Elf Bar: How To Verify & Avoid Fakes

To verify an Elf Bar, it only takes a maximum of 5-10 seconds. The process for verification is a quick one and easy to understand for anyone who hasn't vaped before or used Elf bars in general.

With Elf bars being one of the most popular vape brands on the market, spotting the signs of a fake vape device is important to help avoid vaping any dangerous devices.


What is an Elf Bar?

An Elf Bar a disposable vape device that typically comes in a variety of sizes and flavors. Pre-filled and pre-charged, you'll be able to enjoy vaping straight away without the need to do anything to the device prior.

In this guide, you'll get an understanding of how to verify a Elf bar and the consequences that come with vaping a fake one. By the end, you'll know exactly what to look for in order to get genuine vape products from this enjoyable vape brand loved by many.

How to verify your Elf Bar?

To verify an Elf bar, you must do the following:

  1. Verify the code on the packing.
  2. Check the packaging for noticeable faults.
  3. Validate the device.

By doing this, you'll get peace of mind that the vape you're using is genuine and isn't going to cause you a great deal of harm like a fake Elf bar would. With fake disposable vapes being very common now on the market, consumers need to be even more vigilant than before when it comes to spotting fakes.

A fake Elf bar can become easier to spot, especially once you're familiar with what genuine Elf bar disposables should look like.

Verify the code

In order to make sure the Elf bar is real, it's important to verify the code.

verify vape code

The device's unique verification code can be inputted into the Elf bar website to confirm if it's genuine or fake.

Locate the code in the package

To locate the security code on the packaging, the Elf bar's code should be on the packaging and should be scratchable to reveal said code. This should be next to the anti-counterfeit holographic sticker.

Enter the code

Once located, enter this code on the site to check if it's a real Elf bar or not. This verification tool is something that most vape brands will have to keep their customers safe, whether they're new to vaping or not.

Elf Bar disposables will come with a security code that can be scanned with a mobile phone or tablet device. This QR code can be found on the side of the box and will give the user instant confirmation on whether it's a genuine Elf bar or if they're fake products.

Check the package

When it comes to counterfeit products, the packaging can offer tell-tale signs. From the holographic laser security thread missing or the QR code is non-existent.

vape fake packaging

All these little discrepancies when it comes to the packaging could mean that the Elf bar disposables you have in your collection, aren't genuine.

Validate the device 

Validating the device and making sure it has all the necessary features it should do, is essential. As mentioned, the device and its packaging should have all the necessary features from the holographic sticker on the packaging to the typical design and color of the Elf bars as shown in pictures.

vape packaging qr code

If you have any doubts that what you've bought isn't genuine, then it's worth ditching the product and buying from a reputable site like SmokyBox.

Consequences of fake Elf Bars

What consequences come from the use of fake Elf bars? Elf bar products that are genuine will not cause harm due to the strict guidelines that the manufacturers have to adhere to. Here are some of the dangers that come with using fake Elf bars.

Health effects

Vapes are a healthier alternative to smoking but the use of fake Elf bar products could cause more harm than any cigarette would. With counterfeit products, the makers of these products will not care about the industry standards and will likely create vape devices that are cheap to create.

Leading manufacturers will not do this and choosing to ignore vapes without their holographic sticker or lack of verification on the Elf bar website, could lead to some dangerous health effects as a result.

Excessive nicotine levels

A lack of attention to guidelines means these individuals or organizations are likely going to put in excessive nicotine levels - or not enough of it.

Excessive levels of nicotine could be fatal. With 50-60g being enough to kill a person, it's a risk that shouldn't be taken, no matter how cheap the device was.

Corrosive damage from batteries

Some manufacturers of fake vape bars will use dangerous batteries that are not suitable for the device itself. That can cause the vape device to overheat and can also cause some damage to the vape user's health. Not only that but it can also pose a fire risk.

Where can you buy an authentic Elf Bar?

Looking for authentic Elf bars? Look no further than the SmokyBox. There's no worry hear when it comes to counterfeit devices as we're an official distributor of many vape devices, including the Elf bar itself.

Enjoy a vape experience that doesn't involve a single counterfeit product in sight. We offer vape devices that are genuine and that vape users purchase directly. With a range of e-liquid flavors, you can explore the whole Elf bar range on our website.

Struggling with how to use an Elf bar? Don't worry, we offer plenty of helpful guides to ensure you get the best use out of all your vape devices too.

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Fake Elf Bars FAQs

What features does the Elf Bar have?

A fake Elf bar might have a number of features that aren't common with a typical vape device from this brand.

It should have a manual draw activation along with a built-in battery. Be sure to check that the device is the same size and looks as what they appear to be like on the Elf bar website too. Look for the QR code on the packaging for potential counterfeit devices.

How to charge an elf bar?

To charge an Elf bar successfully, you'll need to plug it in with a USB c cable and charge it for a few hours to get the battery fully charged and ready to use again. Make sure the light is on as that indicates a successful charge. Once it stops showing up, it's ready for use.

What do fake Elf Bars taste like?

What should fake Elf bars taste like? Well, they'll just have an odd flavor that's unlike any other vape devices you've tried. If it overheats easily, that's a good sign of a fake Elf bar device.