What Charger Does an EB Design Vape Use?


If you've never tried EB Design vapes before then you'll be interested to know that they provide a rechargeable function. While there are many disposable vapes that you use and dispose of the first time, EB Design disposable vapes are rechargeable for use again and again until the vape juice runs out.

What charger does this type of vape pen use? Are they easy to charge? In this guide, you'll get a better understanding of what types of vape chargers there are and how to charge an EB Design vape correctly. If you want to learn more about EB Design vapes in general, we have a great EB Design vapes review worth checking out.


What are the different types of vape chargers?

There's one type of charger that you'll use with an EB Design vape, a USB C cable. It's typically used for charging many electronic devices so chances are, you've come across one already. It plugs handily into a laptop or desktop computer. You can adapt it further using an AC adapter so it goes into a nearby outlet. You've got a selection of other vape chargers that you'd use with different devices, these include:

  • 510-Thread Vape Pen Chargers
  • Standalone Vape Battery Chargers

Before vapes had a built-in USB port, many vapers would use the 510-Thread vape pen chargers. Alternatively, some vape devices have their own standalone vape battery chargers where you remove the battery itself and charge it in this device.

How to use an EB design vape charger correctly?

To ensure you're using the EB Design vape properly, particularly when it comes to charging, this section will help.

EB Design vapes have a charging port that's built into the device itself. That makes it much easier to charge as it's just like plugging a charger into your phone or tablet device.

The lithium-ion battery is already in the vape device, meaning you don't need to fuss about taking it out or putting it in to get started. All you'll need is the USB cable and the wall adapter if you're looking to plug it directly into the wall.

Pineapple Strawnana

Pineapple Strawnana

Safety tips for using an EB Design vape charger

It's important to use any charger with care, especially as you're dealing with electrics. That means you shouldn't be using a charger if the device is leaking or you're plugging it into electrical ports with wet hands. An obvious caution but surprisingly needed!

There are some great EB Design vapes instructions to charge in order to make your first experience with this device a positive one. You want to check how long you'll need to leave the charger in the USB port to avoid overheating the device.

How long does it take to charge an EB Design vape?

When it comes to an EB Design time to charge looks to be around 1-2 hours. That will provide a full charge for the safe usage of the device.

The time to charge a disposable vape tends to vary depending on the size of the vape, the make, and the model of the device. With EB Design vapes, they use a lithium-ion battery so you can expect fast speeds when charging them.

Try to avoid vaping while it's still charging. This can cause damage to the device by overheating it and affecting the vape's ability to successfully charge. Not only that but it could be dangerous for yourself to be puffing on a vape while it's still hooked up to the USB C port.

How long does an EB Design vape battery last?

With EB Design, despite its compact device design, it packs a long battery life. That's important when it comes to a vape device because you don't want the fuss of having to recharge it too often. Just like a mobile device though, every vape battery is different depending on your personal usage.

If you're using it all the time, then you may find yourself needing to go through the charging process more than once. An EB Design vape battery tends to last for a couple of days, which is handy for most vape users.

While most vapes are effective in their performance, you may run into some problems on occasion. If your EB Design vape won't charge, that might be due to running out of e-liquid. There may also be dirt in the charging port that's stopping it from charging or it could be that the device is faulty.

If you're looking to fix an Elf Bar that doesn´t charge, then it's worth checking out our guide for helpful advice.

Where to buy EB Design rechargeable vapes?

Ready to try out these rechargeable vape devices? Aside from buying the USB cable and wall adapter separately, you can find all of the EB Design vapes on our website, here at The SmokyBox. EB Design formerly known as Elf Bar remains the same in quality and performance of vape devices.

We stock a range of models and many delicious flavor combinations to try. Make sure you're the legal smoking age before you go shopping on our site. You can also take advantage of our SmokyClub membership. Get 15% off your first order and free delivery in the US for orders over $50.

Rechargeable devices are well worth trying if you've never tried them before. If you're looking to step up your vaping experience, give EB Design vapes a go.

What charger do EB Design vapes use FAQs

How to fix an EB Design vape that won't charge?

If you've got a problem with your EB Design vape where it won't charge, try checking the charging port itself. Make sure it's free of any dirt or dust. If that hasn't fixed it, you may want to check if the vapor has diminished as that's likely down to the vape juice running out.

Ultimately, these devices don't have batteries in them that last forever, so it could be something as simple as the battery wearing out. If that's the case, you'll want to replace the vape completely.

Can you hit your EB Design vape while it's charging?

While you're able to use the device while it's still charging, we don't recommend it. Using it while it's still in it's charging process will likely cause damage to the device and risk overheating it as a result. It could also pose a danger to you too so be patient and wait until it's fully charged.