What Happened With Elf Bar?

If you hadn't already heard, Elf Bar recently found itself in a bit of a sticky situation. Elf Bar was smacked with a lawsuit and sued for trademark infringement. As this is a US legal issue, the name of Elf Bar will be changed to EBDESIGN yet will keep the Elf Bar name in the UK and other markets around the world.

While the brand will be named EBDESIGN in the US, the company may be able to keep the Elf Bar name, should the trademark infringement dispute lean in their favor. For now though, perhaps one of the best-selling vape products on the market will appear under a new name for many regular vape users of the Elf Bar brand.

At the time of writing this article, there doesn't seem to be any official update from the Elf Bar company itself on this trademark lawsuit or change of name.

Elf Bar trademark lawsuit

So where has this trademark lawsuit come from? What are the reasons why Elf Bar changed its name?

The parent company of Elf Bar - Shenzhen Miracle Technology Co. Ltd., is being sued by VPR Brands. It's this company, based in Florida, that is claiming to have the rights to the 'Elf' brand for vaping products within the US.

According to Global News Wire, there have been previous trademark and patent infringement lawsuits from VPR that have usually ended in settlements.

VPR is noted to have applied for a trademark on the name ELF back in 2017, categorizing it under electronic cigarette lighters, smokeless cigarette vaporizer pipes, and electronic cigarettes. This was then registered in 2018.

When it comes to Shenzhen's efforts to trademark the name, their US trademark application for the name ELFBAR was filed in December 2020 but doesn't appear to have gone any further due to a lack of trademark office communications from the filer.

However, there are successful registrations for both Chinese and UK trademarks of the name ELFBAR currently in place by Shenzhen Miracle Technology Co. Ltd. Most recently, VPR Brands applied for a trademark 'ELF' logo which still remains as a new application.

According to Elf Bar's North America PR Manager, Alex said Elf Bar would launch its new name in the United States as of March 2023. This was reported by 2Firsts at the TPE23, the first and largest B2B product convention trade show.

Elf Bar rebranded as EB Design

As a result of the trademark infringement, all of the Elf Bar product designs have had to be changed. If you're aware of the previous design for Elf Bar, you'll have seen that the design itself is emblazoned with the word 'Elf Bar'.

The design has been changed with the new EBDESIGN and the addition of the original brand logo.

To use an EB Design vape, there's no difference. You've still got the same satisfying flavor options, as well as the ease of use that many vape users love about these Elf Bar vapes.

The e-liquid tank sizes remain the same and you'll find all of the Elf Bar vape line exists within the new branding. Elf Bars may have lost the name in the US but there are still UK products and other markets worldwide that have the ELF Bar name still attached to the devices.

These e-cigarettes are likely to remain popular even with the subtle change of the brand name. Those devoted to the Elf Bar brand may not even notice the change as the color themes and shape of these devices remain the same.

Where to buy EB Design vapes?

If you're a big fan of the Elf Bar vape line and would still like to support Elf Bars under their new name of EB Designs, then you'll want to know where to get them.

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What happened with Elf Bar FAQs

Can I still buy an Elf Bar vape?

Yes, you can still buy the Elf Bar vapes worldwide. If you're based in the UK or anywhere else that sells Elf Bars beyond the US, then you will likely see no change to their appearance. However, for Elf Bar vapes in the US, you'll find that these nicotine e-cigarettes have changed their branding to EBDesign.

Are Elf Bar vapes banned?

No Elf Bar vapes haven't been banned from the market in the US. However, with the trademark lawsuit in place, it forbids the brand to sell these nicotine e-liquid products as 'Elf Bar' in the US. They now have to go by the name of EBDesign.