Can You Vape Weed? Find Out The Truth

Is it possible to vape weed? Yes! Marijuana vaping is possible through the use of marijuana concentrates being added to the vape device.

For those who enjoy the experience of smoking marijuana, smokers can transition over to vaping marijuana instead. It's a lot healthier to vape than it is to smoke, which is why vaping has become so popular over the years.

This guide will provide an introduction to vaping marijuana for vape pens. You'll learn everything there is to know about marijuana vaping, along with the signs of use and the risks that come with it.

How to vape weed with a vape pen?

Every vaping device is different, which is why you'll want to clue yourself up on how to use weed for vaping devices. In this case, let's look at how to vape weed with a vape pen.

1. Check the charge:

Before using the weed, you'll want to check that the vape pen has been charged and that it's turned on. For some, the e-cigarette turns on through draw activation. Simply checking this by taking a draw will confirm whether or not it has a charge.

If the pen has a separate cartridge for the e-liquid, then make sure it's tightly connected to the battery itself.

2. Set the temperature

When it comes to vape cannabis, you want to ensure the right temperature is set. Not all vape pens will have this functionality but with some rechargeable batteries, temperature control will be available.

3. Inhale:

When vaping marijuana, you want to take the same process as you would typically when it comes to vaping products. Press the button and inhale or simply draw on the device if there are no buttons available.

Inhale a long and slow breath to help consume marijuana to the fullest. Doing it slowly will help maximize cannabinoid intake.

Vaping slowly is also going to avoid burning the THC oil and damaging the concentrate. Inhaling properly is going to help make the most of the cannabis products you're using and for vape products in general.

4. Reload/replace:

It's important to be aware when vaping cannabis when you're running low. The vapor, like any nicotine vaping devices that has e-liquid in them, will start to lose its flavor.

The result is a harsh or burnt taste. Be aware that some vape pens with low-quality batteries will also end up burning any vaporized cannabis, still available.

Some vape pens allow you to reload, whereas others will need to be replaced completely.

5. Discard:

When you're finished with a cannabis-oil cartridge or disposable vape pen, simply discard it. No need to clean.


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Signs of use

If you're curious as to what gives you away when you consume cannabis, there are a few signs of use. These include:

  1. Sleepy and drowsy
  2. Bloodshot eyes
  3. A cough or wheeze
  4. An increase in hunger
  5. Inability to judge time accurately
  6. Lack of focus or unable to concentrate
  7. Difficulty when it comes to coordination
  8. Overly talkative

When suspecting someone of marijuana use, you'll typically find evidence of vaping products in their room and a distinct, unusual smell. Vaping THC oil can still vary in the scents that weed produces when combined with e-liquids flavors.


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What are the risks of vaping weed?

As with anything, it's important to know the risks and potential dangers that come from marijuana use. By being aware of the risks, it will hopefully mean vape users are safe when it comes to vaping THC oil.

1. Significant health concerns

When it comes to vaping weed, there are lots of health concerns linked to it. From lung health that can result in severe lung injuries to the mental health side of the drug. Some can end up experiencing psychosis, schizophrenia, paranoia, and anxiety.

2. It can become addictive

Vaping is somewhat the same as smoking as both will contain nicotine for the most part. As with any drug, cannabis vaping can lead to an addiction. Being reliant on it or taking it regularly, can lead to substance abuse.

3. Can lead to further drug use

Once someone has a taste for weed, it can lead to ingesting marijuana regularly and potentially harder drugs as a result.

Further drug use can lead to drug abuse and that could have a further impact on the individual's health and wellbeing.

Vaping weed vs. vaping nicotine

Is there much difference between vaping weed in comparison to vaping nicotine? When vaping nicotine, you have a choice of vape devices to choose from and there's a variety of e-liquids to choose from.

The same goes for weed in that many vape devices can be used. Vaping weed gives you a buzz like nicotine does but with weed it can have more psychological effects that can vary from one person to the other.

There are benefits of vaping nicotine and vaping weed, so if you want to vape marijuana, then it's worth giving it a go.

Where can you buy a vape?

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Is vaping weed safe?

For the most part, if done correctly and in a reasonable amount, can be done safely. It's very much like vaping nicotine but with the extra addition of the high.

Is vaping weed legal?

The legal age to buy vapes in the US is 18 years old. For vaping weed, it depends on the laws that are in place when it comes to weed. Some places have legalized weed, while others haven't.

What is the difference between vaping weed and smoking weed?

With smoking the cannabis plant, it burns the dried plant which may result in more harm to the lungs.

When vaping marijuana, it involves using THC oil and vaping it in a healthier way in comparison to smoking cigarettes.