What Kind Of Charger Does An Elf Bar Use? + FAQs

What kind of charger does an Elf bar use? The Elf bar typically charges with the use of a USBC-C charging cable or an Elf bar charging dock.

Most people nowadays will have either but making sure to have the right one is important to charge it correctly and without causing any damage to the device.

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If you've never charged a vape device before, then you're in luck. We can help ensure the process is smooth and that the Elf bar charges successfully whether it's via an Elf bar charging dock or with a USBC-C charging cable.

In this guide, you'll learn all about how to charge an Elf bar so that every last drop of vape juice can be enjoyed. Be sure to check out our Elf bar review to know all about this vape device in particular.


Kinds of charger

When charging this vape device, it's important to have the right charging tools in place. The wrong type of power cord or charging dock could cause damage to the device, or to those charging devices in general.

USBC-C charging cable

The USBC-C charging cable is a universal charger that most people will have nowadays in order to charge their phones. This type of power cord is great to have and makes charging, rechargeable electronic cigarettes easier.

USBC-C charging cable

For a disposable vape in general, charging isn't recommended. However, the Elf Bar BC5000 is one of the few disposable vapes that are built for recharging. This helps ensure every last drop of vape juice is enjoyed by the user.

Charging dock

Another great option for charging these Elf bars is an Elf bar charging dock. This is a charging dock specifically made for Elf bar devices.

Elf bar charging dock

These are the typical features of an Elf bar charging dock, just so you manage to shop for the right one.

  • Power output 5v 0.5a
  • Power input 5v 0.4a
  • 400mah power bank
  • Micro USB and USB-C charging cable
  • Magnetic charging dock

These Elf bar charging docks are making it easier for those who own rechargeable electronic cigarettes from the Elf bar collection. It saves having to use the cables typically meant for charging a phone or tablet device.

How to charge an Elf Bar?

To charge an Elf bar successfully you'll need either the type C power cord or the Elf bar charging dock. This will help ensure you get a successful charge.

Once the device is ready for charging, i.e the blue light at the bottom has begun flashing. Plug the device into the selected power source. For the type C cable, just plug it into the device and into a power outlet.

For the Elf bar charging dock, place the device onto the magnetic plate and allow it to charge fully.

Does the Elf bar light up when charging? Yes, the light should show when charging and go off once it's completed its charge.

How long does it take to charge?

Typically an Elf bar will take around 1.5 hours to 2 hours to charge. How long an Elf bar takes to charge will often depend on how new or old the battery may be.

While this is a rechargeable device, it's important to note that once the e-liquid runs out, it'll be disposable like every other vape. It's likely, depending on the usage that you'll only need to recharge it a couple of times before the juice runs out.

If the device fails to charge, then this might be a manufacturing fault or a fault with the Elf bar charging dock or USB c charging cable. Make sure to check these both work before sending the vape back.

How long does an Elf Bar battery last?

When it comes to an Elf bar, the battery will typically last up to a fortnight but this often depends on usage as a vaper. If you're vaping two to three times a day for example, then the e-juice will likely run out by the end of the week. For those who vape less frequently, the battery should last longer and closer to that fortnight mark.

Taking long draws can be a lot better for the battery than taking too many short draws and potentially overheating the device. Not only does it cause damage to the battery but it can also cause you to experience a dry hit. When it comes to battery capacity, the Elf bar is known for its excellence in performance.

Where can you buy an Elf Bar vape?

Elf bars are extremely popular when it comes to disposable vapes and when it comes to buying from trusted and reputable sources, SmokyBox has you covered. Selling a range of disposable vape devices, Elf bar is one of many brands stocked on our site.

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Why won't my Elf Bar charge?

Is your Elf bar not charging? There might be a reason for that. It could be something as simple as the battery is dead and no longer chargeable. It could also be down to the Elf bar charging dock or cable used to charge the vape, being faulty.

There may also be a manufacturing fault with the vape device that requires exchanging.

Why does my Elf Bar taste burnt?

When it comes to the Elf bar tasting burnt, chances are, you could be puffing on the device too quickly which creates a dry hit. It may also be that the e-liquid itself has run out and that results in a dry hit too that tastes burnt.

How to verify an Elf Bar?

To verify an Elf bar, you'll need to scratch off the foil on the side of the packaging to reveal the device's SKU code. This can then be checked on the Elf bar's website to check if it's genuine or not.