Can Elf Bar Vapes Be Refilled?

Elf Bars are a highly popular vape brand amongst both new and experienced vape users. When you think of vaping, chances are an Elf Bar will show up in your mind. They're one of the most recognizable brands, making them a must-have to sell on our online store.

The brand Elf Bar has recently been voted number one Best Disposable Vape 2022 in the latest and most reputable EcigClick awards. Their mission is to deliver disposable vapes that offer a flavorful experience alongside a healthier way of vaping for its customers.

The vital components of any vape pen include the battery, coil or atomizer, and cartridge. Can you get refill disposable Elf Bars? This guide answers that question and provides reasons why you should try out the Elf Bar this year. Once you've finished here, check out our full Elf Bar review for more insight into the brand and its vape collection.


Disposable vapes vs refillable vapes

If you're experienced with vapes already, then you'll know the difference between disposable and refillable vapes. As a newcomer to vaping, there are many advantages of disposable vapes. They're helpful if you need an introduction to a brand and want a short-use device that you can dispose of easily.

With disposable vapes, you don't need to worry about having to assemble and unassemble the device itself as they come pre-charged and pre-filled.

However, disposable vapes in the long run can become a lot more costly if you're a regular vape user looking for a more long-term, permanent vaping device.

There are advantages to refillable vape devices. Refill Elf Bars are great for those who want to interchange their flavor options and have a long-term vape device. They're also great for those who want to level up their knowledge of vaping experience with the ability to dissemble the vape device itself.

While this is not for everyone, it's a good option to explore once you've become more experienced with vaping as a user. However, for a user-friendly device, disposables are much more effective.

Can you refill an Elf Bar?

When it comes to Elf Bar vapes, are they refillable? The short answer - no. Elf Bars are designed as a disposable vape and when finished with them, such be disposed of appropriately.

Aside from the one option from Elf Bar that is refillable, the remaining devices offered by the brand are all disposable. Here at TheSmokyBox, we provide a number of disposable vapes that aren't refillable, which include the Elf Bar BC5000 and the Lost Mary OS5000.

The Elf Bar BC5000 is a classic for anyone that wants a variety of flavor options as well as an exceptional puff count. How many puffs do you get with this device? A whopping 5,000 puffs give or take, depending on your usage.

The box mod style shape makes it easy to hold and carry about when out. While it's disposable, it's also rechargeable. This helps ensure you get every last delicious vape juice out of the device before disposing of it.

The Lost Mary OS5000 is a similar model to the BC5000. It offers a similar shape and the same 5,000 puffs per device. Where it differs though is the new coil added into this device which helps elevate the flavor delivery.

Implications of refilling an Elf Bar disposable vape

Refilling an Elf Bar that's not supposed to be refillable is problematic for a number of reasons. Trying to refill an Elf Bar BC5000 or any other non-refillable device, could end up ruining the device completely. Here are some of the implications caused when trying to refill elf bars that are disposable.

  • The coil is already burnt - As you've already used up the 5,000 puffs of the original flavor, you're likely to have a burnt coil that's unusable. It's one of the reasons why your Elf Bar tastes burnt.
  • It's a waste of vape juice - By trying to add new juice to your Elf Bar vape, you're likely to waste it when the device doesn't work properly.
  • Juice may leak into your mouth - Trying to refill a non-fillable device will often lead to juice leaking from the device and leaking into your mouth.
  • Difficult and messy to open and refill a disposable vape - The difficulty and messiness of opening and refilling a disposable vape is a lot of effort.

Instead of trying to refill a device not meant for refilling, it's worth just disposing of the device and getting a brand-new one instead.

Why choose an Elf Bar disposable vape?

Elf Bar disposables are fuss-free and there's a reason why so many vape users choose the disposables from this brand in particular. If you're looking at purchasing a vape bar, here's why you should choose an Elf Bar disposable over a refillable one.

Best easy-to-use and carry option

They're the best when it comes to ease of use. You don't need to worry about being a beginner to vaping when you are using one of these vapes. They're draw-activated, making them great for those who are used to traditional cigarettes.

They're also easy enough to carry and compact enough to slip into a coat pocket or in your bag.


One of the great benefits of disposable vapes is their affordability. How much an Elf Bar costs? With most disposable vape options like the Elf Bar BC5000 or the Lost Mary OS5000, you've got up to 5,000 puffs for under $20. It's a great vape option for those that want to try out vapes for the first time or a brand they've only just discovered.

No required maintenance

With all disposable vapes, you get a pre-packaged, pre-filled, and pre-charged device. There's no maintenance needed for these devices either meaning you can just puff and go. Dispose of your Elf Bar BC5000 as soon as you've gotten through all of the juice. It's worth finding ways to recycle disposable vapes so you help the environment too.

Where to buy Elf Bar disposable vapes online?

A disposable vape is a great option for those who want something quick and easy to use. If you're transitioning from regular tobacco cigarettes, then these are the ideal choice. For Elf Bar disposables online, you can find a great selection here on TheSmokyBox.

We stock a wide range of Elf Bar devices from the Elf Bar BC5000, BB3500, the Lost Mary OS5000, and MO5000. There are plenty of great flavors to choose from whether you like sweet candy flavors to savory tobacco options.

Make sure to check out the Elf Bar disposables vapes on TheSmokyBox and take advantage of our great discounts. Become a SmokyBox member and get 15% off your first order and free deliveries in the US with orders over $50.


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Can Elf Bar vapes be refilled FAQs

Why does an Elf Bar taste burnt?

It's important to be mindful of issues that can come with your vape pen. For example, why does your Elf Bar taste burnt? There may be a number of reasons for this but typically it's because you've run out of vape juice.

With nothing for the coil or atomizer to soak up, you'll get this nasty burnt taste when you try to take a hit. You can fix disposable vape pens issues depending on the problem but if you've run out of juice, simply dispose of your vape.

How to know when your Elf Bar is empty?

What are the signals to know when your vape is empty? As mentioned above, a burnt taste is often an indicator that you've run out of juice. You may notice a lighter feeling when holding the device and a reduction of flavor density will likely tell you you're fast approaching empty.