How To Verify Your Fume Vape? 5 Steps To Verify Them

Fume has become one of the biggest and top-selling vape brands on the market. Their selection of disposable vape pens is unmatched when it comes to flavors and sizing options.

However, what has come with that is an alarming increase in fake vapes. Even Fume, a big company isn't immune from individuals out there, copying the vape in order to sell it to consumers.

As consumers, it's important to know the dangers that come with these counterfeit vapes and there are some helpful tips for spotting a real vs fake Fume vape.

In this guide, you'll understand what Fume disposables are, how to know you've got an authentic product and how to verify the Fume vape is genuine. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you'll become a ninja at spotting a fake one and not compromising on any future vaping experiences.

Fume disposable vapes

Fume disposable vapes have been around for a while now and it's the hard work of BFL Metal Production Ltd that has made Fume possible.

These disposable vapes are great for anyone that's looking to vape for the first time as a beginner or willing to try a new vape brand out. They are pre-filled and pre-charged devices, making them easy to use and dispose of once empty.

Fume comes in three sizes. These are Fume Extra, Ultra, and Infinity. Fume Extra is the most basic option, offering up to 1,500 puffs per device. The Ultra offers 2,500 and the Infinity is the largest with a capacity of up to 3,500 puffs!

How to know if your Fume vape is authentic?

How can you tell if a Fume vape is authentic or not? An original and authentic product is going to have some distinguishing factors that separate it a part from any counterfeits. Here are some tips on how to tell that the Fume products you buy are genuine.

1. Verify the code in the package

If you're looking at how to verify fume vape devices, then the code in the packaging is where you'll need to look. All genuine fume vapes will have an SKU code on the Fume packaging itself. This code can be checked on their website.

vape bar code

It'll become apparent if you have a genuine Fume product from the results of searching this SKU code in their system.

If the SKU code doesn't work, then it's best to chuck it out. If the unique SKU code isn't showing up on their system, it's most likely going to be a fake.

2. Vape taste

For those who have vaped Fumes before or have tried an e-cig already, it's easy to spot the familiar taste of a vape pen, regardless of brand or flavor. When it comes to purchasing Fume vapes, it's important to pay close attention to how it tastes.

man vaping

If it has an odd taste or it's overheating, then chances are it's a fake disposable vape. Avoid vaping any more of it if you're unsure.

3. Design and imprinting

While counterfeit products can be hard to spot, they fail to provide that genuine look and feel of a vape product and the Fume package used.

fume official sticker check

Take a look at the Fume logo, does it look different? Check the holographic security thread exists on the back. If possible, purchase a Fume Extra or any from the range for comparison purposes.

There will be some flaws in the design and imprinting if it's a fake.

4. Check the color of the light of the device

When it comes to colors of the vape device, there is often a blue light shaped in the form of a flower that activates at the bottom of the device. This activates when it's been hit. If it's any other color, then chances are, it might be a fake.

vape blue light battery low

A blinking blue light will mean that the battery is running out. Once this blue light starts flashing, it's time to make another vape purchase.

What does an authentic Fume vape look like?

When it comes to Fume vapes, it's important to know the difference between an authentic one and one that isn't. When it comes to a disposable vape pen, being aware of potentially counterfeit products is important.

To verify it's a real Fume vape, remove or scratch off sticker from the Fume package. This will reveal the code needed to enter on Fume's official website. These codes will be on all three, the Fume Extra, the Fume Ultra, and the Infinity.

Check for the light on the Fume vapes and that it's blue, as mentioned above. Inspect the disposable vape for any design flaws and look at the authenticity of the packaging.

Real Fume vapes are easy enough to spot but to be extra safe, make sure to get them from reputable distributors. There are many distributors out there that are genuine in providing Fume vapes.

Where can you get Fume products?

How do you get your hands on genuine Fume products? You shop with SmokyBox of course! We love to toot our own trumpet when it comes to providing authenticity to our customers. SmokyBox is a fantastic online shop for vape users old and new to purchase vape products at competitive prices.

Whether you want to try the Fume Ultra, the Fume Extra, or any other disposable vape pen, we have plenty on offer. Why not explore our online store today and see what treasures you find?

We also offer free US delivery on orders over $50. What a good excuse to buy an abundance of disposable vapes, right?

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Can you recharge a Fume vape?

Fume vapes are a disposable vape, meaning they're not meant to be charged. While some do, we advise not going through the hassle or risks of damaging the vape or the charging tools used and simply buying a new disposable vape instead.

How can I fix my Fume vape?

When it comes to fixing a Fume vape, there may be a number of problems. The battery might be dead, meaning it's run out of juice most likely. For others, it could be that the mouthpiece has become dirty and needs cleaning.

If it looks to be a manufacturing fault, then it's best to return it for a new one.

What is the best Fume vape?

For beginners, the Fume Extra tends, to be the go-to. For anyone who is a regular vape user, the Fume Ultra or Fume Infinity are the better ones.

All come with a range of flavor options that you can explore on our site. We also have a great article on the best fume vapes to try.