How Much Nicotine Is in a Vape vs in a Cigarette?

There are many great benefits to vaping and when it comes to nicotine in vape vs cigarette, vaping can an ideal alternative to quit smoking.

How much nicotine is found in a vape vs what is in a cigarette? This guide will explain what nicotine is, what's typically found in both nicotine-filled products, and what types of vape products are worth trying.

If you're looking to quit smoking, then using e-cigarettes can be an effective solution.

What is nicotine?

Nicotine is part of the nightshade family of plants and is a naturally produced alkaloid. It's used in a variety of products as a stimulant and anxiolytic. This is most commonly known for use in smoking and vaping.

Nicotine addiction is something that can happen when a user has a lot of it on a regular basis and as a result, can find it challenging to quit. Many of those who look to quit smoking, will turn to alternative methods of nicotine relief such as nicotine replacement therapy and vaping.




Vaping offers the same experience as smoking, with many of the devices feeling like a cigarette, and vaping delivers nicotine in a similar way.

You can also get a disposable vape without nicotine for those who want to wean themselves off of nicotine too.

How much nicotine is in a cigarette vs in a vape?

According to a report from JUUL Labs, the amount of nicotine found in vapes per 5% cartridge, contains around 40mg of nicotine. That's equivalent to around one pack of cigarettes.


Nicotine level


40mg per 5% cartridge


40mg per pack

For many who have been used to cigarette smoking for years, vaping proves to be a fantastic alternative for quitting smoking because it's so similar in its nicotine content. Having one singular device compared to a pack of cigarettes is also more convenient.

The nicotine levels in vape though can vary depending on the type of vape device you go for. With reusable and refillable devices, you may be able to increase the nicotine levels to suit your personal preference.



How many puffs of a vape are equal to a cigarette?

Manufacturers of vaping will suggest that you can get around 10 puffs of a vape to equal that of one cigarette. It's often around 10 puffs that cigarette users will take to finish off a cigarette.

This puff count though can vary depending on how strong the vape is, how big of a puff you're taking and how much nicotine is in each device.

Is it less harmful to vape rather than to smoke cigarettes?

Yes, it's considered less harmful to vape rather than to continue with tobacco smoking. The long-term impacts of smoking tobacco are a lot more serious.

When it comes to vaping vs smoking, you won't find tobacco in the vapes found on The SmokyBox.

You can also control the amount of nicotine within some devices, making them more tailorable to those who want less nicotine in their body or want to wean off it for good. You'll also find there are some disposable vapes without nicotine that may be helpful to try.

Nicotine vape brands you can try

There are a variety of fantastic nicotine vape brands on the market that are worth trying out. Some are stronger than others but regardless, their flavor ranges can be a lot more appealing to those transitioning from burning tobacco.

  1. Elf Bar BC5000

The Elf Bar BC5000 is one of the largest on the market when it comes to disposable vape devices for puff count. Offering up to 5,000 puffs per device, it's equivalent to over 400 cigarettes per device.


Elf Bar BC5000

With the Elf Bar BC5000, you get a 5% nic salt content that comes in 13ml of pre-filled vape juice. A powerful 650mAh rechargeable battery is what makes this one a fan favorite for those who are looking to try e-cigarettes.

It's also great for discreet vaping and has a subtle vapor cloud production. The Elf Bar range comes in a range of delicious flavors, with over 30 different flavors to choose from.

  1. Flum Float

The Flum Float is a compact, stylish disposable that comes in a variety of delicious flavor combinations. It's a powerful vape that has a draw-activated mechanism for easy, beginner vaping.


Flum Float

With 8ml of vape juice and 5% salt nicotine there are around 3,000 puffs per device with these e-cigarettes. Flavors vary from fruity combinations to sweet treats.

These are a great option for those who need an easy-to-use and easy-to-carry vape device.

  1. HQD

HQD is a smaller disposable vape brand offering two different vape devices - the Cuvie and the Cuvie Plus. Each offers a sizeable puff count, though on the smaller size. As a vape brand of e-cigarettes, they're suitable for beginners to vaping because they're simple in design, draw-activated, and small enough to fit in your coat pocket.


HQD Cuvie

The HQD Cuvie offers 300 puffs per device and is a lightweight, a preloaded device with salt nicotine. The HQD Cuvie Plus is a step up, offering up to 1,200 puffs, and again are pre-loaded e-cigarettes.

The online store to buy your disposable vapes

For those who need an easy place to buy their disposable vapes, you needn't look further than the SmokyBox. There are devices that deliver nicotine and provide a suitable alternative to tobacco smokers that are looking to quit the habit of smoking.

Choose from popular disposable vape brands like Fume, HQD, and Elfbar. Get free US delivery for orders made over $50 and don't forget to check out all of the fantastic guides on our blog for helping people quit smoking and to learn more about vaping in general.

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How much nicotine is in a vape vs in a cigarette

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Do you get more nicotine from vaping or smoking cigarettes?

With cigarettes, there's likely only a certain amount you'll get from each cigarette. With vaping, you can get a vaping device that can be tailored with a stronger nicotine content.

If you're looking to increase your nicotine intake, vaping is definitely a worthwhile choice.

Is vaping healthier than smoking cigarettes?

Yes, vaping is considered healthier than smoking cigs. When it comes to vaping versus smoking, smoking has a lot more harmful chemicals in them that can cause some serious life-threatening diseases and problems.