How To Recharge A Flum Float: Does It Really Work?

In order to charge a flum float disposable vape, you'll need a variety of supplies including a flathead screwdriver, an old Bluetooth speaker, and tweezers. You'll need to open the vape device to expose the wires required to link up to the speaker's circuit board in order to charge it successfully.
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Flum float devices are disposable vapes and whilst it's not something you'd typically recharge, it can still be done. This guide doesn't encourage recharging flum floats as it's much better and less hassle to just bin your old one and buy a new disposable device.

However, if you're going to attempt to recharge a flum float, it's important to know what you'll need in order to do it safely and without compromising the device or causing damage to the tools you'll use to recharge the pen. Does recharging a flum float really work? Continue reading to find out!

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Is it possible to recharge a flum float vape?

It is possible to recharge a flum float disposable device. Do customers of the flum float disposables recharge their devices? Yes, some do. The reasons for this are likely to be in order to get as much vape juice out of the device as possible.

Once a vape device starts to run out of battery, you'll find that the vapor production decreases but not necessarily the vape juice. However, the amount of vape juice available at that point is unlikely going to be worth the effort of recharging.

However, as we've mentioned in the beginning, if you're going to recharge a flum float disposable vape, then you'll want to do it with safety in mind. Below, you'll find all you'll need in supplies and helpful steps to successfully recharge the flum float vape device.

How to recharge a flum float disposable vape?

So how do you recharge a disposable vape? In order to do it successfully, there are a number of supplies you'll need to do it properly. This includes; a small flathead screwdriver, a pair of tweezers and an old Bluetooth speaker that you no longer require. You'll need to take apart the speaker in order to pull out the circuit board.

The battery will need to be removed to reveal two hanging wires that can then be used to charge the disposable flum float device.

  1. Firstly, check that the flum float disposable vape bottom and you'll likely see a tiny gap at the base of the device. By using your flathead screwdriver, you'll be able to gently bring the cover off and out of the device. The battery and tank that are encased just above this base will then be revealed.
  2. Next up, you'll want to tug out the battery and tank just enough that it exposes the sensor and wires. This is the bit you'll need to remember when reassembling everything back together. Unless you have a photographic memory, we suggest you take a photo of it before you start taking it apart. You'll need to put them back in the right place to ensure it works again properly.
  3. Remove the tape that holds the wires together and then connect them to the terminals found on the speaker's circuit board. Make sure you connect the colored wires correctly, otherwise you might damage the flum float disposable vape device completely.
  4. Attach tape to keep the wires in place whilst your device is charging. It's recommended to keep it on charge for around five to seven minutes depending on the battery's charge.
  5. Once the time has surpassed, try taking a hit to see if the clouds are dense enough. If you find the clouds aren't dense enough, then you'll want to charge it up further for another seven to ten minutes.

It's important to be aware that you could run out of e-juice before the battery runs out. If that's the case, then there's really no point in trying to charge up the battery because there's no nicotine or flavoring left!

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Is it worth it to recharge a flum float vape?

When it comes to a flum float disposable, there's a lot of effort required in order to recharge the flum float effectively. You may even find that you go to the effort of trying to recharge it and find that it's not worked properly and you're still left with a dead device.

We'd recommend a more beneficial option which is to simply buy a new one. You can easily get your hands on a new flum float strawberry mango disposable without having to go to the effort of recharging the device and getting one or two more puffs out of the pen.

With 3000 puffs per device, it's much more time-efficient and stress-free to buy a new disposable vape. Some users even try to replace their disposable vape e-juice which can lead to messy refills!

Where can you buy a new flum float vape?

Are you looking for a new disposable device to try? The Flum float is an excellent vape brand that offers a mammoth 3,000 puffs per device and plenty of flavor combinations to choose from. The SmokyBox is a great online shop for all things Flum floats and also offers a range of other brand options that offer disposable devices.

The SmokyBox has plenty of e-liquid options to pick from so that it can satisfy everyone's tastebuds, whether you want something more savory or sweet. With free US shipping for orders over $50, it's certainly worth shopping online and getting yourself a great selection of disposable e liquid vapes.


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Flum Float FAQs

Can you recharge a Flum float?

Whilst it's not recommended that you recharge any disposable devices, you can still recharge Flum float disposable devices. For this, you'll need a number of supplies; a flathead screwdriver, tweezers, and an old Bluetooth speaker. This doesn't guarantee the disposable vapes are going to work so it can be hit and miss.

How long does a Flum float battery last?

How long do disposable vape pens last? The battery will usually last as long as the e-liquid does in most cases. You may find though that it sometimes falls short of 3,000 puffs, depending on the performance of the individual battery itself. It's good to check the disposable device specifications to know whether it's possible or not.