables, our aim is to provide vapers with an unparalleled, pocket-friendly vaping solution that is not only convenient and easy-to-use but also offers exceptional taste, setting us apart from other electronic cigarette brands.

4. Raz

Raz Vapes is a burgeoning player in the vaping industry, emerging in recent years with a distinct focus on delivering premium vaping experiences to enthusiasts worldwide. Established as a dynamic brand, Raz Vapes prides itself on innovation, quality, and a commitment to meeting the diverse needs of its customers. With a range of meticulously crafted e-liquid flavors and cutting-edge vaping devices, Raz Vapes aims to elevate the vaping journey for users, offering unparalleled satisfaction and enjoyment with every puff.

5. Flum

Flum Disposables provides users with disposable devices that offer around 3000 puffs made with 5% salt nicotine e-juice. It has a unique cylindrical shape design that uses a drawing-activation firing mechanism for quick and easy vaping. Flum offers over 20 different flavors that you can choose from.

Alternatives to buying vapes in a gas station

If you're looking for an alternative to buying vapes at a gas station, then you'll find plenty online. There are plenty of vape shops where you can get yourself a disposable vape, but if you're looking for a good one, then The Smoky Box is a great place to shop.

The Smoky Box

The Smoky Box has plenty of disposable vape and vape pen options to choose from. Whether you're looking for a disposable vape from HQD, Whiff, or Fume, these top brands will provide everything you need for the best vaping experience.

As a vape pen user, you need a disposable vape that's going to be high-quality and last for a good amount of time. All the electronic cigarettes available on the Smoky Box are the best on the market.

Where can I find the best vapes?

If you're looking for the best disposable e-cigarette option, then look no further than the SmokyBox. It's a one-stop shop for all electronic cigarettes. They stock quality brands at affordable prices and have more to offer than most gas stations will.

When you buy disposable ecigs, you get quality for money and you'll benefit from free delivery on orders over $50 if you're in the USA. Buy disposable e cigs on the Smoky Box and get access to a variety of flavors and sizes that suit your needs. 

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Buy vapes at gas station FAQs

Can I order disposable vapes online?

Yes, you can order a disposable e-cigarette online at the click of a button. There are plenty of online vape shop options to choose from, we'd recommend the SmokyBox of course!

Do gas stations sell disposable vapes?

Yes, gas stations sell disposable e-cigs. Be sure to check out your local gas station and convenience stores for that matter. There's always likely to be at least one or two choices when it comes to disposable e-cigs.