What Is Salt Nicotine? Everything You Need To Know

Nicotine salts are a vape product that quickly becomes very popular within the vaping community but what is it?

Nicotine Salt?

If you're completely new to vaping and have only tried the freebase nicotine that comes as standard in most vape products, then you may want to learn more about nicotine salt e liquids and how they differ from the typical nicotine found in vape devices.

In this guide, you'll learn more about nicotine salts, their pros, and cons, as well as the differences between normal nicotine and nicotine salts. When it comes to nicotine levels in vape products, it has a significant effect on the quality and taste experience of the vape.


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What is salt nicotine?

Before diving into salt nicotine, it's useful to know what freebase nicotine is. This is commonly found within most e-liquids and is the nicotine that's extracted from the tobacco leaf. As a nicotine, it's the purest form, meaning it can have a harsh hit on the throat when consumed.

This type of nicotine can be enjoyed in low strengths because it can be heated and absorbed a lot quicker into the lungs and brain. Nicotine salts provide a high concentration of nicotine, which may at first seem alarming but it's combined with benzoic acid.

Benzoic acid is combined with nicotine in its purest form and the combination creates what we call, nicotine salt. Some disposable vapes can offer nic salts and for many, disposable vapes taste better with nic salts in them.


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Pros and cons of nicotine salts

So what benefits do nic salts provide? What are its disadvantages as a vape user? Are they commonplace in disposable vapes and if so, how do they benefit these types of devices? Let's look at the pros and cons of nicotine salts.

Pros of nicotine salts

When it comes to salt nic vs vape juice that doesn't incorporate nicotine salt, you may not get the same experience as you would with it incorporated into it. Here are some pros of nic salt juices.

  • A better flavor provided - With nic salt e liquids, you get a more enhanced flavor and as a result, a lot of vapers prefer the salts because they don't impact the flavor of the e-liquids as much as the freebase nicotine e liquids do.

  • Smooth vaping experience - Compared to smoking cigarettes, which can have a harsh impact on the throat, nicotine salts deliver a smoother vaping experience for all that try it.

  • Caters to those who require MTL vaping - Referred to as mouth to lung, it helps you to collect vapor into the mouth first before inhaling it into the lungs. Nicotine salt e liquid means that they don't produce big clouds of vapor and as such, give a concentrated dose to satisfy cravings.

  • Good for beginners - If you're a beginner to vaping, then trying a vape juice with a nicotine salt in them is highly beneficial. When you vape nicotine salts, they're often designed for low-power devices, aka disposable devices for the most part.

  • A stable nicotine - With nic salt, they're often considered to be more stable than freebase. This means that the nicotine, as a result, is more likely to last longer in the bottle than freebase nicotine alternatives would.

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Cons of nicotine salts

Of course, when vaping nicotine salts, there can be some disadvantages to using them. Here are the typical cons that come with nic salts and having them in your vape devices.

  • Not suited for those who like big clouds - If you love creating big clouds, then you'll find that they're not as effective for those who like to generate big vapor production. Nic salts are much suited to those who prefer subtly when vaping.

  • Lacking complexity - For some vapers, their experience means they want more complexity in their vaping devices. As nicotine salt is often used in low-power devices, it may not be best suited for those who need something more advanced when vaping. Especially as some disposable vapes without nicotine aren't useful to some vape users.

  • Nic salts are still new to the market - Nicotine salts are only just getting more exposure within e-liquids, which means there's not a wide variety of product devices or flavors available.

What is the difference between salt nicotine and regular nicotine?

Nic salts are more stable and not as volatile as regular nicotine. Regular nicotine is the purest form of nicotine that has come from the tobacco leaf and hasn't been influenced by other chemicals.

Salt nics also take a higher temperature to vaporize which means a faster absorption into the lungs and the brain that gives that satisfying nicotine kick.

What are the best vapes for nicotine salt?

There are some great vapes when it comes to enjoying nicotine consumption through nicotine salts. Some of the best options include:

Red Bang Flum Float Disposable Vape - A delicious berry e liquid flavor from Flum disposable vapes and offer 5% nicotine salt in its 3,000 puff content.

Lush ICE Fume Infinity Disposable Vape - With up to 3,500 puffs, the Lush ICE provides a sweet watermelon flavor and an icy finish, all with 5% high-strength nicotine salts.

Strawberry Milkshake Whiff Disposable Vape - If you love strawberry milkshake, this flavor offers a high nicotine concentration with 5% nic salts in a popular dessert flavoring.

Whatever you choose, the vaping industry is certainly growing when it comes to nicotine hit options with nic salts.


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Nicotine Salts FAQs

Still have questions when it comes to nicotine salt? As an addictive chemical, it's worth understanding the influence nic salts have on your vaping experience. Check out these FAQs for further guidance.

What does salt in nicotine do?

For those who are looking to quit smoking, salt in nicotine can help to absorb more nicotine without it feeling forced. Some new vapers will like the throat hit that's provided when it comes to using nic salts. In comparison, the freebase can be harsh and not so satisfying for most.

Is nicotine salt stronger than nicotine?

When you vape with nicotine salts, you'll find that you get a stronger and faster hit. It also means you don't need to vape as much as freebase nicotine for it to kick into your system.

Are nicotine salts more addictive?

Nicotine salts can be more addictive just because it has a higher concentration of nicotine. They may therefore be more addictive than regular e liquids. Nic salt e liquid can travel a lot quicker into your blood and triggers those neurochemical reactions a lot faster.