Cost of Vaping Vs Smoking: Which Is the Better Buy Today?

Vaping is a lot more affordable than smoking cigarettes. Vaping is 93% cheaper than smoking 20 cigarettes a day. For some cigarette smokers, they'll spend up to $188 or more a month, whilst vapers may only need to pay a fraction of that cost.

Vaping is a lot more affordable than smoking cigarettes. Vaping is 93% cheaper than smoking 20 cigarettes a day. For some cigarette smokers, they'll spend up to $188 or more a month, whilst vapers may only need to pay a fraction of that cost.


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In the battle between vaping and smoking, the vaping world has certainly shaken up the tobacco industry and all tobacco products that exist on the market today. However, is the cost of vaping truly better than smoking cigarettes? Or is it perhaps smoking that works out better in affordability?

In this article, we'll look at the cost of vapes vs smoking in 2023 and how this might influence your decision when it comes to buying vapes or cigarettes.

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How much do vapes cost in 2023?

Vapes on average will vary in price depending on the device that you get. Each device offers a different experience to the user and some vape users prefer one over the other.

  • Disposable vapes: $15-$20

Disposable vapes tend to be one of the cheaper options for e-cigarettes as they have limited usage. You'll expect to pay anywhere between $15 to $20 on average for a disposable vape pen.

  • Pod systems: $10 – $30

Pod systems are slightly more expensive than disposables but the difference is minimal. These pod mods only usually work with the model of the pod intended for the device itself as opposed to other customizable electronic cigarettes.

  • Vape pens: $15 – $35

Vape pens are like the disposable option but you're able to recharge them, as well as being able to refill the e-juice that's inside the device too. It's a bit more versatile but requires more work compared to disposable e-cigarettes.

  • MTL starter kits: $30 – $60

Finally, the MTL starter kits are the most advanced in vaping devices and cost around $30-$60 to purchase. Their electronic nicotine delivery system is one of the best and allows the user to get an authentic feel just like smoking a cigarette. The mouth-to-lung style of vaping tends to be the most popular for users of electronic cigarettes.


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How Long do Disposable Vape Pens Last?

The length of time that it takes for disposable vape pens to last is based on how much you tend to vape during the day. Your e-cigarettes could last for days if you only vape so much during the course of the day but could only go for a day or two if you're a heavy user.

Disposables also come in different sizes, meaning you could get anything from 350 puffs and upwards of 3,500 to 4,000 puffs in some cases. That can also influence how long they'll last. As a new vape user, you may find the smaller vape juice sizes are enough, whereas regulars will opt for the larger ones.

How much does smoke cost in 2023?

Smoking cigarettes is something that has changed significantly over the years as demand has risen throughout the decades and prior to vapes ever existing.

Between 2000 and 2020, the average price that was paid for a pack of 20 cigarettes went from $4.64 to $14.46. That's a 212% increase, which has certainly impacted those who have been smoking for a long time and experienced first-hand this hike in price.

Before the 2000s, a packet of cigarettes in 1990 would only cost around $2.02. It's certainly a more expensive habit to keep in this day and age.

How Much Can You Save if you quit smoking?

For those that want to quit smoking, there's obviously a lot of money that can be saved as a result. When cutting out cigarette smoking altogether, the average person will spend around $188 per month or a mammoth $2,292 per year. That's an average cost per year, so a heavier smoker might spend a lot more depending on their usage.

Over the course of ten years, the average amount spent is $22,920, a substantial amount of money that could certainly have its uses elsewhere.

How much money do you save vaping?

The cost of vaping is substantially cheaper than smoking. When it comes to e-cigarettes, the smaller disposable vapes that have up to 500 puffs in them, equate to around a pack of cigarettes or so. It's considered to be around 93% cheaper than smoking 20 cigarettes a day, 88% cheaper than 10 cigarettes a day, and 76% cheaper than smoking 5 cigarettes a day. Ultimately, it's a better option to save yourself a bit more money.

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The vape juices alone can be a lot cheaper when using reusable devices. Vape juice cost is around $10-$30 which will last you a long time when combined with a vape kit.

Where you can buy good vapes?

The best thing about e-cigarettes is that they're more cost-effective than smoking cigarettes. So why not try out vapes if you haven't already? It's worthwhile making a leap over to vaping and seeing whether it's something you enjoy or not.

The SmokyBox is a great place to shop for all your vape needs. A whole selection of vape products from some of the best brands on the market. You can check out the variety of disposable options available and all of the flavor combinations that'll delight your tastebuds with our vape juice options.

The vaping cost is one that's more affordable and worth trying, so check out our range today.


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Does vaping help you quit smoking?

Yes. There are some vapes that are nicotine-free, helping kick the habit if it's something you're looking to do.

What happens when you quit smoking and start vaping?

There might be a little adaption needed when it comes to getting used to the device, however, e-cigarettes are designed to mimic actual tobacco products like cigarettes. You likely won't notice much difference!