Elf Bar VS Geek Bar: Which One Is Better?

When it comes to comparison, which one is better, Elf Bar or the Geek Bar? The Geek Bar is described as having a deeper flavor profile in comparison to the Elf Bar and is more suited if the vape user prefers a tobacco or menthol-like taste. However, the Elf Bar does seem to offer more variety in flavors, particularly when it comes to fruity and sweet flavors.

Each vaping device has its own unique benefits and as disposable vape pens, both are an ideal choice for vape users who are looking for some of the best devices on the market.

Elf Bar Vs Geek Bar

In order to figure out whether the Elf Bars or Geek Bars reign supreme, let's dive into the differences that these devices have.

Feature differences

Comparing the features of these disposable vapes is something that can certainly be helpful when making a decision. As so many disposable vape pens are similar, it can be hard to determine which one is the most suitable.


Looking at them both in comparison, there's not much difference when it comes to the size of both the elf bar and geek bar.

The elf bar disposable vapes measure 13ocm, which is a reasonable size for a vape device. The geek bar comes in slightly smaller at 105cm tall and has a smooth-edged, rectangular shape.

With the elf bar, it has a more circular shape to it. There's nothing much to compare between the two as they both feel good in the hand.

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E-Liquid capacity

For e-liquid capacity, both the geek bars and elf bars offer plenty of juice. In fact, they offer the exact same capacity at 2ml, which is a good amount for those who are regular vape users.

Battery life

Battery life for disposable vape devices is important because if they don't perform well, the taste and usage of the device performance can be disappointing.

For the geek bar, users get a battery size of 500mAh and for the Elf bar, the battery life is 550mAh. As a result, there's not much difference, even though the Elf bar should last longer.

Number of puffs

Every puff counts when it comes to a disposable vape performance. When it comes to the geek bar, the geek bar boasts 575 puffs, while the elf bar disposables just creep ahead with 600 puffs.

However, just like the battery life, there's not a noticeable difference when it comes to puff count. The longer, more drawn-out drags you take, the quicker you use the puff count. However, when it comes to puff count, you want to vape properly by taking a long draw, then a short one.


As a disposable vape, you shouldn't expect the best quality when it comes to materials. However, both the geek bar and elf bars are structurally sound. The geek bar collection is a sleek build with a glossy plastic coating.

With the elf bar, you get a matte finish and the same sleek feel when holding the device.


When it comes to the geek bar vs elf bar, we have a lengthy review on the elf bar itself. For the design, they're somewhat similar in appearance with a few slight differences. The geek bar has a bigger mouthpiece, whereas the Elf bar is smaller.

The elf bar is skinner, which may be better for those who need a more slimline device to easily fit in their coat pocket or small handbag. Both are unobtrusive disposable vape pens though, so they're both ideal for vaping on the go.

Flavors comparison

One of the most important parts of a disposable vape is the vape juice. In the battle of geek bar vs elf bar, which one offers the best flavors?

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Top Elf Bar flavors

For elf bar flavors, you get over 30 to choose from. From electrifying sweet treats to fruity combinations, there are plenty of choices that all come with nic salts for smooth throat hits. Here are some of the top elf bar flavors that are worth trying:

  • Energy
  • Pineapple Coconut Ice
  • Rainbow Candy
  • Sweet Menthol
  • Strawberry Mango

Top Geek Bar flavors

If you're looking for something more tailored to the taste and smell of traditional cigarettes. Then the e-cigarettes from geek bars might be more suitable. Here are some of the top geek bar flavors to try out as a vape user:



Blackcurrant Menthol

Sour Apple

Sweet Strawberry

Performance differences

When it comes to geek bar vs elf bar in performance, both offer a great deal of vapor, which is important for those who love to mess around with vapor tricks. With these vapes, you get a vaping style that's easy for any type of vape user. The draw-activated devices are ready filled so there's no fuss needed to fill or refill them.

When it comes to geek bar vs elf bar, the performance of both are so similar that it's hard to even distinguish a slim margin of difference.

Conclusion: Which is better?

If we had to pick, the Elf bar very slightly pips the geek bar to the post when it comes to the better device. Any given vape device that you purchase, whether it's from Elf or Geek, is going to be worthwhile. They offer some great flavors and perform well, along with being affordable and easy to carry.

They offer the same e-liquid capacity and the same nicotine strength. The Elf bar does have a broad range of flavors that provide just that little bit more variety.

Where can you buy Elf Bar vapes?

If you're looking to buy Elf bar vapes, then look no further than The SmokyBox. The SmokyBox is an online shop that delivers delicious vape juice devices to those across the US and beyond.

Stocking a wide range of Elf bar flavors, you can also get your hands on devices from other brands including HQD and Juucy.

Get free delivery for US orders over $50 and try out as many of the Elf bar flavors as possible to get the best vaping experience possible.


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What is an Elf Bar vape?

An Elf bar vape is a disposable vape device that offers a powerful nicotine strength and e-juice flavor combination. A cigarette-like experience, it's one of the best brands when it comes to vaping for both newcomers and seasoned vapers.

What is a Geek Bar vape?

A geek bar vape is a disposable vape that offers a reasonable amount of puffs per device to last a couple of days depending on its usage. With some of the best flavors when it comes to savory and sweet, there's plenty to choose from.

How to charge an elf bar?

In order to charge an elf bar, you'll want to use a USB c cable which is often used to charge most mobile phones and tablets nowadays. To charge the elf bar, stick the charging cable in the device's port hole and wait for the light to stop flashing. It usually takes on average, between 1.5 hours to 2 hours for a full charge.