Where Can You Vape In The US?

Vaping in the US is a bit of a minefield, so it's good to know where you're allowed to vape and where you can't. The places that allow indoor vaping are Nebraska, Nevada, and Tennessee. The remaining states that have a statewide vaping ban, include the following:

  • Michigan
  • New York
  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island
  • Montana
  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • California
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    Places where you can vape

    What are the rules when it comes to vaping freely? Even with states that don't have bans in place, there are rules around where you're able to vape and where it's against the law. Let's look firstly at some of the places you can use your vape pens.

    At home

    Of course, this is undisputed when it comes to vaping as no one is going to tell you what to do in your own home.

    It's worth making sure that the landlord has not got their own rules when it comes to vaping. As with smoking, they may want a smoke-free and vape-free rental.

    Cars and buses

    In your own car, vaping electronic cigarettes is perfectly acceptable.

    Vaping on a bus with e-cigarettes isn't illegal but it's worth being aware that some bus providers have banned vaping to help consider other passengers on the bus.

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    In the open

    When you're out and about, e-cigarettes can be freely used without having to worry about any repercussions.

    As a vape user though, it's always good to be respectful of others around you, so don't go purposely breathing it in people's faces.


    Just like buses and certain venues, restaurants may allow vaping in their establishment. However, when it comes to using electronic cigarettes, each restaurant business has the right to ban the use of vaping on its premises.

    It's the same as traditional cigarettes, with the exception that cigarettes have been banned completely for indoor venues like restaurants.


    There are certain stadiums in the states that haven't banned vaping, where you'd be able to use e-cigarettes. These stadiums will often have designated smoking areas on offer too.

    However, there are some stadiums that don't allow the use of an e cigarette on their premises.

    Places where you can't vape

    There are certain places within any state that don't allow the use of regular cigarettes or vaping products at all. Here are some places that are generally prohibited.

    Airports and planes

    With airports and planes, vaping devices, as well as tobacco products, cannot be used within the airport itself or on the plane.

    Using a vaping device on a plane could get you thrown off, arrested, and put on the no-fly list if you're not careful.


    Hospitals are a no-go zone for those who want to puff on e-cigarettes.

    It's also not helpful for those who might be in the hospital for nicotine addiction or an illness that's been caused by tobacco products.


    The theater is an enclosed space and one that doesn't allow the use of vaping products within the premises.

    No one wants a smoky theater environment where they can't even see the cinema screen. E-cigarettes, just like tobacco products aren't allowed in theatres.

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    What are the vaping laws in the US?

    When it. comes to vaping laws in the US, the variation in rules depends on what state you're in.

    Age restriction for buying or using vapes in the US

    Age restriction is universal across all states. E-cigarettes aren't typically allowed on school property. In order to buy vape devices and to receive them in the mail, mail orders need to establish legal age.

    In the US, the age at which users can vape is 18 years old.

    List of vaping bans in the US

    If you're looking to quit smoking and use e-cigarettes, it's worth knowing what vape bans are in place across the states in the USA. The list of states that have banned vaping completely are:

  • Michigan
  • New York
  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island
  • Montana
  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • California
  • You can find more information on vaping bans and how they differ from one state to another, here. Be sure to keep yourself updated on any changes to the laws when it comes to vaping. 


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    Can you vape on a plane? 

    When it comes to vapes on a plane, they're not allowed. Vapes, like tobacco products, are considered one of the dangerous items that people can often carry by mistake on their person and therefore needs disposing of.

    Check out this guide to vaping on a plane 2023, for more information.

    Does vaping affect the environment?

    It's important to be aware that there is plenty out there that contributes to waste and damage to the environment.

    The most common e-cigarette products that contribute to waste are plastic waste. These pod-based devices use single-use plastic cartridges. Just like coffee capsules, they can be harmful to the environment. Hopefully, though, we'll see a change in manufacturing and packaging, that makes them more environmentally friendly in the future

    Can you vape at the mall?

    This may depend on the mall itself and the location of the mall. Some malls will allow it but others may ban it due to the dangers or inconvenience it presents to others. It's very much down to the business too.

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