The Pros and Cons of Disposable Vapes

When it comes to disposable vapes, there are some pros and cons to these vape devices. Some pros include simple and easy to use, affordability, and a variety of flavors. The cons are that disposable vape devices are non-rechargeable, non-refillable, and are an expensive habit to maintain for the long term.


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Are disposable vapes worth purchasing? It depends really on the type of vaper you are, how regularly you vape and what you're looking for when it comes to your vape experience.

In this guide, you'll understand the pros and cons of disposable vape kits in full so that you can make an informed decision on whether these are suitable for you or not.



The Pros

There are plenty of benefits of vaping that perhaps not everyone knows about. This is particularly so for those who enjoy smoking cigarettes but would like to quit smoking. While there are some disadvantages to vaping, a disposable vape can be a great alternative to a smoking habit.

    1. Simple and easy to use and carry

A disposable vape is typically slim and sleek in size. A lot of them are designed to mimic the look and feel of traditional cigarettes, which is why they're often so effective in helping people quit smoking.

With a disposable vape pen, they're very simple and easy to use. They're an all-in-one device that's pre-filled and pre-charged, ready for use straight away.

For most disposable vape kits, you'll be able to start using the device straight away, simply by draw-activation through the mouthpiece or by pressing a button.

Not only are they easy to use but they're also easy enough to carry around. This is something that can prove quite useful for when you're on your travels and want something that slips easily into your pocket.

    2. Affordability

Not everyone can afford a lot when it comes to smoking or vaping. However, you'll find that vaping is certainly more affordable in comparison. Smoking has become more and more expensive as the years have gone by, resulting in a packet of cigarettes costing around $8.00.

Vape devices are a lot more affordable with the Elf Bar BC5000 for example, which equals around 400 cigarettes, is only $19.95. Not only is it more high value than smoking, it can also be a healthier alternative.

    3. Variety of flavors

With disposable vapes, you've got a variety of flavors that suit vape users of all kinds. As a smoker, you're likely only used to a tobacco flavoring, but with vapes you get a variety to pick from. Whether it's sweet or savory, dessert flavors, or drink-inspired concoctions, there's lots to choose from.


The Cons

There are some downsides, of course, that might make you want to rethink whether you buy disposable vapes or you opt for something that's longer-lasting. Here are some of the cons that come with disposable vape kits.

    1. Non-rechargeable

For some, a vape kit that's non-rechargeable isn't suitable for them. For those that like a longer-lasting vape, a disposable vape kit might not be appropriate. While there are a few disposables that are rechargeable, like the Elf Bar BC5000 for example, most aren't.

It's worth checking out our blog on disposable vapes vs mods to understand some of the benefits that mods have in comparison to disposables.

    2. Non-refillable

Again, like the non-rechargeable feature, disposable vape kits can't be refilled. For disposable vape pens, they're just one-use devices that once they've run out of juice, need to be thrown away.

Some may prefer the option of devices they can use over and over again. While there are some disposable puff bars that last a long time in puff count, they don't really compare with refillable devices.

    3. Long-run expensive

While disposable vape bars are great for affordability in the short term, they're not so affordable if used in the long run. If you're a regular vape user, you may wish to avoid disposable vape bars and opt for vaping devices that you can use for a long time without needing to replace the whole device every time.

For vape kits that can be reused, you can change out the vape juice, the coils, and the battery in some cases.

Where is the best place to buy disposable vapes?

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Disposable e-cigarettes are a great option for those who are looking to vape for the first time or would like to try a new brand out before buying reusable hardware. There are, of course, advantages and disadvantages to a disposable e-cigarette, but they're worth trying, especially when transitioning from smoking.

To start your vaping experience, choose some of the best disposable vapes on the SmokyBox to satisfy those nicotine cravings and quit cigarettes for good. Disposables are a better alternative to smoking when it comes to your health too!


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Are disposable vapes better than regular vapes?

Disposable vapes are an affordable option for those who want to try a pre-filled and pre-charged device. They don't involve much fuss beyond that and unlike regular vapes, they come all in one. That means no maintenance is required or taking apart the device to use it properly.

While some regular vapes are better for offering more personalized vape experiences, there are advantages of vaping disposables.

How long should a disposable vape last?

A disposable vape should typically last you anywhere from a few hours to a day, up to a week or two. This all depends on your usage and how often you vape. The longer drags you take will also affect the puff count and may ultimately go through the disposable faster as a result.