A Beginner's Guide to EB Design Vapes

Formerly known as Elf Bar before the Elf Bar trademark lawsuit came about, the business behind the brand has had to market its popular devices under a new name. Introducing EB Design Vapes - and yes they're still the same as the OG Elf Bars just with a different name.

Despite them being the same, it's important to introduce them to all those who may not have heard of EB Design Vapes before. What is an EB Design vape? How do you use an EB Design vape and what are some of the best flavors to try from the brand?

In this guide, we'll share all that and more so that you know exactly what to look for when you come across EB Design vapes when shopping for a disposable vape device.

What is an EB Design vape?

What is EB Design vapes? An EB Design vape is a disposable vape device, and in some cases, is rechargeable depending on the model you pick. EB Design vapes have different types of vape devices that are rechargeable including the following:

As we've mentioned, they were formerly known as Elf Bar until recently a trademark lawsuit was actioned by VPR Brands. They claimed to have the trademark 'Elf' registered prior to any claims that the company behind Elf Bar had.

As a result, the business was forbidden to use Elf Bar for future marketing from March 2023 and is now known as EB Design vapes.



You'll notice if you've been a fan of the Elf Bar for some time that there's no real difference to either the design or performance of the device. The only change is the branding on the devices is now EBDESIGN instead of the ELFBAR lettering.

How does an EB Design vape work?

When asking the common question, how does a disposable vape works? Most disposables work in the same manner. They're designed to be basic and therefore useable for all vape users regardless of whether they've picked up a vape before or not.

EB Design vapes are just like any other disposable vape device. To use these devices, you'll need to simply draw on the mouthpiece to activate it. It's as simple as that. There's no need to pre-fill the devices or charge them up prior to getting them.

With some of the models, they do come with a rechargeable feature, which is somewhat unusual for most disposable vape device types. However, this allows you to get even more out of your vapes when using EB Design.

Advantages of EB Design vapes

What are some of the advantages of using EB Design vapes? What makes them some of the best disposable vapes on the market currently? Let's take a look.

Long-lasting devices

As a disposable vape device, the EB Design vapes offer a lengthy, long-lasting puff count and battery life. Throw in the rechargeable feature and you've got a disposable vape that will last you more than just a day.

The devices themselves are easy to charge and if your EB Design vape won't charge then it's easy enough to troubleshoot what may be the problem.

Compared to other vape brands, they offer a sizeable e-liquid capacity and puff count, while still providing value for money.

Triggered by your breath

With EB Design vapes, they work just like any other disposable vape device. There are no buttons or complex functions to get your head around. Instead, they're triggered by breath, meaning you simply need to draw on the mouthpiece to activate the device.

For anyone that's not used a vape before, this draw-activate mechanism is even easier than traditional cigarettes, so you'll find taking a puff from these vapes, simple to do.

Tightness guaranteed

The design of the disposable vape has not changed since the Elf Bar BC5000 or any of the other models under the old EB name.

You'll find that the devices are still made out of the same high-quality materials and that tightness is guaranteed, meaning there are no unfortunate leaks in your back pocket or handbag when traveling with these vapes.

Compact size

Like all of the previous Elf Bar branded devices, the compact design remains the same for all models. This is a feature that many customers of the brand love because it makes it easy enough to transport it from one place to another. Not only that but it's nice and snug in your hand.

As a disposable vape, you'll love this brand for its size choices.

Stylish design

Similar to that of the Elf Bar BC5000, the brand's stylish and sleek design remains. The disposable vape device has a recognizable design and theme, which means that those who are regular users of Elf Bar may not even notice the change in the name when purchasing these vapes.

Top EB Design flavors

The e-liquids used in the EB Design vapes offer both a satisfying throat hit and nicotine strengths that appease even the heaviest of vape users.

With that being said, we do have to highlight some of the best EB Design flavors available from the brand. With more than 30 different flavors, it's hard to whittle them down. However, here are three worth trying first.

1. Watermelon Bubblegum

Who knew that putting watermelon and bubblegum together would make such a great combination? As a disposable vape, this candy and fruity mix is an ideal choice for those with a sweet tooth or two.

It's the perfect flavor combination for those who want a sweet treat to take on their travels, whether it's a vacation in the sun or just on their morning commute to work.

2. Watermelon Ice

Another watermelon flavor popular with this disposable vape brand is the Watermelon Ice mix. Combining sweet and juicy watermelon with an icy mint kick, it's enough to knock your socks off.

If you've been a little hot under the collar recently, any ice-flavored vape is guaranteed to keep you cool.

3. Blue Razz Ice

Finally, we couldn't round off our top three without including Blue Razz Ice. For those new to the vaping world, Blue Razz is a traditional vape flavor used amongst many vape brands due to its popularity.

Get your lips ready for rich blueberries, sweet raspberries, and zesty lemonade that make up the blue razz of this vape flavor. Add in that icy mint and you've got a refreshing, fruity flavor profile.

As a disposable vape device, Blue Razz Ice offers up to 5,000+ puffs in each device. Despite the amount of puffs, you'll never get enough of this flavor combination - trust us.

Where can you buy EB Design vapes?

To get your mitts on the EB Design vapes, you're on the right site already. The disposable vape device options from this brand can all be found here on the SmokyBox. For pre-filled devices that offer top quality and performance in every vape, you'll want to shop the whole collection online today.

We stock a variety of flavor combinations amongst the top flavors mentioned above. These include tropical rainbow blast, kiwi passion fruit guava, cranberry grape, kiwi passionfruit, mango peach, and watermelon cantaloupe to name but a few.

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What is an EB Design vape FAQs

Are EB Design vapes safe?

EB Design offers safety in all their devices. Made out of high-quality materials and developed by the best in the vape business, you can trust EB Design to provide some of the safest disposable vape devices on the market.

How many hits does an EB Design vape have?

Depending on which EB Design vape model you choose from, will depend on how many puffs you get per device. For example, the BC5000 has 5000 puffs. You've got a choice of anywhere between 3,500 puffs to 7,000 puffs to choose from.

How to recharge an EB Design vape?

To recharge an EB Design vape, it's easy as charging your mobile phone. You'll need a USB-C cable and an adapter for your wall outlet if you're plugging it into the wall. Alternatively, you can connect your USB cable to a computer and charge your device that way too.

Connect the USB cable to the charging port on the device, which is found at the bottom. Wait for the LED light to start flashing and that indicates that it's begun charging. Once it's finished charging, the light will switch off. That's when the device is then ready to use again.