Elf Bar vs JUUL: Which One is Better?

The Elf Bar and JUUL are two very different devices. These puff bars offer both a disposable element to the vape and provide a unique feature as far as disposable e-cigarettes go. What's that we hear you say? Well, they're both rechargeable. Yes rechargeable disposables.

In the battle of these rechargeable e-cigarette products, which one comes out on top? In this review, we'll compare the range of Elf Bar devices available, along with the latest JUUL device available - the JUUL 2.

Elf Bar BC5000 and JUUL 2


Elf Bar BC5000 and JUUL 2

Which vape is better Elf Bar or JUUL?

Elf Bar is by far one of the better vape devices of the two. While JUUL 2 looks the part, it's a small device that doesn't provide much power or much puff range. Elf Bars are more powerful in their battery power and they also provide a lot more puffs at an affordable cost.

JUUL 2 is definitely worth trying if you're new to vaping as a beginner but Elf Bars are equally effective and more high-value in their features.

Elf Bar vs JUUL

If you've read either of our Elf Bar BC5000 review or Lost Mary Review, then you'll be well aware of the popularity that Elf Bar has in the vape market. Most of those who are smoking cigarettes will find themselves transitioning over to a vape device like the Elf Bars because they are easy to use and offer a range of interesting flavors.

The JUUL is a little different from the Elf Bar in that the device uses pods to carry the vape juice. That means that the main component of the device is one you recharge and reuse with additional flavor pods.

Of course, any electronic device will eventually stop working but it's a great option for those wanting more longevity in a disposable vape.

Elf Bar vs JUUL price

When buying a disposable device, you want it to be affordable and offer good value for money. The Elf Bars have a range of devices that vary in price. JUUL also has the cost of the vape pen itself but also the additional costs of the vape juice pods.



Elf Bar



£6.99 for the device/ £5.99 for a pack of two pods

Each of the JUUL pods delivers 200-300 puffs. Comparing prices, the Elf Bar BC5000 offers up to 5,000 puffs per device which is definitely a better choice for price vs puff count ratio.

Elf Bar vs JUUL features comparison

With the Elf Bar and JUUL 2 devices, there are a lot of great benefits to both. For comparison purposes in the below table, we've used the Elf Bar BB3500 which is one of Elf Bar's basic models in their range.


Elf Bar (BB3500)



34.0mm * 73.40mm  

97mm * 11mm * 7mm

E-Liquid capacity


0.7ml per pod

Nicotine strength  



Battery life  



Number of puffs

Up to 3,500 puffs

200-300 puffs


 PTCG Plastic

Aluminum shell and food-grade plastic


Circular vape pen

Slim vape pen style





  1. Size

The Elf Bar vape comes in different sizes depending on the device you go for. Most are easy to carry around with very little effort needed. With the JUUL 2, you've got a fairly smaller, compact device that's reminiscent of a USB stick. It's handy for those who want a device that somewhat mimics the feel of traditional cigarettes.

  1. E-Liquid capacity

For e-liquid capacity, you're getting a lot more value for money with the Elf Bars in general. E-liquid capacity varies from 10.5ml to 13.5ml across the range. With JUUL, you're only getting 0.7ml per pod, which isn't a lot in comparison. You'd end up spending a lot more money on these pods to reach the e-liquid capacity of even the smallest of Elf Bar devices.

  1. Nicotine strength

The difference in nicotine strength is a big one when comparing the devices together. Elf Bars deliver a standard 5% salt nicotine across all their devices which equates to 50mg per device.

The JUUL 2 is on the lower end, offering only 18mg/ml per pod. Again, value for money suggests that the Elf Bars are the preferred choice, despite JUUL being more affordable.

  1. Battery life

Both devices offer great benefits when it comes to their batteries. Despite most disposable devices that aren't rechargeable, both the Elf Bars and JUUL 2 are rechargeable devices. It's worth checking our popular guides on how to charge an Elf Bar BC5000 and how to charge an Elf Bar Lost Mary OS5000 if you decide to buy these models.

However, their battery life differs with Elf Bars having an average of 650mAh batteries and the JUUL 2 only offering 350mAH. This is important to note when it comes to performance - which we'll touch on further down.

  1. Number of puffs

If you're looking for a disposable vape with a large puff count, then the Elf Bars certainly provide a higher puff range than the JUUL pods. The JUUL pods only off between 200-300 puffs, meaning you'll be swapping out the pods quite regularly if you're a heavy user.

One of the largest Elf Bar devices, the BC5000 offers up to 5,000 puffs, making it a longer-lasting, cheaper option for vapers.

  1. Materials

Both devices are made out of high-quality food-grade materials. The JUUL 2 is slightly more sophisticated with its aluminum steel but this is more for creating a lightweight device. The Elf Bars are made out of PTCG plastic which is super sturdy and adds a bit of weight to the devices.

However, both are very easy to carry around in your back pocket or bag without it feeling heavy.

  1. Design

The JUUL 2 is a very slim and compact device that looks more like a USB rather than a vape pen. However, this slim design might be appropriate for those who want a subtle vaping experience.

With Elf Bars, you've got a range of sizing and design shapes that cater to a wider market of vape users. They're also the go-to for those who want to stop smoking completely.

  1. Rechargeable

Both the Elf Bars and JUUL 2 are on par with one another when it comes to their batteries being rechargeable. It's a cost-effective option in comparison to those vape devices that aren't rechargeable. It also guarantees you're getting every last drop of juice out.

Elf Bar vs JUUL flavors comparison

With the Elf Bar and JUUL flavors, you've some great flavor combinations. The best Elf Bar flavors certainly make this brand one of the best for variety. JUUL 2 pods do offer a range of flavors but they are limited. In comparison, Elf Bars have a much larger catalog of flavor mixes to offer.

Top Elf Bar flavors

  • Watermelon Ice
  • Blue Razz Ice
  • Cranberry Soda
  • Red Mojito
  • Lemon Sparkling Wine

Top JUUL flavors

  • Glacier Mint
  • Mango Nectar
  • Golden Tobacco
  • Alpine Berry
  • Menthol

Elf Bar vs JUUL performance

As we've mentioned above, the Elf Bars reign supreme when it comes to battery power, e-liquid capacity, and performance in general. With plenty of vape devices under the Elf Bar brand, you're likely to find a better option than the JUUL 2. The JUUL2 although effective for complete beginners to vaping is fairly basic when compared to the Elf Bars themselves.

If you've tried e-cigarettes before, even if briefly, then we recommend opting for the Elf Bar. The puff counts alone make Elf Bar more cost-efficient. With Elf Bars, you get between 3,500-5,000 puffs. You'll get 200-300 puffs with the JUUL 2 pods, totaling a maximum of 600 puffs for one pack of JUUL pods.

Where to buy Elf Bar disposable vapes online?

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Elf Bar vs JUUL FAQs

What is an Elf Bar?

The Elf Bar is a disposable device that mimics the smoking of traditional cigarettes. It's one of the best disposables on the market for e-cigarettes and is loved by many vapers in the community.

How to use an Elf Bar?

To use an Elf Bar, you'll simply need to remove it from its packaging and draw on the mouthpiece. It's draw-activated and comes pre-filled and pre-charged.

Once your Elf Bar begins to run out of battery life, charge it up with a USB C cable and reuse it until all juice has gone from the device.

Do Elf Bar and JUUL sells the same type of vapes?

Both the Elf Bar and JUUL are rechargeable devices. However, where they differ is the detachable pods that come with the JUUL. These pods contain the e-juice which means users can switch over the flavors, keeping the main part of the device. This is where the battery lives and can be recharged multiple times.