Can You Vape On A Cruise in 2024? Everything You Must Know Before Sailing!

Traveling off to a far distant land on a big ship? The bottom line is that e-cigarette use on cruise ships is the same as smoking. You'll get designated smoking areas where vaping is also allowed. This is the case for the three big cruiselines, Carnival cruise line, Royal Caribbean cruise ships, and Norweigan.

There are also more cruise lines adopting this rule now, which means you can enjoy a universal policy for vaping regulations, regardless.

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However, to make sure you don't get into any trouble, we've put together a helpful guide on vaping while cruising. While there are general rules being adopted on most, each cruise line might vary slightly in those rules. you'll also know exactly how to pack your vapes for a trip on board a cruise ship.

Where can I vape on a cruise ship?

To vape on a cruise ship, it's always recommended that you check the designated smoking areas and where these are in relation to where you're staying on the ship. Here are some general tips when it comes to vaping on a cruise:

  • Check the specific cruise lines you're traveling with to see what their regulations and policies are on vaping.
  • Know what's required for packing your device and e-liquids before onboarding.
  • Check the government and local laws for the destination countries you're traveling to.
  • Check with staff on board during your first day if vaping is permitted inside or out and where these areas are.

It's important and above all else, that you're respectful of the rules in place. If they've changed, don't be rude or aggressive in your approach - this won't do well for the remainder of your trip on board.

What are vaping international laws for cruise ships?

As a cruise ship travels to various parts of the world, it's important to understand what the international laws are for vaping.

Many of these ships will sail in international waters and so it's important to recognize which countries have banned vaping. That way, you're not wandering off with a vape in hand when the place you're visiting for the day or two, is a non-vaping country.

Luckily for vapers, the use of electronic cigarettes doesn't apply to ships in port so it's only the cruise lines policy and rules you'd need to abide by.

What happens if you. choose to ignore or violate the law in that specific country or cruise line? Well, the consequences could vary from confiscation of the vape, a fine, or even imprisonment in some places.

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Knowing where you can vape and where you can't vape is important. For example, there are places in the US that ban vaping, so it's worth knowing where can you vape in the US?

Cruise lines’ policies:

To help understand what each cruise line policy entails, we've covered some of the biggest ones below. Knowing each individual policy on vaping can be helpful if you often travel on multiple cruise lines throughout the years.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean is designated as non-smoking but they do have designated smoking areas available. Electronic cigarettes are only permitted within these designated areas. These are outdoor areas where smoking and vaping are permitted.

Visible signage will be shown for those that need to vape. There's also no permitted smoking or vaping to take place on the outside balconies and breaking this rule can involve cleaning fees and other consequences.

All information on vaping policies for Royal Caribbean can be found here.

MSC Cruises

With MSC Cruises, smoking and vaping aren't permitted in cabins, on the balconies or in any areas that are expressly indicated by signage and ashtrays.

A fee is levied should the passenger(s) be found smoking or vaping in non-designated areas.

All information on vaping policies for MSC Cruises can be found here.


With Carnival cruises, vaping on board is strictly limited to specific exterior deck areas, and designated casino and nightclub spaces. Any guests found to break these rules could face a hefty fine.

Each cruise ship within this cruise liner is explained in full and all information on vaping policies can be found here.

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How to pack your vape and e-liquids for a cruise?

To help keep up with vaping rules and the vaping policy for most cruise lines, the way you pack your vape and e-liquids is important too.

The shipping of electronic devices such as a vape pen and e-liquid need to comply with regulations. Here are some tips when it comes to packing your vape pen on a cruise line:

  • Disconnect the battery if possible.
  • Make sure the power button is off if the battery cannot be detached.
  • Put the e-cigarettes in their original packaging.
  • Take enough replaceable components and your charger for the duration of the cruise.

For packing e-liquids, a similar approach needs to be taken. Here's how to pack e-liquids properly when boarding a cruise ship:

  • Decide on how much vape juice you want to take with you. Remember it needs to last the whole of the trip.
  • Store e-juice in plastic bottles to prevent cracking any glass bottles.
  • Place these bottles in a plastic bag with a zip preferably.

For those occasions where you're getting to the port via plane, remember to check with the airlines/airports on how they should be packed. Typically though, you'll need to dissemble all removal parts, keep them in your check-in luggage, and store e-liquids in bottles that hold no more than 100ml.

This vape traveling guide is also useful to look at when it comes to traveling in general with vapes and e-cigarettes of any kind.


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What happens if I am caught smoking in a forbidden area on a cruise?

If you are caught smoking in a forbidden area of a cruise ship then there may be a number of consequences imposed. This ranges anywhere from confiscation of the vape, a fine or imprisonment in some cases.

Can you smoke weed vapes on a cruise?

Can you vape weed while on a cruise? Even if medically prescribed, it seems that most cruise lines don't allow vape users to smoke weed vapes.