Why Is My Disposable Vape Hot?

Is your disposable vape suddenly heating up in your hands? There are several reasons why your disposable vape is hot. These are:

  1. Chain vaping.
  2. Wrong coils.
  3. Coil gunk.
  4. High wattage.
  5. Restricted juice flow.
  6. Hot batteries.
  7. Airflow problem.


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Resolving a hot vape issue is worth knowing as some vapes can be salvaged, instead of being thrown away out of fear or frustration. This guide will explore all of the common issues that come with a hot disposable vape, including how to best fix them.

Most common issues and fixes of a hot vape

What are some of the most common reasons for a vape getting hotter than normal? The most common issues are often easily fixable, with some being a little more complicated.

With that being said, here are the most common issues and fixes for a hot vape.

1. Chain vaping

It's one of the most common causes of a hot disposable vape. You're simply vaping too frequently which is why the vape device is getting hot.

With chain vaping, the coil itself becomes too hot without the appropriate time given to cool down. As a result, you're throwing it in between your hands like a hot potato.


To help resolve this issue, take it easy when vaping. Give it a good thirty seconds to a minute before vaping again to help the coil cool down properly.

2. Wrong coils

Another reason for a hot vape is the coils themselves. The coils being used in the device could be the wrong type used. It can be a little confusing to understand which coils go with which compatible device when you're a new vape user.

Combined with chain vaping, using the wrong coil is certainly going to lead to a vape overheating.


The best thing to do when it comes to changing out the coil is to look at what the manufacturer recommends. Many sites will have recommendations of what to use and what's most suited for the device itself.



3. Coil gunk

There's nothing more offputting than seeing a load of gunk in the device. However, this can happen to the coils over time. It's dried-up vape juice that can have a habit of becoming encrusted on the surface of the coils.

This is an issue that leads to overheating because the coils aren't able to absorb the liquid properly, meaning it heats up internally.


To help solve the issue of gunk, it's best to try cleaning the coil. This is quite the challenge though without damaging the coil or the device. With that being said, it's worth trying to remove it and insert a new coil instead.

4. High wattage

When it comes to devices needing more power from the battery in order to heat the coils, it can lead to overheating. The power of the battery being used is typically suited to the resistance that the coils have. Most vapers will use around 50 to 75 watts but it depends on the type of vape user you are. To help avoid hot vapes, try not to go too over the top on wattage.


To help avoid hot vapes, try to not go to over the top on wattage. This is going to help keep it at a safe and usable temperature.

5. Restricted juice flow

Gunk in the coil is not the only problem that can be caused by e-liquid. Some vape juices might be thicker than others, which by the tank's design you're using, could cause issues with the wick.

High VG e-liquid options, for example, can cause problems with the journey it takes to the wick. The result of restricted juice flow can be dry hits and a vape that shouldn't be as hot as it is.


Be sure to check that the e-juice itself is compatible with the device and tank being used. Make sure the juice is also suited for the wick material to avoid burnt flavor when vaping.

6. Hot batteries

Battery issues tend to be the rarest of faults for a hot device. However, it's one of the most dangerous and should be taken extra seriously. As vape batteries are durable and can withstand a lot of heat, it's odd when the vape does get too hot.

It could be the case of a faulty battery or that it's simply not working well with the electrical device itself. If it's reaching high temperatures that make it impossible to hold the device, then this is a sign that it needs sorting.


Firstly, make sure to stop vaping. Take out the batteries once they've cooled and check the battery for any signs of fault. These are typically hissing sounds and the battery looks larger than normal.

If there's any sign of damage, then it's best to dispose of the battery properly before purchasing a new one.

7. Airflow problem

An airflow problem can be a cause of the vape getting too hot. Those devices with adjustable airflow make this easier to fix.

While many of us love to great big clouds, the vapor can often be too hot and that is the result of airflow and wattage issues.


In order to fix this problem, adjust the airflow by opening it up slightly. This should allow the cool air to get in and mix, resulting in a much cooler inhale.

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Why does my vape get hot when charging?

The vape when charging gets hotter because the battery is being actively charged. It's relatively normal for it to be slightly warmer than normal. However, if it's overly hot, then this could be a cause for concern.

How to use a disposable vape pen?

To use a disposable vape pen, it's as easy as smoking. Simply remove the disposable from the packaging and with most, simply put your lips around the mouthpiece and draw in your first inhale. Hold it in the mouth for a few seconds and then blow it out!

Why do disposable vapes taste better?

Disposable vapes often taste better because they have a higher concentration of flavor. This is something that's not as frequent when it comes to reusable vapes. They're also a lot cheaper, making them taste better with every draw.