How Much Nicotine Is In An Elf Bar?

How much nicotine is in an Elf Bar? The Elf bar contains 5% (mg/ml) salt nicotine in each of their devices.

This device, the Elf Bar BC5000, is a highly sought-after disposable vape that's also rechargeable. Yes, a rechargeable disposable! With an Elf bar, you can get every last drop of e-liquid out of your device without needing to cut your enjoyment of the device short.

For those who rely on nicotine for their vaping experience or may be looking to vape as an alternative to smoking, how much nicotine is used in general? How do you choose the right strength without it being too much or too little?

In this guide, we'll share everything you need to know when it comes to nicotine content in your Elf bar and in general. Hopefully, by the end of the article, you'll be able to tailor your devices to the exact nicotine strength you desire.

What levels of nicotine are there?

In an average cigarette, there can be anywhere between 8mg and 20mg of nicotine found. The average sits around 12mg. For vape users which may include those who've smoked before, are likely looking for a certain level of nicotine to satisfy their cravings.

There are a variety of levels available depending on the type of vape user and what they require when it comes to vaping.

It's important to mention that you have freebase nicotine e-liquids and nicotine salts. Typically, you can find strengths of 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18m, and 20mg in freebase nicotine e-liquids. For nicotine salts, these come in 0mg, 36mg, and 50mg strengths.

Freebase nicotines have a harsher throat hit, whereas nicotine salts can be extremely beneficial for those who want stronger kicks but a smooth hit.

How much is 2% of nicotine?

While 2% doesn't sound like much when it comes to nicotine, it's actually quite a substantial amount. A 2% Elf bar, for example, is 20mg in nicotine strength. That would typically equate to twenty traditional cigarettes. How many hits do you get from an Elf bar? Well, with the Elf bar BC5000, you get up to a whopping 5,000 puffs!

With Elf bar, you've got the benefit of having a percentage of nicotine that is easier to absorb through the bloodstream due to the nicotine salt used. It's a great option for those who are trying to quit smoking.

Difference between percentage and mg in e-liquid strength?

What is the difference between percentage and mg when it comes to e-liquid strength? The nicotine strength is typically displayed either as a percentage or as mg/ml. The percentage is a figure that shows the amount of nicotine as a percentage per total and mg/ml shows the amount of nicotine per milliliter of liquid.

While it sounds confusing, it can be good to know that the lower the percentage or mg/ml, the lower the nicotine levels.

How to choose the right strength for you?

Depending on the nicotine cravings you have as a vape user, it might take a bit of trial and error to find the right amount. With disposable vapes, even those can vary with the nicotine content depending on their brand. For Elf bar, the 5% or 50mg of nicotine salt makes it quite a strong device.

In comparison to other disposable vapes, it's a very generous amount of nicotine salt despite it being just a disposable. It's what makes the Elf bar a popular option for many vape users both old and new.

Choosing the right strength is important for the overall satisfaction of the vape itself. For a disposable vape, a good starting point would be around 12mg as this is the average for traditional cigarettes.

Once you've become familiar with one disposable vape, then you can explore other e-liquids that have a stronger percentage or mg/ml nicotine content.

Are Elf Bars Safe?

Elf bars are considered one of the safest e-cigarette devices to use. Elf bars are very reputable and most vape users will have heard of this brand, regardless of how long they've been vaping for. Even non-vapers will have likely seen them being used by vapers when out and about.

Elf bars follow all the important rules and regulations when it comes to vape devices and ensuring they're safe to use by the everyday vaper.

Unlike cigarettes, Elf bars don't use tobacco, which can be a huge contributor to health issues later on in life. An Elf bar is a disposable vape that can achieve a healthier lifestyle and an aid to help quit smoking for good.

You can check out our Elf bar review here for a deeper insight into the Elf bars themselves!

Where can you buy vapes with nicotine?

How do you get your hands on electronic cigarettes to satisfy your nicotine craving? Whether it's an Elf bar vape or you're looking to try a range of e-cigarettes, the SmokyBox is a great place to start. We stock both Elf bar vapes, amongst a range of other disposable vape brands from HQD to Fume.

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How many cigarettes are in an Elf Bar?

A typical Elf bar will have around 48 cigarettes per device. However, with a device like the Elf bar BC5000, there are around 400 cigarettes per device.

What is an Elf Bar?

What is an Elf bar? An Elf bar is a disposable vape device that mimics the effect of traditional smoking. The Elf bar BC500 is a disposable vape, but is also rechargeable, meaning users can get every last drop of juice from their device.

How to verify an Elf Bar?

To verify an Elf bar, you simply need to remove the foil found on the side of the packaging. This, when scratched away will reveal an SKU code that you can enter on the Elf bar website. The site will then tell you whether or not the vape device is legitimate or not.