How To Identify Fume Vape Real Vs Fake?

There are a number of ways to identify a fake Fume vape device. Check for an SKU code and scratch-off sticker on the packaging. Newer Fume products will have a holographic security thread on the back of the packaging too. The device should have a blue light that lights up from the bottom and a QRJOY logo on the front of the device too.

It's unfortunate but there are vape devices out there that aren't the real deal. While with some fake products, you can get away without them causing any harm to anyone, fake vapes could potentially be dangerous if you're not shopping from official stores.


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In this guide, we'll look at how you can easily identify a fake fume as opposed to a real one so that you don't get caught out when shopping for vapes online or in stores.

5 ways to identify when a fume vape is authentic or fake

There are five easy ways to identify when a vape is authentic or if it's fake. This will be helpful when shopping for vape devices in the future, particularly when it comes to Fume vapes.

1- Check the unique SKU code of the fume package

The first thing you can do to check the authenticity of the vape is to check the unique SKU code that's put on the packaging of the Fume itself. This is something you can check on the Fume Vapors site via their authentication page.

Simply enter in the authentication codes to see if these are genuine Fumes or not. Every Fume will have this SKU code, whether that's a Fume Ultra, Infinity, or Extra.

2- If it doesn't have a scratch-off sticker on the back of the fume package, the device is fake

With a Fume disposable vape, you should have a scratch-off sticker on the back of the fume package which will reveal the authentic Fume Extras code. If it doesn't have one of these on the back, then you can guarantee that the vape in front of you is fake.

A lack of the sticker is a major red flag as it's therefore unlikely to feature an SKU code either.

Disposable vape verification of authenticity

3- If you take a puff and don't see a blue light-activated on the bottom, it's most probably a fake one

It's important to pay close attention when you use the device because taking a puff should typically see a blue light, activated on the device. This is located on the bottom of the vape pen and if it doesn't appear, then it's most likely to be fake.

Be sure to check this before you start using the device regularly as you don't want to be inhaling any of the liquid that's in there, especially when it's fake. However, it's worth noting that the device is faulty or lost its charge and therefore no longer lighting up.

4- Must have a QRJOY logo under the Fume logo

All Fume devices will have a distinctive design on the front of the pens or devices themselves. In the case of the Fume, a QRJOY logo should be found under the Fume logo itself. This is something that would indicate a fake device if it's lacking this logo.

It's a fairly clear logo too so you'd certainly notice it was missing if you knew to look for it.

Fume Infinity Cotton Candy with QRJOY logo

5- The new one is holographic security thread, color orange-yellow with reddish maroon writing

One of the most recent additions to the Fume devices and therefore might not be on all packaging currently as it's being distributed is the holographic security thread. This security thread should have an orangey-yellow color with reddish maroon writing.

As the new lines of Fumes are distributed, this will become a common tell-tale sign as to whether you're purchasing Fume vapes that are genuine or not.

Fume Official sticker check | Disposable vape

How look a real disposable fume vape device?

When shopping for a real disposable vape from Fume, it's important to take note of all the suggestions above. Make sure the vape's packaging has both the scratch-off sticker and SKU code so you can check that authentication code through the official Fume site.

You'll see below exactly what the product and packaging should look like. Anything that doesn't resemble these authentic vapes, is likely to be a fake one.

It's always good to be aware of where you're shopping for these Fume vapes, especially when you are shopping online through unofficial channels and in-store where the shop itself might not be a legitimate supplier/distributer of the Fume vapes.

Fume infinity double apple display box

Where can you buy an authentic fume vape?

Whether you're looking to purchase the Fume Extra or Fume Ultra, you want to ensure you buy a Fume official vape device. With that said, the best place to buy an authentic Fume vape pen is by shopping on The SmokyBox. The SmokyBox is an online store that's popular for providing authentic vape devices from a number of vape brands.

For disposable vape devices that vary in size and flavors, you can find everything you need to vape whether it's as a beginner or a seasoned professional. With The SmokyBox, you get free US shipping for deliveries over $50, so it's worth taking advantage of the discounts and benefits on offer!


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Fume products FAQs

Are there fake Fume vapes?

Yes, there are plenty of fake Fume vapes on the market, just like there are with any vape brand. There will always be someone out there who is looking to take advantage of someone's vulnerability when purchasing online or offline for that matter. Always follow the tips above to avoid purchasing something that could potentially contain harmful ingredients.

Is Fume a real vape brand?

Yes, Fume is a real vape brand that has been around for some time and is created by a manufacturing company called BFL Metal Production Ltd. You can trust this brand for authentic electronic cigarettes.

How do you check a Fume vape?

Check a Fume vape is legitimate by assessing its packaging first for the SKU code and scratch-off sticker and then the QRJOY logos that should be displayed on the devices themselves. For newer products, the holographic security thread should be displayed on the packaging too.