How Much is a Fume Vape?

Fume vapes are popular for many reasons. From the flavor options to the model types available, when you buy a Fume vape, you're getting quality with every device.

How much can a Fume vape set you back? For new vapers and those looking to explore a new brand, Fume is a fairly affordable option, considering the device details.

In this guide, we'll explore how much Fume vapes cost and what features you can expect from Fume disposable vapes. There are a number of models available, so knowing the differences between them all is important too.

Fume Vapes


Fume Vapes

Fume vapes features

What makes the Fume vapes unique? Fume disposable vapes are pre-filled and pre-charged devices that are designed to be easy to use, ideally for those who are beginners to vaping.

While they have smaller models, they also compete with other brands by offering larger-capacity devices. Just take a look at the Fume Ultra and Extra in comparison to the Fume Recharge or Unlimited.

If you're looking for a versatile brand, then Fume disposable vapes offer a wide variety of options to choose from.

Number of puffs

With Fume vapes, to get more puffs out of your Fume vape, you want to puff on the device in short bursts of 2-3 seconds. Dragging it out too much or puffing too quickly, will burn through your puff count and battery quicker.

The puffs available per device vary depending on the device, whether that's a Fume Infinity vs Ultra for example. Here's what each device offers in puff count:

  • Fume Mini - 1,000 puffs
  • Fume Extra - 1,500 puffs
  • Fume Ultra - 2,500 puffs
  • Fume Infinity - 3,500 puffs
  • Fume Recharge - 5,000 puffs
  • Fume Unlimited - 7,000 puffs

As you can see, the bigger the device, the more puffs you get. With Fume vape, the brand offers a range of disposable vape device options that suit anyone from newcomers to experienced vapers.

Nicotine strength

What about nicotine strength? That's an important one for many vapers, especially for those who've transitioned from traditional cigarette smokers to vaping. With these disposable vapes, you get 5% nicotine salts which offer both a smooth and intense flavor.

For those who are heavier smokers, you may find more advanced vape devices are more suited for you because many can have nicotine salts added. These are pre-filled so they're a lot easier and simple to manage.

Prefilled capacity

Talking of these disposable vapes being pre-filled, how much can you expect to find in each device? The volume of e-liquid is important because it helps ensure you get every last bit of juice out of the device. The larger the puff count of the device, the more vape juice is likely to be in the device itself.

With Fume vapes, you get anywhere from 3ml to 14ml. That's a good range when it comes to disposables.

Battery capacity

Battery life is an important one because it's responsible for powering the device and activating those Fume vape flavors. With a low battery capacity, you're likely going to have an underperforming vape device. A disposable vape should have ample battery power to get you from the first puff to the last without compromising on flavor.

With Fume disposable device vapes, you've got a great variety in battery capacity and in comparison to other brands, they're a lot larger than average.

Charging port

One of the benefits of choosing a Fume vape is the charging port on both the Fume Recharge and Unlimited models. Both are rechargeable which makes sense when it comes to getting the most out of the vape flavors available.

If you're looking for more value for money, then these two are often considered the best fume vape options.

Prices of Fume vapes

The prices of Fume vapes vary from $7.95 to $23.95 depending on the model you pick. You've got an abundance of options to choose from whether that's the smallest of the vape models, the Fume Mini, to one of the largest, the Fume Recharge.

To get a good idea of what each vape model costs, here are the costs for all the Fume vape models.

Fume Model


Fume Mini


Fume Extra


Fume Ultra


Fume Infinity


Fume Recharge


Fume Unlimited


Top Fume flavors

If you're looking to maximize your experience of Fume Vape flavors, then you'll definitely want to know which ones come out on top. Below, you'll find some of the top Fume flavors. You've still got a lot of these flavors available in the Fume Extra and Fume Unlimited options. For a pocket-friendly size, it's worth checking out the Fume Mini range too.

Here are some of the top Fume flavors worth trying if you're new to this type of vape brand.

Mint Ice Fume Infinity


Mint Ice Fume Infinity

Cuban Tobacco Fume Infinity


Cuban Tobacco Fume Infinity

Mint Ice Fume Ultra


Mint Ice Fume Ultra


Coffee Tobacco Fume Infinity


Coffee Tobacco Fume Infinity

Lush Ice Fume Extra


Lush Ice Fume Extra

Our Fume selection

Where to buy Fume vapes online?

If you're looking for a great performing vape device, then you'll want to try out Fume vapes. Consisting of a variety of fruit flavors and savory options, you get a lot of choices in these vapes. Not to mention the variety in models and sizes.

While the vape market is growing considerably, there are still plenty of fake vapes out there, so it's worth knowing how to verify your Fume vape to ensure it's legitimate. To avoid buying fake vapes, you want to buy from reputable and legitimate vape shops online. With The SmokyBox, you get high-quality, official vapes from the Fume brand, amongst many others.

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How Much is a Fume Vape FAQs

Are there any discounts for Fume vapes?

Here at The SmokyBox, we often provide a variety of discounts on the Fume vapes, so make sure to take a look at our range available on the site for the latest discounts available.

What is the price of a Fume vape?

The price of a Fume vape will range anywhere from $7.95 to $23.95 depending on the vape model you choose.