How To Use A Puff Bar For First Time

Puff bars are an increasingly popular form of vaping that many choose to use due to their disposable functionality and the variety of flavor options that are available to choose from.

How do you use puff bars? What are the benefits of using these vape devices? In this guide, we'll look at how to use a puff bar as a first-time user.

What are Puff Bars?

Puff bars are disposable vaping devices that are to be thrown out as soon as you've gone through them. You simply puff away until the liquid inside the device runs out. They usually come with a small, pre-charged battery on the inside and can hold a small amount of vape liquid.

The puff bars themselves are fairly easy to use, which makes them popular with most newcomers to vaping.

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How do they work?

There are usually no buttons involved with disposable vapes, making them really easy to use when approaching vaping for the first time. All you'll need to do in order to get them to work is inhale as you would do with a traditional cigarette or vape device.

The battery is automatically activated and heats up the coil inside the device. This then creates the vapor that you inhale and expel.

Again, due to them being disposable, they don't need to be refilled or re-charged.

How To Use A Puff Bar? Step-By-Step

If you're new to puff bars, then it can certainly be handy to have some guidance on how to make your first time, a good experience. Disposable puff bars are easy to use and don't require much in the way of explaining, however here is a handy step-by-step guide on how to use the bars.

Step 1 - Take the puff bar out of its packaging

Before you get started on your puff bar, you'll want to take it out of its packaging. Make sure you remove any and all packaging from the puff bar.

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It's worthwhile to check for any visible damage before you use it.

Step 2 - Create a seal with your lips around the device

In order to create a successful draw, you'll want to create a seal with your lips around the device. This is important because it helps to inhale all of the vapor to get the most intense and satisfying hit.

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Any leakage around the entrance of the device might diminish the flavor and intensity of the puff bars.

Step 3 - Inhale and hold for a few seconds

To get a good draw, you'll want to use the mouth to lung method where you're inhaling from the device and then holding it for a few seconds before holding it in your mouth.

You'll then inhale it further into the lungs.

Step 4 - Exhale and enjoy

Lastly, you'll want to expel the disposable vape vapor out to enjoy the delicious flavor profile. This is great if you've got any icy flavors that provide a throat hit like no other!

A disposable vape is a great way of enjoying an alternative option to smoking cigarettes.

How long does a Puff Bar last? 

A disposable vape like a puff bar is a short-term option in comparison to some other devices on the market. A puff bar is a lot more effective than that of traditional cigarettes in that you'll need a whole pack to match the amount that one Puff Bar provides.

It also depends on how much you use and how much liquid comes with the device. This all influences how long a disposable vape will last.

Depending on the size you opt for will depend on how long it lasts. It also comes down to your usage and how much you'd typically smoke on a daily basis. Some are a lot more frequent than others can be.

Best flavors of puff bar that you should try

What are some of the best puff bars that you can try when it comes to flavors? There are lots available on the SmokyBox if you're stuck on where to start.

Flavors like cool mint, sour apple, pineapple lemonade, and blue razz are all worth giving a go. The SmokyBox is a great one-stop-shop for electronic cigarettes, featuring a range of different brands that all offer a variety of sizes and flavor combinations.

It's worth checking out what's available on the site and taking advantage of their free US shipping for orders over $50. It's a great starting point for anyone that's new to puff bars and wants to try some of the best on the market.

There are lots of flavors that you should try when using a puff bar. If you're relatively new to vaping, then we'd certainly recommend getting a few to try out in order to find the best flavor combination for your tastes.

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How many puffs a day do you vape?

A puff bar is equivalent to one packet of cigarettes. How many cigarettes do you usually smoke a day? This will give you a good indication of how many puff bars you're likely to get through each day.

For most, a puff bar a day is likely going to be enough for most heavy smokers. You may not find your vape so much though when using these bars. You may also want to use them as a tool to quit smoking.

How do I charge my puff bar?

With a puff bar, they're typically disposable, so you won't need to charge them up. There are ways of hacking puff bars in order to recharge them but we don't recommend you do this. It's much easier and hassle-free to just replace it with a new one.