Are Disposable Vapes Safe? 5 Myths You Must Know

The internet is a wonderful thing but while it can be full of information and insight, that information isn't always accurate. Disposable vapes have often been referred to as unsafe, with various myths being told and some believing them to be true.

This article will help quash those myths, helping you better understand the reality of disposable vapes and that there are some benefits of vaping that make it a great alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Here are five 5 myths about disposable vapes you must know:

  1. They are as unhealthy as tobacco cigarettes
  2. They are more addictive than tobacco cigarettes
  3. They are banned and illegal
  4. They are more expensive than traditional cigarettes
  5. You can't travel with them
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    5 myths about disposable vapes:

    What are some of the myths that plague the internet and perhaps put off some users from trying out disposable vape pens for the first time?

        1. They are as unhealthy as tobacco cigarettes

    Many believe that disposable vape pens are just as unhealthy as tobacco cigarettes. They believe vaping is just as bad as smoking tobacco cigarettes because they contain nicotine and harmful chemicals.

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    While vapes can contain nicotine, studies have shown that it has fairly insignificant health risks. There are far more addictive chemicals within cigarettes that you should be worried about. From tar, lead, arsenic, and carbon monoxide, the dangers that tobacco products bring are far worse.

        2. They are more addictive than tobacco cigarettes

    Traditional tobacco cigarettes are addictive and so is a disposable vape pen. There's a myth that many believe disposables are more addictive than conventional cigarettes.

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    However, they both contain nicotine and this nicotine is no different from vape products to tobacco cigarettes.



        3. They are banned and illegal

    Despite this myth rearing its ugly head from time to time, there's no truth to it. There's no pending legislation in place that bans the use of a disposable vape device or vape products in general. There are few businesses and venues that ban disposable vapes and if they do, it's because they've banned cigarettes too.

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    There are some that have banned the use of e-cigarettes but this is dependent on where you are in the world and the laws of that land.

        4. They are more expensive than traditional cigarettes

    Another misconception is that e-cigarettes and vape juice are more expensive than the traditional cigarettes you get from a store. However, this is actually the opposite with vaping devices being significantly cheaper when it comes to the value comparison they provide. The cost of vaping is a lot more appealing than many might first believe.


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    For example, an Elf Bar BC5000, which costs the same as around one to two packs of cigarettes, equates to over 400 cigarettes per device. The vaping market is booming and the sale of electronic cigarettes is growing day by day. Traditional tobacco cigarettes however are fading into the background.

        5. You can't travel with them

    Out of all the vaping myths, this one often puts vape users and non-vape users off from buying them because they feel they can't travel with them. Of course, there are restrictions when flying, which include the use of batteries and flammable devices/liquids.

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    However, disposable e-cigarettes can be traveled with but it's the consumption aboard this transport that's not allowed.

    It's important to be aware of the dangers that come with buying knock-off vape devices. These have been known to explode in your face but if you're buying from reputable companies, you should have no problem with these devices in general.  

    Advantages and disadvantages of disposable vapes

    The vape industry is one that's far from crumbling and with a new vape device and products coming on regularly, the market isn't slowing down by any means.

    Now that we've busted some of the most common myths that come with vape juice and vape e-cigarette use, here are some advantages and disadvantages worth knowing.


    There are plenty of advantages to disposable vapes. Here are a few to convince you to move away from the harmful chemicals that come with tobacco smoke.

    • Pricing - It's more affordable than traditional cigarettes, saving money when it comes to this vaping habit.
    • Availability - There are so many disposable vapes on the market, available on a variety of sites and in-store. Lots of e-cigarette brands to choose from too.
    • Safety - Disposable vapes are safe to use and many adults enjoy the safety features that come with these devices.
    • Convenience - To buy disposable vapes, there's a convenience that comes with them from their long-lasting use to the variety available for every type of vape user or smoker.
    • No refilling or recharging required - Due to them being disposable, they come both prefilled and precharged, meaning there's no fuss having to do it all yourself.
    • Stylish and travel-friendly - Not only do they satisfy nicotine cravings but they also look the part. With travel-friendly designs, it's easy to take when on the go.

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    There are a few disadvantages to disposable vapes which are worth highlighting, especially if you're looking for a specific type of device.

    • Not rechargeable or refillable - Apart from one or two, you won't be able to recharge or refill the devices.
    • Shorter lifespan - Compared to other vape devices and kits, disposable vapes have a shorter lifespan which might not be useful for some.
    • Some places have banned the sale or purchase of vapes - Depending on where you live, there are places that don't allow the sale or purchase of vapes, so do your research.


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    Are disposable vapes worse than normal vapes?

    Disposable vapes are a lot more convenient and come in a variety of styles, shapes, and puff capacities. As well as flavor options, they're great for those who are beginners to vaping and those that want to try out a new brand without having to purchase a fully reusable and refillable kit.

    Is vaping disposables better than smoking cigarettes?

    Yes, vaping disposables are not only more cost-effective but they're also not as dangerous to your health as smoking tobacco products can be, which includes smoking cigarettes.