How To Use An Elf Bar? The Complete Guide 2023

An Elf Bar is a much-loved vape device because it doesn't require any set-up whatsoever. Each device arrives pre-filled and fully charged, ready for use as soon as you free it from its packaging. You won't even need to switch the device on - just inhale on the mouthpiece and start vaping.

In this guide, you'll understand what an Elf bar is and how to use elfbar devices effectively. At the end of the article, you should have all the much-needed knowledge to make the most out of your Elf bar experience.

how to use an elf bar

What are Elf Bars?

Elf Bars are a vape device that helps mimic the feel and experience of smoking, making it a useful and more effective alternative to quit smoking for good.

These disposable vapes are intended to be used once and only once, before being thrown out once it's empty. There are a number of Elf Bar disposables provided by the brand, with some offering more puff counts than others.

Depending on your vaping or smoking usage, you may look at a disposable vape like the BC5000 for example, which offers up to 5,000 puffs per device.

How do they work?

Elf bars are draw-activated. Unlike some other vape devices and disposable vapes, they don't need to be turned on via a button. It's as easy as a cigarette in that respect, which is why so many people enjoy the satisfying ease of use it provides.

Not only that but there are a variety of fruit flavors to take advantage of, making them one of the most efficient disposable device options on the market.




How to use an Elf Bar? Step by step

New to vaping? Don't worry, we all had to start where you are. While these Elf bars are great at mimicking the effect of smoking, the reality will be slightly different for everyone. Some will find it easier than others.

With that in mind, here are some tips for using an Elf bar for the first time. That way, you can look like a pro, even if you're not.

1. Inhale steadily

With any vape device, the trick for an effective draw is by inhaling steadily. Don't breathe in too quickly, especially during those first couple of puffs. With a new vape, take a few short puffs and then a long drag of 3-5 seconds. This will help improve the flavor of the draw.

woman with vape

Try to make sure your lips are fully around the mouthpiece in order to avoid any vapor seeping out of the gaps.

2. Hold the vapor

Vaping is much like smoking a cigar - if you've tried them before.

man with vape

Holding the vapor in your mouth means that the vapor doesn't need to go directly into the lungs to create the desired effect. Hold the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds.

3. Wait until you feel the hit

Before you exhale, wait for the hit. It's important to then wait 15-30 seconds between that draw and the next one to help saturate the wick inside the device.

man with smoke

Otherwise, it can run the risk of a dry hit, which let us tell you - doesn't taste great.

Make sure to follow these steps in order to get the best experience out of the Elf bar. Not only will it help satisfy those nicotine cravings but it will also ensure you get the best delivery of e-liquid when it comes to flavor.

How long does an Elf Bar last?

For some Elf Bars they'll last around 300-600 puffs. For the BC5000 however, is one of the biggest vape disposable devices when it comes to puff count. How many puffs does this one offer? Up to 5,000!

As a disposable vape, the Elf bars are considered to be some of the best on the market and have become a solid favorite for both new and professional vape users.

The range of Elf bars certainly benefits all types of vape users, whether they were heavy smokers prior to vaping or they've just started exploring vapes for the first time.

Where can I buy an Elf Bar vape?

If a disposable vape such as the Elf bar, tickles your fancy, why not explore Smokybox's stock of delicious vape devices? Not only do we stock Elf bars but we also offer a variety of disposable vape options from big vape brands such as Fume and HQD.

To get the most out of this one-stop shop for all things vape, make sure to spend over $50, as orders placed over that amount by US residents get their delivery for free! We couldn't think of a better deal!

Try out the Elf Bars today and add this puff bar to the collection of disposable device options you may have already in your possession.


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What are the top Elf Bar flavors?

There are lots of Elf Bar flavors to choose from such as blue razz ice, lemon mint, cranberry grape, and kiwi passionfruit guava. These are just some of the top e-liquid flavors worth trying when vaping with this device for the first time.

How to charge an Elf Bar?

How do you charge an Elf bar? Charging an Elf bar is easy and requires a USB c charging cable. The built-in battery doesn't take long to charge. In fact, it can be recharged within a couple of hours.

Simply plug it into an outlet and the light should flash up. Once the light goes off, this means the battery is fully charged and now ready for use.

Why does my Elf Bar taste burnt?

The Elf bar can sometimes taste burnt. This may be the case when the coil is overheating or the wick in the device isn't saturated enough. Overheating of the coil happens when the coil itself gets too hot and the e-liquid vaporizes too quickly. That can cause a burnt taste to occur.