The Best Elf Bar Flavors You Must Try In 2024

    The best Elf bar flavors that are worth trying out in 2024 include the following:

    1. Watermelon Ice
    2. Blue Razz Ice
    3. Strawberry Mango
    4. Rainbow Candy
    5. Strawberry Banana
    6. Sakura Grape
    7. Mango Peach
    8. Lemon Mint


    Top 8 Elf Bar flavors in 2024

    With so many to choose from, we chose flavorful combination vape juices that are enjoyed the most by customers in general. The range from the brand is one that will have you itching to try something new, so here are the top 8 flavors to try in 2023.

    1. Watermelon Ice Elf Bar ($19.95)

    When it comes to Elf Bars, one of the top favorites is the Watermelon Ice. It's a great one for those who want to escape for a relaxing vacation and need a daily vape choice. The sweet and juicy Watermelon pairs perfectly with the Ice finish.




    *Elf Bar changed its name to EB Design, more info here

    For those who enjoy menthol flavors, they'll love the icy finish that this Watermelon Ice vape provides. It's one that will keep you cool during the warmer months of the year, that's for sure!

    Rating - 4.9/5

    2. Blue Razz Ice Elf Bar ($19.95)

    If you're looking for a slight tart flavor with a sweet mix, then the Blue Razz Ice is a great choice. It's a classic within the vape community and it's only natural that Elf Bars provide this flavor for its customers.



    The sweet and tart blue raspberries with the icy finish make the Blue Razz Ice a great choice for anyone that doesn't want anything too sickly sweet for a vape. It's one that has become a popular fruit flavors option for customers of Elf.

    Rating - 4.8/5

    3. Strawberry Mango Elf Bar ($19.95)

    A more traditional flavor combination when it comes to strawberry flavors is the Strawberry Mango vape juice. With so many flavors to choose from, it can be easy to fall into the trap of picking mostly complex flavors.



    With Strawberry Mango, it's a good combination for those who are beginners to vaping, or just simply want something easy to start with. The smooth taste of the mango, combined with the sweet Strawberry is enough to satisfy any sweet tooth.

    Rating - 4.7/5

    4. Rainbow Candy Elf Bar ($19.95)

    As an Elf Bar disposable, a popular choice for customers is the Rainbow Candy flavor. The artificial taste is something that can be offputting for customers but with this flavor, it tastes like the real thing!



    Rainbow Candy provides the user with everything they enjoy when it comes to nostalgic sweets they'd have as a child. Get in touch with your inner child with this bar disposable vape from Elf.

    Rating - 4.6/5

    5. Strawberry Banana Elf Bar ($19.95)

    Another popular and familiar flavor to the vaping community is the Strawberry Banana bar disposable vape.



    It's a great choice for those who are looking for a perfectly balanced vape that offers just the right amount of sweet and creamy goodness. The rechargeable elf bar means you can get up to 5,000 puffs with each charge and e-juice.

    Rating - 4.6/5

    6. Sakura Grape Elf Bar ($19.95)

    Sakura Grape is one of the unique ones when it comes to an Elf bar disposable or rechargeable device. The unusual flavor combines a Japanese grape with a sweet flavor profile.



    It's true that every hit leaves you with a satisfying finish in the mouth. You'll be pleasantly surprised by what this bar flavor has to offer.

    Rating - 4.6/5

    7. Mango Peach Elf Bar ($19.95)

    If you're a fan of slightly sweet and tropical flavors, then the Mango Peach is a suitable choice. The exotic combination is very popular with those who want to be transported to a more tropical location than in their office at work.



    The Mango Peach makes for a good one if you're looking for a disposable vape and offers the perfect balance between sweet and tangy.

    Rating - 4.5/5

    8. Lemon Mint Elf Bar ($19.95)

    It's a unique combination that might not be liked by everyone but is certainly a throat hit that you'll remember. The minty menthol and acidic lemon combination is one that will have you sailing through that puff count at impressive speed.



    With the Lemon Mint flavor, it's one that might not be a regular go-to for everyday vaping, but it's certainly one that many will enjoy having in their collection.

    Rating - 4.5/5

    Top 3 Elf Bar best flavors in SmokyBox sales

    The Watermelon Bubblegum, Malibu, and Triple Berry Ice Elf Bar flavors are the top three options among all the available flavors. These flavors are particularly popular and preferred by many Elf Bar users.


    1. Watermelon Bubblegum Elf Bar

    Watermelon Bubblegum combines the flavors of sweet watermelon and classic bubblegum. The result is a fruity and refreshing taste with a touch of nostalgic sweetness, making it a popular choice among those who enjoy fruity and candy-like flavors.



      2. Malibu Elf Bar

    Malibu is flavored with a blend of tropical fruits and coconut, reminiscent of the popular cocktail of the same name. It offers a sweet and refreshing taste that is perfect for those who enjoy fruity flavors with a hint of creaminess.



      3. Triple Berry Ice Elf Bar

    Triple Berry Ice combines the flavors of three types of berries - strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry - with a cool and refreshing menthol finish. The result is a fruity and icy flavor profile that is both sweet and refreshing, making it a popular choice for those who enjoy berry and menthol flavors.


    How we chose the best Elf Bar Flavors?

    When selecting the top Elf Bar flavors, Smoky Box takes into account a variety of factors to ensure their customers are receiving the best products. Among these factors are taste, popularity, and customer reviews. By considering the taste of the flavors, Smoky Box can guarantee that their customers will enjoy an exceptional vaping experience.

    The popularity of the flavors also plays a role in the selection process, as it provides insight into which flavors are in high demand. Additionally, customer reviews are scrutinized to ensure that only the best-reviewed Elf Bar flavors are recommended to customers. By taking these factors into account, Smoky Box can confidently provide their customers with top-notch Elf Bar flavors. 



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    Best Elf Bar flavors FAQs

    What is the most popular Elf Bar flavor?

    Watermelon Ice, according to the feedback of the customers, has emerged as the top favorite flavor of Elf Bar. The refreshing taste of juicy watermelon coupled with a cool minty finish has won the hearts of many vaping enthusiasts, making it the go-to choice for those looking for a fruity and refreshing vaping experience.

    How many puffs are in an Elf Bar?

    With the rechargeable Elf bars, you can get a whopping 5,000 puffs per charge. There are also disposable vapes available but these offer a lower hit count.

    How many Elf Bar flavors exist?

    There are over 30 different flavors that exist, some of which include pineapple peach mango, peach ice, strawberry ice cream, blue razz lemonade, kiwi passion fruit guava, pineapple coconut ice, and lemon tart. When it comes to a brand that offers it all, Elf Bars are a great choice.

    Where can I buy Elf Bars?

    You can buy Elf Bars on the SmokyBox website. We have some of the best flavors to choose from whether it's cotton candy, apple peach, or strawberry kiwi. Get your hands on any of the flavors in the form of a rechargeable device.