My Elf Bar Won't Charge: How To Fix It?

Having trouble with your Elf Bar not charging? If an Elf Bar wont charge, then here are six ways to help check what might be wrong.

  1. Verify the source of the problem.
  2. Try an external battery charger.
  3. Clean your vape.
  4. Adjust the connection plate.
  5. Check the wires.
  6. Replace your vape.

4 Reasons why your Elf Bar won't charge

In order to check that the Elf Bar is charging correctly, it's good to troubleshoot any common problems that may be preventing it from charging successfully.

1. The inside of the vape is dirty

Often enough, there can be a build-up of dirt and debris that collects in the device. If that's the case, then it can cause the charging vape to cease charging. Whether that's dust within the port to dirt in the mouthpiece that's moved into the internal parts of the device, disposable vape pens can get dirty.

2. It ran out of puffs

Chances are if the elf bar doesn't charge, then chances are, it's running out of puffs. That means it's empty and there's no e-liquid left to heat up and burn through the coils. Despite these being rechargeable vape pens, once they've run out of juice, they can't be refilled.

3. The power source or charger is not working

For disposable vape users, having a rechargeable vape device is useful. However, with the rechargeable disposable vape lines that Elf Bar has produced, they may still refuse to charge.

The reason for this might be that the power source isn't working properly or the charging cable input placement is faulty. If that's the case, try plugging it into another outlet and replacing the charging cable. See if this helps it to charge properly.

4. Defective vape

A defective vape can happen with any device or electronic product. It often comes down to a manufacturing defect but it can also happen in transit or once the vape is in your possession.

For example, exposing it to too much direct sunlight or dropping it in water, can often lead to a defective vape.

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6 ways to fix your Elf Bar that won't charge

For an outstanding disposable vape device, even the Elf bar can run into trouble charging! Is it possible to fix an Elf bar disposable vape? Depending on the problem, yes, but it may also lead to the disposal of the vape.

1. Verify the source of the problem

Firstly, you'll want to identify the source of the problem. What is it that might be causing an issue? Is it the device itself? What about the standard micro USB charger you're using to charge the device? The power supply may not be working either. Find the source of the problem first.

2. Try an external battery charger

If the device isn't charging, then it may be worth trying external battery chargers. They're not specifically made for vape devices but they can decipher whether or not it's a battery issue or not.

3. Clean your vape

Keeping your vape devices clean is essential in order to keep them working properly. Even though these devices aren't refillable, a large disposable vape like this one can get dirty. It's therefore important that you're keeping both the vape's internal components and external parts clean from dirt.

4. Adjust the connection plate

Often enough, the problem when it comes to rechargeable elf bar vapes, is that there's a problem with the connection plate. It might be that it needs adjusting in order to connect the USB C charging cable to the battery. A vape's batteries can sometimes run into issues when it's not connecting properly with the connection plate.

5. Check the wires

When it comes to the wires, you should check that the positive and negative terminals are hooked up properly to the wires. Sometimes, they can get disconnected and a disconnected wire means it stops the device from working properly.

6. Replace your vape

In the event that the vape doesn't work with all the troubleshooting tips above, the only thing left to do is to replace the vape itself.

Most vape shops will return a vape that has ceased working if it turns out to be defective. However, if you've used it for so long and then it's become broken, it's best to just replace it with a new one.

There are plenty of disposable pods and vape pens that are out there to try anyway. Why not try something new instead? Check out our Elf Bar review for a further in-depth look into this device.

Where can you buy an Elf Bar vape?

The disposable vape industry is booming right now and when it comes to a prefilled vape juice device, there are plenty of brands to choose from. If you're looking for an Elf bar vape, then you'll want to shop via The SmokyBox. The SmokyBox stocks a variety of flavored vape juice devices from a number of brands.

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From HQD to Flum and Elf Bar, these disposable vapes are a great choice for those who want something fuss-free and reliable. It's important to note that disposable vapes don't come with removable batteries. However, with the Elf Bar, it offers the unique benefit of being a disposable that you can recharge.

Shop the range of Elf bar flavors on the site and get free US delivery for orders placed over the value of $50. Make sure you're over the legal smoking age though in order to enjoy these devices.


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What is an Elf Bar?

What is an elf bar? An Elf bar is a disposable vape pen. These vape-specific devices are also rechargeable and come in a variety of flavor options - over 30 to be specific

How many hits does an Elf Bar have?

An Elf Bar device delivers 5,000 puffs with each device. For a device so affordable, it's a steal to get this many hits in one device alone.

How long does an Elf Bar take to charge?

The Elf bar will typically take 1.5 hours to 2 hours to charge on average. This is often down to the quality of the battery and how many times it's charged throughout the use of the device.