Why Elf Bar Changed Its Name to EB Design

As one of the most popular disposable brands produced on the vape market, Elf Bar has been slapped with a trademark infringement lawsuit. This means that in the US, the Elf Bar brand has been forced to change its name to EB Design.


If you've been a fan of the Elf Bar for a while, then you may be worried about what may happen as a result of this rebranding and how it's come about.

In this guide, we'll explain in more detail about the Elf Bar trademark lawsuit and what this means for Elf Bar in the future.

Why Elf Bar changed its name?

In order to explain how EB Design has come about, it's best to start at the beginning - a very good place to start.

The trademark infringement lawsuit has been made by VPR brands. According to VPR and trademark documentation, VPR applied for the trademarking of 'ELF' back in 2017. ElfBar's parent company Shenzhen Weiboli Technology Co Ltd applied for US trademarking of 'Elf Bar' in 2020.

However, this application for the US Elf Bar trademark appeared to be abandoned due to a lack of trademark office communications from the filer.

As a result of this, the trademark dispute means Elf Bar has to change their name from Elf Bar to EB Design. This also means that Elf Bar is forbidden to market their products as 'Elf Bar' and instead will need to market it with the new name EB Design.

Fortunately, there is a Chinese Elf Bar trademark and a UK trademark in place, meaning the Elf Bar name will remain the same in these markets and in other markets across the world.

The change in the name is likely confusing VPR's Elf customers, however, the design of the vape and the shape itself haven't changed. Elf Bar products remain the same in appearance, aside from the change of name - so some vape users may not even notice.

As you can see from the new branding above, not much has changed, other than the brand name and the addition of the company logo. When it comes to nicotine vaping products, the Elf Bar brand is probably one of the most recognizable and not simply for the brand name.

Will Elf Bar produce the same flavors and products after the name change?

Despite the name change and initial worries from customers regarding the brand's flavoring and product range, you'll be pleased to know the EBDesign brand will remain the same. The same flavors and vaping products are going to be available regardless.

That means the much-loved Elf Bar disposables will still provide the same high-quality performance and flavor intensity that you can expect.

You can find some of the best EB Design flavors in our helpful guide, should you be confused about the new Elf and ElfBar trademarks in place.

Are there any changes to Elf Bar's quality and design due to the name change?

When it comes to ElfBar products, the quality provided in the OG ElfBar branded products should remain the same. That means the same elements within these electronic cigarettes will be used in EBDesign branded products.

To use an EB Design vape, it's just the same as using the vape devices with the original Elf branding. There may be some slight differences in the packaging boxes but everything else is fairly similar. The shapes of the vape products won't change and neither will the noticeable color themes used for all products within the ElfBar brand.

Will the name change affect Elf Bar's availability and distribution?

You may find that a lot of the old Elf Bar branding is removed from the shelves and online already in the US. This may cause a few delays in the availability and distribution of the newly designed Elf Bars. However, since the trademark ban came into action back in March 2023, you'll likely find it easy enough to buy the EBDesign products.

Due to the popularity of this brand, there may be an increase in fake Elf Bars. Like other disposable brands and vape brands in general, fake vapes are common on the market.

To verify the authenticity of EB Design bars, you'll want to use the Q.R codes to check if they're genuine. If they aren't, then you can report these counterfeit products to the company directly.

Be cautious when it comes to buying the newly designed Elf Bars and only buy from legitimate retailers whether that's online or in-store.

Where to buy EB Design vapes?

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Why Elf Bar changed its name FAQs

Is it illegal to buy an Elf Bar vape?

For most places in the world that allow Elf sales and distribution, it's not illegal to buy these vapes. Of course, there may be some OG Elf Bar branded vape devices still in circulation but you're not going to get into trouble if one ends up in your hands.

It's always worth checking in your country or through your local governing body on what is allowed when it comes to vaping products.

When did Elf Bar change its name?

Elf Bar officially changed its name to EB Design in March 2023. As the trademark dispute is still ongoing at the time of writing, the company may be able to keep Elf Bar as the company name going forward. However, they can no longer use the Elf Bar trademark for marketing purposes - which means putting it on their products.