Vape Issue: Why Is My Vape Leaking into My Mouth?

There are a number of reasons why your vape is leaking into your mouth. These include:

  • Faulty tank or coil
  • Overfilling the tank
  • Not assembling the vape correctly
  • Airflow issues or wrong wattage/temperature
  • E-liquid quality or incompatible vape juice for the device
  • General wear and tear

There's nothing worse than experiencing e-liquid leaking into your vape and it hinders your experience of vaping. Whether it's the vape tank leaking or excess liquid in the device, it's important to avoid this from happening.

Why Is My Vape Leaking into My Mouth?


How do I know my vape is about to leak into my mouth?

If any of the above issues are occurring, then you're likely to get e-liquid into your mouth. Spitback is often the first thing that's noticeable when it comes to a leaking vape device. You may also find that when it leaks, you get an instant taste of the hot liquid. That's something that would indicate your vape leaking and therefore needs to be fixed fast.


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What may be the reason why my vape is leaking into my mouth?

There are a number of reasons, as mentioned above, why your vape device may be leaking vape liquid into your mouth. Let's go through all of the common causes of a leaky vape.

  • Faulty tank or coil
  • A faulty tank or coil is likely to cause a vape to leak. From the coil mechanism becoming damaged, to the tank being cracked, these faulty elements will lead to the e-juice leaking.

    It's worth taking a closer look at where the leak is coming from whether that's through the mouthpiece or the bottom of the device.


    To ensure your vape no longer leaks, you may want to replace the tank or coil depending on the type of vape device you are using. Coils, for example, don't have a long shelf-life so will need to be replaced often in reusable devices.

  • Overfilling the tank
  • If you're refilling your vape tank, you want to ensure there's an air bubble at the top as this serves as a vacuum for you to hit the device properly. It also ensures the e-liquid won't escape from the airflow holes.

    Overfilling the tank is likely going to lead to the vape tank leaking as a result. Excess liquid is only going to end up flooding the tank and your mouth.


    To stop your vape tanks from leaking and causing a mess in your mouth, be sure to fill them slowly and leave that room for the air bubble at the top.

  • Not assembling the vape correctly
  • Your vape device assembly is important to be aware of, especially if you're having to dissemble it to replace coils and e-liquids.

    Sometimes not screwing your vape tanks in place or ensuring your coils are fitted correctly in the device, will leak to leaking. A loose vape tank will not only cause the e-juice to leak into your mouth but likely into your bag or coat pocket.


    To avoid this problem, make sure that every component within the vape kits is secured properly.

  • Airflow issues
  • If you've noticed your vape is leaking, then it's worth checking your atomizer connections. E-liquid can leak and cause problems with the airflow of the device. The reason for this leak may simply be down to the coils not being screwed in properly.


    Make sure your atomizer or coil is screwed in correctly and isn't loose. This will avoid the air hole from leaking any juice and going straight into your mouth.

  • E-liquid quality
  • The quality of your e-liquid might be influencing the performance of your vape device in general. If you're using a low-quality e-liquid then this may not work well with the device itself. If it's too thick or too thin, this could cause leaks and clogs within the e-cig itself.


    You want to choose an e-liquid that's compatible with the vape device you've picked. The quality of the e-juice certainly matters.

  • Using the wrong wattage or temperature
  • If you're using a certain wattage or temperature on the device, it might not be heating up the liquid correctly. Equally, the way you store your vape matters too.

    For example, if it's left out in a hot environment or in direct view of sunlight, then that could damage the device and cause the e-juice to not perform the way it usually would.


    Ensure you store your vape devices out of sunlight and you're using the correct wattage or temperature designed for the e-liquid itself.

  • Excessive pulling
  • Often enough, the reason why your vape might be leaking is through the excessive pulling of the vape. It's important to remember that while vaping is similar to smoking, you don't need to take such sharp or hard pulls on the vape device.


    Don't vape too quickly and instead take slow, steady draws to avoid just sucking in vape juice.

  • Wear and tear of the vape
  • Something as simple as wear and tear on the vape could be the cause for the leaky vape. While storing the tank upright and the vape in an upright position, keeps the device from damage, there are also other contributors to said damage.

    For example, if you're heavy-handed or the vape device is often bashed around in your bag, then this could cause wear and tear that results in the vape leaking.


    Be mindful of how you store your vape and how careful you are when it comes to handling it. While some are very durable, they can be damaged fairly easily if mistreated.


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    How can I prevent my vape from leaking into my mouth?

    To help prevent your vape from leaking into your mouth, ensure you've followed all of the guidance above. The main issues are often a damaged vape device or components being loose within the device upon assembling or reassembling.

    Alternatively, you could always use a disposable vape to avoid leaks. These are all-in-one devices that need no assembly or reassembly, which avoids a lot of the leaking problems. They're also more durable, which may be useful when you're heavy-handed.

    Where to buy high-quality vapes that won't leak into my mouth?

    If you're looking to avoid a leaky vape and you want to have a vaping experience that's fuss-free, disposables are a great option. Not only that but high-quality vapes won't leak into your mouth.

    TheSmokyBox is a great place to buy great vapes at low prices and through a reputable supplier. We also offer plenty of helpful advice to improve your vape experience through our guides. Whether you want to know how disposable pens work or whether it's ok to hit a disposable vape while it's charging, we help many newcomers to vaping find their feet in the community.

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     VIDEO E-Juice Leaking into Mouth? Discover the Reasons and Solutions

    This informative video unravels the mystery behind this common issue. Join us as we delve into the potential causes, from faulty coils to improper filling techniques, that lead to e-juice leakage. Our expert insights and practical solutions will empower you to enjoy a leak-free vaping experience. Say goodbye to messy mishaps and savor the full flavor of your e-liquid. Watch now to uncover why your e-juice is leaking into your mouth and how to prevent it

    why is my vape leaking into my mouth

    Why is my vape leaking into my mouth FAQs

    What should I do if my vape still leaks into my mouth after trying all the possible fixes?

    If you've addressed all of the potential solutions and you still have vape juice leaking into your mouth, you may want to replace the vape device completely. Sometimes a manufacturing fault or extensive damage to the device means you're unable to fix the problem.

    Is it safe to continue using a vape that is leaking into my mouth?

    While small amounts of nicotine in the e-liquid aren't a cause for concern and can be wiped away, you shouldn't be swallowed this liquid like its juice. By doing so, you could cause yourself harm.

    What are the long-term health effects of vaping with a leaking vape?

    If you get vape juice in your mouth, it's best to spit it out and rinse out your mouth. If you do swallow it, don't panic.

    Chances are it was a small enough amount not to cause any issues. However, too much swallowed can cause nicotine poisoning.

    While there are no official medical resources linked to the long-term health effects of vaping with a leaky vape, nicotine poisoning can occur in some cases. The result of this could be nausea or vomiting, to something much more dangerous like seizures and death.