Fake Disposable Vapes: How To Watch Out For Them

Just like any product on the market, fake disposable vape products exist. They pose a significant danger to a person's health due to avoiding strict guidelines that are built and in place to protect vape users for sale and reliable vaping.

Faulty wiring, cheap batteries to harmful e-liquids being used, can all contribute to the genuine health concerns that have been brought to light by the creation and distribution of fake vaping products.


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As a vape user, it's important to be aware of what a fake disposable vape looks like and how to spot it when shopping and receiving the product for the first time

Fake disposable vape products are a problem and one that needs fixing. In the meantime though, this guide will help you avoid fake vapes with a barge pole.

How to spot fake disposable vapes?

How can you spot fake disposable vape products as opposed to genuine ones? Well, there are a few obvious ways to do so and some that might not have been known before by most vape users.

1. Look at the serial numbers

One of the best ways to check the product's legitimacy is the serial numbers. Firstly, there should be a serial number on the product and if not - a red flag. If it does have a serial number then most vape brands will allow you to check the serial number's legitimacy on their website.

Checking this on their system will soon be able to tell you if they are counterfeit products or not.

2. Purchase at trusted stores

To avoid falling into the trap of purchasing fake disposable vape devices like fake geek bars, make sure to shop at trusted stores. This is both online and offline. By shopping at reputable companies as well as those who are officially partnered with the company, will help avoid fake vape products being bought.

3. Compare prices

Seems too good to be true? That's because it probably is. When buying a geek bar, for example, most reputable places are going to provide a similar price tag. If it's wildly under the general price tag, chances are they're fake geek bars.

Compare prices on other stores and if they look too low in price, then it's safe to assume that they're likely fake vape products.

4. Check the packaging and labeling

When it comes to making sure the vaping products are genuine, check the packaging and labeling. Look for signs that it's a counterfeit vape product by comparing them to the online pictures from the brand's site and any existing vape products you do have.

When it comes to spotting imitation vape products, there are usually slight differences within the packaging and labeling of the devices.

Risks of using fake disposable vapes

What happens if you use a fake vape product? Surely nothing too bad happens, right? Wrong. There are in fact, a variety of dangers that come with using fake disposable vapes. Here are just a few of those risks. There are many benefits of vaping but when it comes to fake vaping products, they could do more harm than good.


The problem with fake vapes, they often have a habit of easily overheating. That's because the type of batteries or internal products used isn't designed to work within that type of device. Lithium-ion batteries, can in fact be dangerous if not used properly.

Using low-quality batteries will likely lead to them working in overdrive and causing potential harm.

Poor performance

When it comes to counterfeit vapes, there are typically a few flaws in their performance. A fake vape may not have the liquid and usual strength found in a real vape. While they make look like genuine products themselves, these counterfeit vaping products may likely give poor performance and poor quality.

Wasted money

In order to help save money, buying genuine vapes from vape shops are important. There's nothing worse than ending up with a vape device that lacks the quality and performance you're after.

It may also result in needing to buy another vape to replace the fake one, meaning you've lost out on money.

Health concerns

The vaping industry has to follow strict guidelines regardless of the market, whether it's the UK market or the US. Consumers are protected under these guidelines so that they receive top-quality, enjoyable products. With that being said, there are some major health concerns that come with vaping.

The wrong e-liquid for example or how it's heating the juice could cause some serious issues and permanent damage to the vape user. The cheaper price and use of fake disposable vapes in general are not worth the risk to your health.

Vapes without nicotine warnings which often refer to for health reasons are another sign that something isn't right.

Are disposable vapes safe?

Yes, disposable vapes are safe to use if they're genuine. As we've mentioned, any vape manufacturer that sells genuine products will need to match the criteria and guidelines in place. Otherwise, they're deemed unsafe and pose a threat to consumers.

We have a variety of vaping tips that can help users get the most out of their vape products.

Where to buy an original disposable vape?

To buy an original disposable vape, it's best to look on genuine, reputable vape sites like The SmokyBox for example. We've been providing genuine products that help our consumer shop safely when it comes to vape products.

You'll find competitive prices that reflect other options on the market but we offer these all in one place. Not only that but if you live out in the US, you'll get free deliveries on orders over $50. The correct manufacturer is stocked with SmokyBox and all our products will provide safe vaping.

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What are disposable vapes?

Disposable vapes are devices that typically come with a pre-filled e-liquid pod or tank and a pre-charged battery. There's available to use as soon as they come out of the packaging and should be disposed of once the vape has run out of juice.

Where did the fake disposable vapes come from?

Many of the fake disposable vape products originate from China. They often have no regard for safety or industry standards. However, while most come from this part of the world, anyone can create fake disposable vapes with harmful ingredients.

What are the disposable vape for beginners?

There are a variety of different disposable vape devices that can provide an enjoyable first-time experience. These include Fume, HQD, and Elf bars as examples.