Can You Buy Elf Bars in California in 2024 After The Flavored Ban?

As long as you're in a part of California that hasn't banned the sale of flavored vape and tobacco product flavor enhancers online, then you should be able to buy Elf Bars.

Even with the flavored ban in place, it doesn't make it illegal for online vape retailers to sell to Californian residents. As long as there's no prohibition on the sale and distribution online for your area specifically, then you should be able to buy Elf Bars in California with very little fuss in 2024.

In this guide, you'll understand the legalities when you buy vapes in California after the flavored ban and what alternatives are available beyond just Elf Bars.

Can you vape in colifornia?


What is the California flavored tobacco product ban?

The California flavored tobacco product ban, also known as Proposition 31, was introduced in December of 2022. Although it was in the works prior, California voters approved the ban on all tobacco product flavor enhancers and tobacco-flavored products like flavored cigars. These included the use of electronic cigarettes, aka vaping products, menthol cigarettes, and flavored cigarettes.

According to official legislation, Proposition 31 prohibits anyone within the state of California to sell electronic cigarettes or tobacco products in-store or via vending machines.

Despite the uproar it caused amongst vaping and tobacco companies, many California voters were concerned with the growing number of young smokers and vapers in the state. It's a fight that unfortunately the tobacco industry and vaping market have lost when it comes to in-person sales.

As a state law, this ban is confined to California law only and doesn't necessarily include retailers who are selling vapes and tobacco products online to Californian residents.

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Are Elf Bars banned in California?

Elf Bars are banned from being sold via in-person stores and vending machines. Most flavored tobacco products prior to the ban could be purchased by those over the legal age of 21 years in the state.

However, with this law now in place, anyone seen selling or distributing flavored tobacco products could face hefty fines of up to $1,000 depending on the number of offenses.

It's important to note though that despite the vaping laws in California that prohibit the sale of flavored tobacco products in-person, the same can't be said for online retailers.

There are some restrictions whereby particular areas of California prohibit the sale of vaping products altogether. However, you may find you live in an area where you're able to get Elf Bars delivered to you by ordering them online. It's worth checking in your local area and what local laws are in place that bans online sales too.

What are the alternatives for Elf Bar's California vapers?

As long as Californian vapers are able to buy their vapes online, there are plenty of alternatives from just the Elf Bar alone. There are plenty of brands out there that are similar to the Elf Bar in performance, especially when it comes to disposable vape devices.

Some great examples of brands worth exploring include:


Fume offers a range of different sizes to suit those looking for a variety of flavored vapes and flavored e-cigarettes. From a few hundred puff counts to thousands, the Fume brand is one that competes well against Elf Bar's range of devices.


HQD provides lightweight flavored vapes and their vape juices are just as high-quality of that as the Elf Bars. You've got a wonderful range of flavors to choose from, as well as different sizes to pick from depending on your vaping habits.


With disposable vape devices, it's important to have a vape device that's easy to use but easier to carry. With Elf Bars, they're light and compact, which is why so many opt for this brand of vape device.

Flum offers two different vape device options, with both designed in a way for ease of handling on the go. Perfect for commuters, Flum is just as travel-friendly as the Elf Bars are.

Where to buy Elf Bars online and get them delivered in California?

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While we don't stock tobacco itself, we do have disposable vape devices that are flavored tobacco products. Our range of flavored vaping products offers something for all types of vape palettes.

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Are Elf Bars banned in California FAQs

Can I still purchase other vaping products in California if Elf Bars are banned?

Elf Bars are only banned in-store and via vending machines. That also goes for all other vaping products that you see on our site and in many places outside of California that don't have these prohibited laws in place.

If you want to purchase other vaping products in California, then you'll need to check if you can do so in your city before browsing online.

Can you take an Elf Bar vape on a plane to California?

Just like tobacco products whether it's flavored premium cigars, pipe tobacco, menthol cigarettes, or traditional cigarettes, an Elf Bar vape cannot be used on a plane.

If you want to take a vape on a plane, you need to remove any batteries from the device or otherwise store it away in your checked luggage.