Why Does Your Elf Bar Taste Burnt?

Got a foul taste when it comes to vaping? Chances are, there's an issue at play. An elf bar tastes burnt when the vape's wicking system is dry or malfunctioning.

What is happening when you taste a burnt taste in your mouth? For disposable vape devices, it's fairly common and understanding how it's caused can help to avoid this unpleasant experience on your taste buds.

What is an Elf bar? It's a disposable vape device that provides delicious flavors from over thirty different options. You can read more about the Elf bars in detail with this Elf bar review.

What is a burn hit?

Burnt hits are typically when the vape juice is no longer available and has run out. It therefore doesn't have enough for the wick to soak up and as the coils start to burn the wick, the vape user is just inhaling burnt cotton.

  • Burnt Hits vs. Dry Hits

A dry hit is a similar issue to the burnt hits, but it's not as abrasive when it comes to the inhalation. With burn hits, they tend to cause the vape user to cough and splutter.

Dry hit strikes when the wick has dried up a little bit but there's still enough on the wick to produce a bit of flavor and some form of vapor.

For refillable devices, the vape juice tank can be checked but with disposables, it's all one unit and therefore not really advised to pull apart. For disposable vapes anyway, the reason for a burnt or dry hit is that the vape juice has indeed run out.

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3 reasons why your Elf Bar tastes burnt

Why would your Elf bar taste burnt? When a puff bar tastes burnt, it could be down to a number of reasons. With that in mind, if you're asking the question, why does my elf bar taste burnt, then here's three reasons why.

  • The wicking system is dry or malfunctioning

The burnt taste may be due to the wicking system itself. This is typically what can cause a dry hit to happen if the wick is drier than usual.

Another problem can occur when the wicking system is malfunctioning. If the puff bar tastes burnt, then it's likely that the coil, which is the heating element, is reaching the wick properly or burning it successfully.

For this, it's best to replace the vape entirely to solve this issue.

  • Chain vaping

While chain smoking doesn't cause any problems to the cigarette, with chain vaping, it can impact the device.

The burnt taste can be caused by chain vaping or puffing multiple drags on the device in a short space of time. As a result, it burns the coils faster and causes a potential dry hit as a result.

  • Use of a wrong E-liquid

Not all vape devices are compatible with all vape juice options on the market. The puff bar taste shouldn't taste any different than the flavorful satisfaction of the vape flavor itself.

If the vape tastes any less flavorful or burnt, then the wrong type of e-liquid might be impacting the performance of the vape device. Make sure the right vape juice is being used.

Tips to fix your Elf Bar

If the Elf puff bar tastes burnt then it's good to try and fix the problem before simply disposing of the vaping device. Here are a few ways that a puff bar from Elf can be fixed.

  • Let the vape rest

First and foremost, give the vape a rest. The problem can occur through chain vaping or overusing the device and sending the heating element into overdrive.

In order to try and fix the issue, let the vape rest and come back to it later.

  • Turn your vape pod upside down

When it comes to the cotton wicking system, it might be that the vape juice isn't reaching the wick properly. With that in mind, it's useful to turn the vape pod upside down and leave it there to help the wick absorb more vape juice.

If the Elf puff bar tastes burnt still, then it's better to just get yourself a new Elf bar instead of trying to do anything further.

Why does an Elf Bar taste weird?

A scorching dry hit or burnt taste is not something you want to experience as a vape user. That's why it's important to know what's going on with the device itself.

The reasons why the Elf bar tastes weird, as mentioned above, can be due to a fault in the wick system but it may also be a problem with the heating part of the device.

The wrong vape juice or lack of vape juice can also cause the vape device to taste weird. When it comes to a puff bar, it's something that is to be expected on occasion and instead of throwing it straight out, it can help to try and fix the problem before giving up on it.

Where can you buy a new Elf Bar vape?

Looking to try out a new Elf bar vape? You can grab the puff bar from The SmokyBox. The SmokyBox offers a delicious range of e-liquid flavors from Elf bar, as well as other brands such as HQD and Fume.

There are a few reasons to shop with The SmokyBox. These include its affordability, free delivery for US orders over $50 and the wide catalog of flavors to choose from.

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Why is my Elf Bar so harsh?

Elf Bars contain a high nicotine content that may be a little too much for some vape users. Anyone that is trying to quit smoking is likely to find this device a good one but others aren't heavy smokers, may find this too much.

How many hits does an elf bar have?

Vape hits are a selling point when it comes to shopping for a vape device. How many hits does an Elf bar have? Depending on the model, an Elf bar typically has anywhere between 600 for the basic models and 5,000 for the larger disposable devices.

Does the Elf Bar light up when charging?

Yes, the Elf bar when charging, should have a light that only goes off once the puff bar has stopped charging and is ready for use on a full battery charge.