Can You Take a Vape on a Plane in 2024 (Updated Guide)

Vaping has become increasingly popular in recent years, and many people who travel wonder if they can bring their vapes on airplanes. The rules around vaping and flying can be confusing, and they can change from time to time. That's why we've put together this updated guide for 2024 to help you navigate the skies with your vape in tow.

In this blog post, we will cover everything you need to know about taking a vape on a plane, including:

    • The latest regulations from the TSA and international airlines
    • How to pack your vape for travel
    • How can I deactivate my vape when traveling?
Can I Travel with Vapes? A Vape Traveling Guide | The Smoky Box



Can I bring a vape in a plane?

Yes, you can take a vape on a plane as long as it is inside a carry-on bag according to the TSA

Check with your airline on any limitations on the number of devices that can be carried for personal use by a passenger. Check official information here


What are the TSA vape rules in 2024?

  1.  You can take disposable vapes on carry on bags
  2. You can't take disposable vapes on checked bags
  3. Each lithium ion battery must not exceed a Watt-hour (Wh) rating of 100 Wh; or for lithium metal batteries, a lithium content of 2 grams.

Check with your airline on any limitations on the number of devices that can be carried for personal use by a passenger.

How can I deactivate my vape when traveling?

According to the FAA you should deactivate your vape the following way: 

  1. Remove the battery from the electronic smoking device. 
  2. Separate the battery from the heating coil.
  3. Using a protective cover. 

 Can I take e-liquid on a plane?

Yes, but follow the 100ml liquids rule and keep it in a transparent bag. Refrain from packing e-liquid in checked luggage.

What are the regulations for vaping in different countries?

Research the specific vaping laws and restrictions for your destination country before traveling.

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    Can I bring my vape on a plane?

    Yes, you're allowed to bring a disposable vape on a plane with you but you won't be able to use them. Vaping devices such as vape mods and pens can travel with you when you're on airplanes if taken on a carry on bag.

    When you make the transition over to vaping, there's a high chance that you will have reduced your need for nicotine somewhat.

    Another benefit of vaping can mean you're not clawing at your plane seat because you're craving a cigarette.

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    How to pack e-vapes?

    It's a worldwide rule that all electronic devices and vape batteries must be carried onto the plane. They can't be put into your checked baggage. If you forget and put any vape device or lithium batteries in your checked luggage, then you're likely to lose it, as well as finding your suitcase roughed up.

    With that being said, take any electronic smoking devices, vape juice, or batteries into your cabin luggage or simply put it in your pocket.

    A few extra tips for packing your e-vapes can be found below. This should ensure everything is done correctly:

    • Pack any vape juice bottles or batteries in a safe plastic bag to avoid any accidental leakages.
    • Don't forget your battery charger for any battery-powered device.
    • Consider disposable vaping products for short trips.

    It's also worth noting that the pressurized cabin of a plane, can cause vape juices to leak when they're in full tanks. With that being said, fill them the partway or keep them empty until you arrive at your destination.

    Can I bring my vape in my carry-on bag?

    Vaping devices are allowed in your carry-on on all flights, domestic and international. Pack them safely and keep them accessible for potential security checks. However, remember – vaping is strictly prohibited on planes. Puff before your flight, then enjoy a vape-free journey. Some airports offer designated smoking areas before boarding, but these aren't universal, so check beforehand. Be responsible and fly smooth!

    TSA Rules for Vapes

    Vaping on planes is strictly prohibited, and the TSA takes security seriously. Accidental activation of a vape pen's heating element is a safety concern, so passengers must take steps to prevent it.

    To avoid delays and potential issues, check the TSA's vape rules before your trip. They limit lithium-ion battery power and lithium content, and may inspect your luggage for potential threats. Remember, these measures are in place to ensure everyone's safety, so pack accordingly and enjoy your flight!

    Traveling Internationally with Vapes

    International flights require extra caution. Each country has its own laws, so research vaping regulations before you go. Some places, like Thailand, have strict bans with harsh penalties, including jail time. Don't assume your usual rules apply; even vape juice can be illegal in certain countries like Singapore, Brazil, India, and Uruguay. Avoid purchasing any vaping products while abroad, and if you accidentally bring one, dispose of it immediately. Remember, flying with a vape can be risky in some countries, so pack smart and stay informed!

    This revised version condenses the information to two paragraphs while still emphasizing the key points:

    • International travel requires researching specific vaping regulations for each destination.
    • Some countries have strict bans with severe consequences.
    • Avoid buying or possessing vapes in these countries.

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    Take a vape in a plane FAQs

    Do I need to declare my vape at customs?

    Only if you're traveling internationally and the country you're visiting has specific regulations on vapes. Check their customs guidelines beforehand to be safe.

    Are there countries where vaping is completely banned?

    Yes, several countries have strict vaping bans with hefty consequences. Thailand, for example, enforces a 10-year jail sentence for vaping offenses.