How Many Hits Does An EB Design Vape Have?

As one of the most popular disposable vape brands on the market, EB Design is a great brand for those looking for devices with plenty of hits per device. EB Design offers around 3,500 to 7,000 puffs depending on the disposable vape model.

EB Design offers a variety of different models all with their own unique designs and qualities. What you'll find consistent though is the high quality and performance of all the devices that the brand offers to its customers.

For the best guidance on EB Design vapes, you've landed on the right site. In this guide, you'll learn more about the number of hits provided with each device offered by the brand and how to get the most out of these disposable vapes.

From the first to the very last puff, the extraordinary flavor options available are more than enough to intrigue anyone new to the EB Design brand this year.

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EB Design models' hits quantity comparison

How many hits does EB Design have? There are a number of EB Design models to choose from. You've also got an assortment of rechargeable devices too, which offer a variety of different puff counts. Here on The SmokyBox, we've got a collection of EB Design models to choose from.

Let's look at what each model offers when it comes to puff count and how that compares to others within the brand's catalog.



BC 5000


BC5000 Ultra


Funky Republic Ti7000 


Lost Mary MO5000


Lost Mary OS5000


In general, EB Design vapes have a lot of puffs available with each device. If you're a regular vaper or a heavy vaper, you may find these vapes appeal to you.

The EB Design vapes also come with a 5% nicotine strength which is the addictive chemical that you also get in traditional cigarettes. It's why vaping tends to be so popular for those who are looking to quit the habit for good.

EB Design models' features

There are some similarities and slight differences to the EB Design models which are worth knowing about before picking from the collection. While all provide extraordinary flavor options to the very last puff, it's worth knowing what makes them so unique individually.

To use an EB Design vape, all are relatively the same in their ease of use. Draw activated, you simply need to inhale on the mouthpiece to activate the device itself. Their unprecedented user experience is the real appeal of these disposable vapes.


The compact and box-mod style design is one that features in many of the EB Designs including the BC5000 and the Lost Mary OS5000 models. It's these compact box-style designs that have made them so recognizable on the market.

Even those who don't vape will likely recognize the design just from the beautiful contrast color collocation they provide.

E-liquid volume capacity

With the purest taste in every disposable device, you'll find some of the best EB Design flavors will become your go-to picks in your own personal collection.

The e-liquid volume capacity certainly varies from one device model to another. BC5000 and Lost Mary OS5000 have the lowest of the bunch with 13ml. Lost Mary MO5000 has just a .5ml more and the largest is the Funky Ti7000 with a whopping 17ml of e-liquid.

Nicotine strength

Every device within the EB Design range offers 5%/50mg of nicotine. This is quite a sizeable amount and perhaps won't appeal to every type of vaper. However, if you're a regular vaper and you're used to vaping, then this should be just the right amount for intensity and craving purposes.

Battery capacity

Like the e-liquid capacity, you'll find that each of the EB Design vapes offers different battery sizes.

The largest battery capacities surprisingly are the Lost Mary OS5000 and the BC5000 with 650mAh. With the Funky Republic Ti7000, you only get 600mAh. This may sway your decision, especially when it comes to recharging the device.

The smallest battery is the Lost Mary MO5000 with 500mAh but it still packs a mighty punch regardless. Each device offers different light indicators to let you know when it needs recharging. For example, the Lost Mary range has three color settings, green, blue, and red each indicating full battery, medium charge, and low battery.

How many days does an EB Design vape last?

EB Design vapes are known for being fairly effective in their battery performance and will last a while before the battery runs low. On average, you'll find most of these design models will last one or two days before it needs recharging. However, how frequently you recharge will often depend on your usage.

For example, if you're picking it up several times a day, you may find the battery runs out quickly. The devices with lower battery capacity sizes will also run out faster too.

When it comes to charging an EB Design vape, you'll need to make sure you have a type C cable, which is a standard USB cable for charging most electronics nowadays. Chances are you'll have a type C cable already lying about. If not, you'll need to purchase one as it doesn't come with the device. Neither does an AC adapter, so make sure you get this too.

Where to buy EB Design vapes with a range of puff options?

For the purest taste in rechargeable and disposable vapes, you needn't look any further than EB Designs. As it's a popular device, there are a lot of fake devices being sold online and in stores. With that in mind, shopping on The SmokyBox is a surefire way to get legitimate devices from the EB Design brand.

We stock plenty of the EB Design vapes, alongside a range of other brands like Flum and Juucy to name but a few. If you're looking for an unprecedented user experience when it comes to vape devices, shop with us.

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How many hits does an EB Design vape have FAQs

How to know when an EB Design vape is empty?

There are a number of tell-tale signs that your EB Design is running on empty or has completely run out of e-juice. Firstly, if there's a lack of flavor intensity, that would indicate you're running out of vape juice. If there's no vapor production, that could be due to a flat battery or one that is completely dead.

If you have a rechargeable EB Design vape, then it's worth recharging the vape to check if that's the case.

Are EB Design vapes safe?

EB Design vapes are developed and designed by the top engineers in the business and you'll get only the best quality with these devices. As long as you're storing your devices out of the way of direct sunlight and charging them correctly, you should have no problem with safety concerns.