Nicotine Levels In Vape: How To Find The Best Strength?

There are two types of nicotine content with one being free base nicotine and the other being nicotine salts. Free base nicotine contains 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 and 20 mg. Nicotine salts offer 0 mg, 36, and 50 mg strengths.

When it comes to nicotine, how much is too much for a vape user? Well, that depends on how much vaping the user does and whether it satisfies the person's nicotine cravings. For some vape users, a higher nicotine level may be needed, whereas new users to vape devices, may only need a low level of nicotine strength.

This guide will show what nicotine levels are out there and which strengths are most suited for you.

Choosing A Nicotine Strength chart

What levels of nicotine are there?

Before deciding on what strength is best for you, it's important to understand what types and levels of nicotine there are. You've got two different types of nicotine products, freebase nicotine, and nicotine salts. You can also get vapes without nicotine in them, which are ideal for those trying to quit smoking.

Nicotine freebase strengths: 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 and 20 mg.

Vape juices with free base nicotine are the original nicotine found in the juice itself. It provides a stronger throat hit, which can feel quite intense the higher mg ml you have. These are 0mg, which is zero nicotine content, then 6mg, 12mg,18mg, and 20mg.

Nicotine salts strengths: 0 mg, 36 mg, 50 mg.

Nicotine salts are added to vape juices to lessen the harsher taste and throat hit that come with free base nicotine. With that said, there are only three levels of nicotine salts. 0mg, again is zero nicotine, and then you have options of 36mg and 50mg.

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How to find the best strength for you?

How do you figure out the best strength for your needs? The nicotine strengths can vary for each person individually and they can change for that person over time. Here's a helpful breakdown of each strength for mg ml and which one is best for you.

0 mg

With no content of nicotine, it's an ultra-smooth finish that you get on the exhale of the vape. It's ideal for those who aren't wanting to have the addictive chemical in their delicious vape juice and great if you're looking to practice vape tricks.

For those that are trying to ween themselves off higher nicotine strengths or looking to quit smoking, it's the best option.

3 mg

With this strength, you'll typically get a light throat hit and it will be generally smoother when vaping any type of vape juice. Ideal for casual smokers who need vape juice nicotine levels that don't exceed more than half a pack of cigarettes a day, in comparison.

This strength is useful for anyone using sub-ohm devices and those who chain vape. If you're wanting the best of both worlds between flavor and nicotine, then this level is the best.

6 mg

When vaping nicotine, 6mg provides a medium throat hit. It's useful for those who have a nicotine addiction by smoking at least half a pack a day. Useful for combining with sub-ohm devices, it's the middle point for nicotine intake. It's also adjustable at this point to go stronger or weaker depending on what you need.

12 mg

To deliver nicotine that provides a strong hit, you're looking at a 12mg or above strength. This might be too much nicotine for some but it's enough for heavy smokers who smoke at least a pack a day.

Similar to smoking, it's good for those who are used to tobacco smoke and want something as close to it as possible. This is also a great option for those who want a nicotine concentration that they can vape sparingly and take a break from tobacco smoking.

36 mg

For heavy and moderate smokers, 36mg is going to provide that instant nicotine absorption and rush that's similar to smokers. A smoother hit with such a high volume of nicotine present is great for smokers who are new to vaping and need an easy-to-use vape pen.

50 mg

Finally, the greatest strength when it comes to nic salts is the 50mg. It's most suited for heavy smokers that smoke at least a pack a day. It doesn't require any chain vaping and the e-liquid combined with the nic salts makes it ideal for smokers transitioning to vaping.

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How to choose the best nicotine level in vape?

When looking at the nicotine level spectrum, how do you choose the best level in the vape? The nicotine levels have a great influence on how enjoyable vaping is for you. There are a number of considerations to make when choosing the best level in vaping for you.

Smoking habits

For many of those who are smokers, it's important to find the right level that caters to your smoking habits now as you've transitioned over the vaping. Vaping is a lot different from smoking though, so you may find that the strength is something you play around with until you find the right level.

Throat hit

Higher vape nicotine levels without the nic salt will make it a lot harsher when it comes to the e-liquid taste and the throat hit it provides. Depending on the level of throat hit you desire might determine which strength you go for.


Someone using their vape sparingly throughout the day may want a higher nicotine level than say a regular vaper who picks up their vape several times a day.

Where can you buy vapes with nicotine?

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What nicotine level should I vape?

This depends on your usage and what you're used to when it comes to smoking/vaping in general. For heavier smokers, you may wish to have a mid-level option, whereas those who don't vape so much, might need a slightly higher level.

What's the maximum nicotine level that you can actually vape?

The maximum nicotine level that you can vape is 50mg. That's the highest and strongest you'll get when it comes to e-liquid nicotine strengths.

How much nicotine is in a cigarette compared to vape?

For a 12mg strength nicotine within a 10ml bottle of e-liquid, there are 120 milligrams of nicotine. With the average disposable vape being 3ml of e-liquid, you would consume around 36 milligrams of nicotine whereas the average cigarette only contains 8mg of nicotine.

So with that in mind, being a heavier smoker doesn't often mean you need more nicotine strengths. In fact, you might need less.

Does the nicotine level in E-liquids affect the flavor?

Yes, it can. It seems to be the case that the higher content of nicotine within the e-liquid, the more intense the flavor is likely to taste. This is due to the relationship between nicotine and flavoring molecules.