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EB Design BC5000 vs HQD Cuvie Bar: Which One is Better?

Two great rechargeable vape devices, but which one is better? This one takes a look at EB Design BC5000 vs HQD Cuvie Bar to find out which one is the better vape device.

Can EB Design Vapes Be Refilled?

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EB Design: How To Verify and Avoid Fakes

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How Much Do EB Design Vapes Cost?

In this guide, you'll learn how much EB Design vapes cost and some of the best flavors to try from the entire range of models available from the formerly known Elf Bar brand.

What Charger Does an EB Design Vape Use?

How do you charge an EB Design Vape? This guide shares useful information on what charger EB Design vapes use and how to charge them successfully.

How Much Nicotine Is in An EB Design Vape

 How much nicotine is typically found in an EB DEsign vape? This guide will explain how much nicotine is in an EB Design vape and the safety of EB Design vapes for vape users.

Why Does My EB Design Vape Taste Burnt

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EB Design BC5000 vs Lost Mary OS5000: Which One is Better?

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How to Use EB Design Vapes: Step By Step Guide

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How Long Does an EB Design Battery Take to Charge?

EB Design vapes offer rechargeable batteries in some of their devices. Here's a helpful guide on how long it takes for the batteries to charge.

How Many Hits Does An EB Design Vape Have?

EB Designs have a variety of models, all offering different puff counts. This guide shares how many hits each EB Design device offers to its users.

Why Do EB Design Vapes Have a Charging Port?

Why do EB Design disposable vapes have a charging port? This guide explores the market of rechargeable disposable vapes by this popular vape brand.