How Do Disposable Vape Pens Work? + FAQ

If you're new to disposable vape pens - welcome to the cool club. For any newcomers to vaping and those perhaps transitioning to vapes from cigarettes, disposable is the first choice for many.

Disposable vape pens are popular in the vape market and you won't be short of options when it comes to what's available to try. From device styles to the flavor catalog, you'll be spoilt for choice. In this guide, you'll get an introduction to what a disposable vape pen is and how it works.

This way, you'll be able to maximize your vaping experience and hopefully enjoy this alternative to smoking cigarettes.


A disposable vape




What is a disposable vape pen?

Disposable vapes are self-explanatory. They're designed to be disposable after they've been used up. A disposable vape is an e-cigarette made up of a cartridge, atomizer/mesh coil, and battery.

These vape pens will typically last the user a few hours to a few days, sometimes up to a week depending on the amount of vape juice in the device.

What is inside a disposable vape pen?

As mentioned, a disposable vape pen is made up of many components. At its very core, there's the cartridge, a coil or atomizer, and the battery. However, let's break down every single component you would typically find in disposable vapes.

Cartridge or tank

The cartridge or sometimes referred to as the tank is the place where the vape juice is stored.


Refillable vape cartridge




This e-liquid is made out of - liquid - and will turn into a vapor that is inhaled and exhaled in the mouth.

Coil or atomizer

The coil or atomizer is the heating element of disposable vape pens. They heat up the e-liquid which then transforms it into vapor.




That's what you'll taste as you inhale and what you'll see come out as you exhale.


The battery is an essential part of disposable vapes because it keeps the vape device working. Most disposable vapes use a lithium-ion battery which is designed for short-term use.


Vape battery




The wattage of these batteries also varies depending on the size of the device and the puff count available.

Airflow inhaler

The airflow inhaler has the important job of allowing air to move freely from the coil/atomizer to your mouth.






Some disposable vape devices allow you to adjust the airflow but it's more commonly found in more advanced vape pens and devices.

The more airflow in the device, the smoother the hit but you get less flavor and vice versa.


The mouthpiece is part of the device that enables you to activate the device. Most disposable pens are draw-activated, meaning there are no buttons to press to start it up.


Fume Ultra mouthpiece



Fume Ultra Mouthpiece

Electronic cigarettes are designed to mimic traditional cigarettes. However, some mouthpieces may be slightly larger, smaller, or vary in shape.

Charging port

The charging port is only available when you have a rechargeable device. Not every disposable vape is a rechargeable one.


Elf Bar charging port



Elf Bar Charging Port

With rechargeable devices, they have a standard charging point that you'll find similar to that of any other electronic device.

How does a disposable vape pen work?

Disposable vapes operate once the user begins to draw on the device. The battery powers the atomizer or coil, which heats up and absorbs the e-liquid within the cartridge. The coil or atomizer evaporates the vape juice and through the mouthpiece, the vapor is inhaled.

Many vape pens are easy to use for beginners and aren't so different from smoking.

How to use a disposable vape pen?

To use a disposable vape is simple. Once you get a new vape pen that's disposable, it'll come pre-filled and pre-charged. The disposable vapes won't have any buttons and are draw-activated. That means you'll just need to inhale through the mouthpiece in order to start it up.

Disposable vapes work just like traditional cigarettes but are healthier with the absence of tobacco.

How to store a disposable vape pen?

To store your disposable vape pen correctly, it's best to keep it away from any water or any space that typically has a lot of moisture - like the bathroom for example. It should be kept out of direct sunlight so as to not damage the device.

If your device isn't working, then we've got a good guide on how to fix disposable vape pens issues. This may be helpful if you run into any problems with your first time vaping.

How to know when to replace a disposable vape pen?

There are certain signals to know when your vape is empty. Firstly, you may notice that vapor production isn't as intense as it used to be. The flavor intensity is also one that deteriorates as you get to the end of the e-juice capacity.

Even the longest-lasting disposable vapes will start to lose their power towards the end and therefore the performance of the device becomes less effective.

The battery may have died completely and stopped the device from working. Lastly, if you taste a burnt taste then this might be because the e-juice has run out and there's not enough liquid for the coil or atomizer to absorb.

If your disposable has run out, then it's worth knowing how to recycle disposable vapes to help the environment.

Why choose a disposable vape pen?

There are many advantages of disposable vapes. If you're looking at trying vapes for the first time, then here are some benefits to them.

  • They're highly affordable for all budgets
  • Cheaper than traditional cigarettes
  • Easy to use and simple to dispose of
  • Great for beginners and newcomers to vapes
  • Completely safe to use

Where to buy disposable vape pens online?

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How do disposable vape pens work FAQs

What is the liquid contained within the cartridge of a disposable vape pen?

The liquid contained within the cartridge of the pen is called vape juice or e-liquid. The liquid consists of nicotine salts, natural and artificial flavors, as well as vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

How many hits do you get out of a disposable vape pen?

The number of hits you get from these devices will depend on how much e-juice is in the cartridge. Typically, you can get as many as 300 hits to around 7,000 hits depending on the device you select.

How much cost a disposable vape pen?

You'll likely spend between $17.95 to $23.95 for disposable vapes here on TheSmokyBox. Depending on the vape brands and capacity, will determine how much you spend. However, disposable vapes are highly cost-effective for those new to vaping.