What Is a Flum Disposable? Everything You Need to Know

Flum is a well-known brand for disposable vapes. If you've heard of the brand but never tried the vapes themselves, or you're new to vaping and haven't come across the brand before, then this guide should help.

We'll explain everything you need to know about the disposables, what's cool about them and how they work. Hopefully, by the end, you'll be wanting to try out the disposable vapes yourself.

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What is a flum float disposable vape?

The flum float disposable vape is one that's unlike many other disposable vapes on the market. Why? Well, the vape devices themselves are a slightly oversized option even with their lightweight feel can provide the user with up to 3000 puffs per device.

The unique shape is made up of a thick tube and a mouthpiece that you use to get that wonderful delivery of deliciousness. It uses salt nicotine e-juice and currently offers fourteen different flavors to choose from.

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How does a flum float vape work?

As a draw activation firing mechanism controlled device, the range delivers a variety of wonderful flavors from aloe mango melon ice to strawberry ice cream and mixed berries.

With an 8ml e-juice capacity, it's well suited for those who are regular vape users or want to have a longer-lasting disposable vape. As a disposable vape, you can start using the device as soon as you receive it.

The flum float disposable vape is just like any other and uses a nicotine strength of 50mg. Along with taste, it's a popular option for those that need the addictive chemical to satisfy their cravings.

Can you recharge a flum float? Well, whilst it's not recommended, it is something that can be done with the right supplies. However, we'd suggest you just buy a new one!

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What are the coolest things about flum float disposable vape?

As far as disposable vapes go, there are some great benefits that come with this device. What are some of the coolest features of the flum float disposable vape?

  • Capacity 3000 puffs - With up to 3000 puffs, this highly addictive substance is one that many vape users will enjoy and be satisfied with when it comes to nicotine cravings. For any smokers looking to quit smoking, it's got enough of the addictive chemical to make the transition from smoking to vaping.
  • Variety of flavors - There are some great flavors when it comes to the flum float disposable vape. Whether you pick strawberry ice cream, mixed berries, or aloe mango melon ice, there are enough flavors to satisfy any taste bud preferences. Other popular flavors include aloe pineapple ice, blue raspberry ice, and peach gelato.
  • Vape juice capacity of 8ml and 5% salt nicotine for satisfactory mouth to lung. - This type of volume is great for regular vapers and those needing a stronger but smooth nicotine kick.
  • Comfortable design - The flum float disposable vape has a comfortable design that's easy to hold and easy to carry without much hassle.

Another worthwhile benefit of the flum floats is that they contain a reasonable amount of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin that's needed to provide subtle but dense vapor production. As an e-liquid, it's one of the best for quality flavor and nicotine delivery. However, as with any vape products, you vape them at your own risk.

How long does a Flum float last?

If you're looking at the flum float disposable vape as your next vaping device, then it's important to know how much use you're going to get out of it.

The flum float disposable vape houses a larger-than-life 1100mAh battery which is a substantial size in comparison to other brand vapes out there. The flum float disposable vape provides around 3000 puffs per unit, give or take how long you draw for. This is an average count that's been taken on the basis of a 2-3 second draw.

The flum float disposable vape device is one that's been considered to be the longest-lasting when it comes to disposable vape devices. The e-liquid volume capacity along with the battery size offers a disposable device that offers great value to its users.

All flavors last the same amount of time, whether you pick the blue raspberry ice, the aloe pineapple ice, or icy berry lemon.

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Where can you buy flum float disposable vapes?

For adult smokers who may be looking to make the transition over to vapes, the flum float disposable vape is one that will provide plenty of enjoyment. For experienced vapers, Flum float e liquids offer some of the best flavor combinations and quality in vaping.

With that in mind, you should turn your attention to The SmokyBox when it comes to buying a flum float disposable vape device. The site has everything you need to test out the variety of flavors available, as well as from a number of different brands.

You'll find all of the best flum float flavors available at The SmokyBox, so why not check out the range today? Hopefully, this flum float vape review can provide you with more information on just how delicious these vapes can be.


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Flum float disposable vape FAQs

How do you know when Flum float is done?

You'll realize when a flum float disposable vape is nearly done because the vapor production becomes less intense and the flavor will also reduce in intensity too. This disposable vape has been designed for the juice and device to run out around about the same time.

How much nicotine is in a Flum?

There's 5% of nicotine in each flum float disposable device. This is delivered across the 3000 puff capacity and is made up of salt nicotine which provides a smooth finish.

How good are Flum vapes?

As far as a disposable vape device goes, Flum vapes are up there with some of the best brands currently on the market. They're premium in quality but provide the same great value as those devices that offer half or less than the volume of e-liquids provided in the flum vapes.

How many puffs are in a Flum disposable?

There are on average, around 3000 puffs available with each disposable vape device. This can vary depending on the user.