Your Vape Taste Burnt? Learn How To Fix It

A vape can taste burnt for a number of reasons. For example, it might be that your coil has become clogged up with residue and that leads to the tank overheating. It could also be due to a high wattage or using the wrong type of e-liquid.

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There's nothing worse than using your vape and it not tasting right. This can be for a number of reasons but one of the most common problems is that a vape can taste burnt. What does this mean when it comes to your vape? Is it broken? Can it be fixed?

Disposable vapes taste better for the most part when it comes to vaping but even these devices can generate a burnt taste. In this guide, we'll explore why your vape has a burnt taste and how this can be resolved so you can continue to enjoy a satisfying vape experience.


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Reasons why your vape tastes burnt

For any vape users, the risk of a vape having a burnt taste is fairly common and can happen to those when one of the below occurs. Here are some of the reasons why your vape isn't tasting the way it should and has a burnt flavor to it.

Not enough e-liquid

If your vape is empty, then this can certainly lead to a nasty burnt taste. The vape's wick gets burnt because there's not enough vape juice in the tank to be absorbed and as such, the heat generated from the coils, burns the wick and ruins the taste that the vape device would typically provide.

Coils are old

One of the common reasons for your vape tasting burnt is that the coils are old. With refillable vape tanks, you can get burnt hits due to the coils being used and worn. If you've managed to work out that the wick isn't burnt, then the next thing to check would be the state of your coils.

High wattage

It's important that you choose the right wattage when it comes to your vape pen. Otherwise, you can quickly burn the wick by pumping in too much power at once. Even if vape juice in the vape tank is present, it can still lead to a burnt hit.

To avoid this, select a lower wattage during your vape session so that you get a burnt-free vaping experience.

You are overheating your tank

If you're overheating your vape tank then there's a chance you're going to ruin the e-liquid in it and therefore this can lead to a burnt flavoring. As a result, you may then need to refill your vape juice in order to fix the issue.

You are vaping with a too-high VG vape juice

When it comes to your e-liquid, different vape tanks are constructed to handle different types. You may be using the wrong type of e-liquid, specifically those with a high VG content. These vape juices are thicker and could therefore clog the vapor path and result in a burnt vape.

Switching to a vape juice that has an equal amount of VG and propylene glycol can help.


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How to get the burnt taste out of a vape?

So how can you fix vape issues like burnt hits? When you've managed to find the issue, it becomes easier to rectify. Here are some tips for getting that burnt taste out of any vape.

Cleaning your coil head

Cleaning your coil head is important because it plays a big part in providing enough heat to the wick and the e-liquid for vapor production. Residue can build up on the coils and so cleaning your coils with a cotton swab that's dipped in rubbing alcohol, can gently remove any and all residue.

Replace the coil head

There are some scenarios where the burnt coil cannot be fixed and as such, it is best that you replace the coil head if the burnt taste persists. This is standard practice when it comes to vape devices that have a lot of moving parts and are used regularly over a long period of time.

Stay within recommended wattage ranges

When it comes to vaping, make sure that you're using the recommended wattage ranges that have been suggested by the brand you've bought the vape from. Stay within this range in order to get the most out of your new coil and the e-liquid.

Prime your vape coil

Priming your coils is a good way of ensuring they work well and you don't get a burnt flavor when vaping. This means that you need to pre-soak the wick manually before switching on the vape. When you prime your coils, the steps you need to take can vary from one to another.

Change your vaping technique

Chain vaping can lead to a burnt flavor on yon your taste buds. Some vape coils can handle this type of vaping technique but not all of them will, so it's important to switch up your vaping technique as and when needed.

Be sure to keep an eye on your vape tan when you chain vape as your tank should never get more than a little warm to the touch. Too hot and this can lead to a burnt flavor.

Consider switch to disposable vapes

To avoid the burnt taste, a good way of helping prevent this is by switching to disposable vapes. Vaping properly will be easier with the use of disposables because there's no need for maintenance and the wattage is low enough to not overheat the coils or liquid in the vape tank.

The design of disposable vapes is that the battery and cartridge of e-liquid will run out at the same time that the oil does.

For the best disposable vapes, The SmokyBox is a great option for vape devices that will prevent a dry hit and a burnt taste. There are a number of disposable brands to choose from and The SmokyBox has some of the best devices available for first-time vapers and those who are looking for disposable vape devices.


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Vape taste burnt FAQs

Can the burnt taste go away vape?

After a nasty burnt hit, your coil is something that you'll likely replace in order to get rid of the burnt taste on future vape use. You may find that if you've got burnt cotton, you'll need to replace the coil completely.

Why do I get a burnt taste when vaping?

There could be many reasons why you're getting a burnt taste on your vape pen. This could be down to the coil being burnt or the high wattage burning the flavor of the e-liquid. It's good to troubleshoot all the potential problems to find a suitable fix.

Why do disposable vapes are better?

Disposable vapes are better because they're more controlled. You get the one wattage option and the device is designed so that everything runs out at the same time. As a result, you're less likely to get a burnt taste.