How Long To Charge Vape Battery First Time?

Charging a vape pen will vary in time depending on which vape pen you buy. Some take thirty minutes whereas others can take up to four hours or more to charge fully. Always check the user guide or packaging to know exactly how long you need to charge the battery.When you first get your vape pen, it's likely getting a new toy for the first time. You want to quickly unpackage it and start using it straight away. However, as many vape devices rely on batteries, many vape pens will need charging up in order to get full use out of the battery from the get-go.

The first time you charge your vape pen

If you've been used to a disposable vape pen, then you wouldn't have needed to charge your vape devices before. However, with vape pens that are rechargeable and are designed to be refilled and reused over and over again, it's important to know how long charging can take.

How long do you charge a new vape pen?

The time that you charge it for will depend on the type of vape pen you have. For some, it can be 30 minutes and for others, up to four hours. It's worthwhile taking a look at the user guide provided or the recommended charging time suggested via the brand's site itself. Read more on how to recharge a disposable vape to improve your experience.


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Should you turn your vape off when charging?

The power from your battery in the vape device will be lost if you're keeping your vape pen on. It's best to conserve as much battery power as possible by turning it off when you're charging it.

How long does a vape pen battery last?

If you are wondering How long do disposable vape pens last, a vape pen's battery life will depend on the vape pen you purchase. For some, batteries can last between two to four hours but that can vary depending on usage and vape pen type. Check out our long-lasting disposable vapes available at SmokyBox

Shelf lives of vape batteries tend to be six to twelve months and then they often need replacing with new ones.

How do you know if your vape battery is fully charged?

The vape pen you have will vary in light colors but typically there will be a light indicator or visual aid on the LED screen of certain models that will let you know when the battery needs charging. Low battery signals are usually red or flash white light and green typically means it's fully charged and good to go.

Read more on what disposable vape has the most hits when fully charged.

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Tips to extend the life of your vape pen battery

There are a number of ways in which you can help extend the life of your vape pen battery. It's true that even the most modern batteries today cannot keep up with human usage but with a few of these tips, you should be able to fully maximize your use of the vape for longer.

1. Don't use different chargers on your vape batteries

When it comes to vape pens, be wary of using different chargers on the batteries that they're not suitable for. This can do damage to the batteries themselves and that could end up ruining your vape devices altogether if you're not careful. Keep your quality external charger separate for each vape pen device you own.

2. Don’t overcharge your vape pen battery

Overcharging your battery may likely ruin it over time. When batteries heat up during charging, you don't want to be overheating them for long periods of time. This could impact the performance of the batteries and shorten the battery life expectancy.

When charging your vape pen, try to remove it immediately once it's fully charged. Vape pens will last longer if you're only plugging them in for the duration of the charge and not every other hour you're not using the device.

3. Charging your device while vaping

This depends on the vape device in particular but in general, it's not advised to have your external battery charger plugged in when vaping. This is likely going to be dangerous, causing faults to the device or could somehow bring harm to the user.

It may be tempting to continue vaping with the vape pen plugged in but you're not likely to be able to get anywhere with it on charge. The fuss to vape it is a lot, so you might as well leave it to charge and use one of your other devices if available.

4. It would help if you always had a small charge left when you decide to recharge it.

Draining the battery completely can often do damage to the battery lifespan and so you want to ideally have a little bit of charge left in the vape pen before you recharge it. This will help maximize the quality of the battery for longer.

If you're wondering how to know if you're vaping properly, it's important to know how to charge it right!

What happens if I overcharge my vape battery?

Overcharging a vape battery can lead to various safety issues and damage to the battery. Common consequences of overcharging include:

  1. Battery Degradation: Overcharging can cause the battery to degrade more quickly, reducing its overall lifespan.

  2. Heat Generation: Excessive charging can generate heat, which may lead to the battery overheating. This can pose a safety risk and, in extreme cases, may result in a fire or explosion.

  3. Reduced Performance: Overcharged batteries may experience a decrease in performance, leading to shorter vaping sessions and less effective power delivery.

  4. Potential Leaks: Overcharging can cause the battery to swell or leak, resulting in damage to the vape device and potential harm to the user.

How often should I charge my vape battery?

The frequency of charging your vape battery depends on factors such as usage patterns, battery capacity, and the specific device. However, some general guidelines include:

  1. Charge as needed: Charge your vape battery when it shows signs of low power or when the device indicates a low battery level.

  2. Avoid deep discharges: It's generally recommended to avoid fully discharging your battery before recharging. Instead, charge it when the battery level is moderately low.

  3. Top off regularly: If you use your vape frequently, consider topping off the battery regularly to keep it at a moderate charge level.

  4. Follow device guidelines: Refer to the manufacturer's instructions for your specific vape device regarding charging recommendations and optimal charging levels.

  5. Use the right charger: Always use the charger provided by the manufacturer or a compatible charger to ensure safe and proper charging.

  6. Monitor battery health: Keep an eye on the overall health of your battery. If you notice significant degradation or issues, it may be time to replace the battery.

Factors affecting charging time

  • Battery size (mAh)
  • Battery type (eg. Lithium-ion, LiPo)
  • Charger type (eg. Wall adapter, USB port)
  • Device wattage
  • Temperature
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Video How Long To Charge Your Disposable Vape Battery For First Time

Check our video to wath the entire process on how to charge your battery for the first time. In this informative video, SmokyBox presents the essential steps to ensure your first-time disposable vape battery charging experience is smooth and efficient.

How Long To Charge Your Disposable Vape Battery For First Time


How long do you need to charge a vape battery when using it for the first time? We'll answer this question and more when you need to know how to use a disposable vape properly.


How long to charge a vape battery FAQs

What should I do if my vape battery won't charge?

    1. Make sure you're using the correct charger.
    2. Try a different charging port.
    3. Clean the charging contacts on your vape and charger.
    4. If none of these solutions work, contact the manufacturer for support. 

Should I fully discharge the battery before each charge? 

While not strictly necessary, occasional full discharges can help recalibrate the battery gauge.