The Best Fume Vape To Buy In 2023

There are many Fume vape devices and flavor combinations that are worth trying in 2023. A few suggestions would be the Lush ICE Infinity, Strawberry Extra, Blue Razz Ultra, and the Pina Colada Extra.


Fume is considered one of the best disposable vape brands on the market and in 2023, there are a variety of devices from this range that are worth trying.

There are three Fume vape devices, the Extra, Ultra, and Infinity. Each has its own advantages and a range of flavors to choose from. To help you shop, we've put together some of the best fume vape devices to buy this year.

1- Lush ICE – Fume Infinity disposable vape

The Lush ICE is one of Fume's most popular flavors as it provides a sweet and bold flavor of watermelon that has an icy finish similar to the menthol cigarettes that used to be available to purchase.

With the Fume Infinity device, you get up to 3,500 puffs of this summer-inspired flavor.

Lush ICE is perfect for this time of year when the sun is shining and many vape users are getting out and socializing with fellow vapers.

You can buy the Lush ICE for just $23.95.


2- Melon ICE – Fume Ultra disposable vape

For Ultra disposable vape flavors, the Melon ICE seems to be a firm favorite for this time of year. A juicy and flavorsome melon flavor is combined with the icy mint flavoring that you feel as it hits your throat. A sweet and delightful combination that you will never get enough of.

With the Fume Ultra, you get up to 2,500 puffs which is a great amount for the average vape user. The Fume Ultra also has a great 1,000mAh battery for quality performance from start to finish.

You can buy the Melon ICE for just $19.95.


3- Strawberry – Fume Extra disposable vape

Fume's sleek and pocket-friendly vape device, the Fume Extra is often the go-to choice for anyone needing a quick introduction to the vape brand. With the Strawberry Fume Extra, it's a simple but delicious and juicy flavor.

You get up to 1,500 puffs with the Fume Extra from its 6ml capacity for e-liquid. With each hit, you get the summer flavors of a strawberry, which for new vape users is the perfect choice to start off their vaping journey.

The Fume Extra is perfect for travel and is one of the best disposable vapes for its design and simple-to-use functionality.

You can buy the Strawberry for $15.95.


4- Blue Razz – Fume Ultra disposable vape

While many new vape users will tend to go for something fairly simple in flavor combinations like Strawberry Banana or Melon ICE, there are more unique flavors like Blue Razz.

The Blue Razz Fume Ultra is a tangy blue raspberry flavoring that's both fruity and tarty all at the same time!

Get up to 2,500 puffs with the Blue Razz which has an 8ml e-liquid capacity packed into this sleek device. Despite having an extra 1,000 puffs in the device, it's not that different from the sizing of the Fume Extra.

You can buy the Blue Razz for $19.95.


5- Pina Colada - Fume Extra disposable vape

The Pina Colada is a flavoring used by many vape brands and for 2023, vape users are looking for flavors that are more complex than just the average ones you can get with most vape brands.

This refreshing menthol Pina Colada is a creamy, coconut combined with zingy pineapple chunks. When it comes to disposable vapes, this one certainly impresses the masses.

With 1,500 puffs in the device, it's a short and sweet option for those looking for an occasional vape device.

You can buy the Pina Colada for $15.95.


6- Banana ICE - Fume Infinity disposable vape

Banana flavorings in disposable vapes hit differently and for most, you can't get enough of this simple but delicious flavor. The Banana ICE elevates the sweet Banana with a cool and minty finish.

Up to 3,500 puffs are offered in this device, which contains a 12ml e-liquid capacity.

A slightly bulkier design but has a perfect grip for anyone who wants to vape out and about.

You can buy Banana Ice for $23.95.


Top 5 flavors of fume vapes

There are plenty of other flavors that are worth a notable mention with Fume vape devices. Here are the top five flavors that are most popular overall when it comes to Fume vapes.

1- Tropical Fruit – Fume Extra is a mellow and sweet flavor

Tropical Fruit offers a delicious concoction of watermelon, coconut, mixed berries, pineapple, mango, and guava. A tropical bunch that'll whisk you away to somewhere tropical!

2- Grape – Fume Extra disposable flavors

Grape is a classic flavor for most vape users and one that delivers a great flavor combination. If you like juicy flavors, then the humble grape will satisfy any fruity cravings.

3- Double Apple – Fume Extra

Double Apple presents a sharp and juicy flavor that is as addictive as the addictive chemical that is nicotine! You'll get plenty of puffs out of this one with Fume Extra's Double Apple flavor.

4- Tangerine ICE – Fume Ultra

If you're a fan of the tangerine, then you'll love this flavor combination. The tangy and tart tangerine is finished with a fresh minty hit for a satisfying puff every single time.

5- Strawberry Banana –Fume Infinity

Finally, the good ol-fashioned Strawberry Banana is a go-to for many vape users. The creamy banana teamed with the super sweet strawberry is a must-have in your collection of vape juices.


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Is fume the best vape?

Fume is a great vape brand that is worth a try, especially for disposable vapes. The variety in flavors and puff count is good value for money.

Are fume vapes any good?

Yes, Fume vapes are great for their flavor options as well as the sizes available from Fume Extra, Ultra, and Infinity.

How many hits is a fume vape?

There are 1,500 puffs in a Fume Extra, 2,500 in a Fume Ultra and up to 3,500 with a Fume Infinity.