How Long Does an EB Design Battery Take to Charge?

An EB Design battery takes around one hour and a half to charge fully on average. Depending on the type of EB Design disposable device you have, that time can vary.

There are a number of EB Design devices that offer rechargeable capabilities. These are the BC5000, Lost Mary OS5000, the Lost Mary MO5000, and Funky Republic Ti7000. Depending on the battery size, you may find that the device takes a little more time to charge.

If you've not tried a rechargeable disposable device before, then this guide should be helpful. We've also got a more in-depth guide when it comes to EB Design vapes charging instructions. Hopefully, this guide will help you get the most out of your EB Design vapes. After all, they're considered some of the best on the market for disposable and rechargeable disposable vapes.

The first time you charge your EB Design vape

Why do EB Design vapes have a charging port? Well, unlike most disposable devices, some EB Design models offer recharging opportunities. This is a great way to get the most out of your device and more importantly, to ensure you've got all of the juice out of your vape.

All disposable vapes within the EB Design range should come pre-filled and pre-charged. That makes it easy enough to simply whip it out of the packaging and to start using it straight away.

In order to charge one of these disposable vapes, you'll need a USB-C cable and an AC adapter if you're plugging it into a power outlet at home or at work. These are required to be bought separately and don't come with the device itself.

How to charge an EB Design vape?

With each different model within the range, the timing varies slightly. This is a rough estimate of how much time it would typically take for each device:

Depending on the device and how much it's been used already, you may find it takes a little longer or faster.

To charge your EB Design vape, simply plug your USB cable into the bottom of your vape device. This charging port is very much like any modern-day electronic device, like your smartphone. Therefore, it's pretty easy to understand when charging it for the first time.

Plug this into a computer or use an AC adapter to connect it to a power outlet in the wall. The device should start emitting a flashing light which indicates that it's charging.

Depending on your device, some offer color indicators on how much battery is left. For example, the Lost Mary OS5000/MO5000 has green, blue, and red indicators for a full charge, medium charge, and low battery.

Once the device is fully charged, the light will stop flashing and go off. You're then able to use the device again. We don't recommend you vape while the device is charging. This may cause the device to overheat and eventually damage the device beyond repair.

If your EB Design vape won't charge, then it's worth troubleshooting it to check what might be causing the problem. It may be that the battery has died or that the device itself has become damaged in some way.

How long does an EB Design battery last?

The duration of your EB Design battery will often depend on your own personal usage and the size of the device itself. Typically, the bigger the battery size is, the longer it will last. With recharging capabilities, the lifespan of these devices is a lot more effective than your average disposable vape device.

If you're looking at the BC5000, then you may find that the device can last a couple of days before needing a recharge. However, if you're a heavy vaper, you may find it runs out a lot quicker than the average user finds.

Both the BC5000 and Funky Republic Ti7000 have 650mAh batteries, whereas the Lost Mary range only offers 500mAh. Therefore, if you opt for the Lost Mary devices, you may find yourself charging these more frequently despite having the same puff count.

Where to buy EB Design rechargeable vapes online?

EB Design has become one of the more popular rechargeable and disposable vape brands on the market in recent years. They've got a sizeable following and stock in many stores online and in-person.

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The SmokyBox is an online store that stocks a variety of vape devices from smaller devices suited for new vapers to hefty puff counts ideal for heavy vape users.

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How long does an EB Desing vape take to charge FAQs

How to know when an EB Design battery is fully charged?

You'll know once your EB Design battery has fully charged as there will be a flashing light indicator that goes off. While it's charging, the light will continue to flash. Once the light does off, you'll know that the device is fully charged and now ready for use.

What kind of charger does an EB Design vape use to charge?

To charge your EB Design vape, you'll need a USB-C cable. This is a typical charging cable used by many modern-day smartphone users. If you're looking to connect it to a power outlet in your wall, then you'll need an AC adapter which the USB cable will connect into.