Best HQD Disposable Vape: Top Flavors And Prices

The best HQD disposable vape to buy is the HQD Cuvie Plus. It's a middle ground when looking for a disposable vape device. With around 1,200 puffs and over 50 flavors to choose from, there are plenty of choices to suit every tastebud!


The best HQD disposable vape to buy is the HQD Cuvie Plus. It's a middle ground when looking for a disposable vape device. With around 1,200 puffs and over 50 flavors to choose from, there are plenty of choices to suit every tastebud!

The HQD brand is a well-known one for vapes and as such, they have a range of models to choose from when it comes to trying them for the first time.

If you've not had the pleasure of trying them out, then this helpful guide should help you find the right one for your needs, as well as the variety of flavors available, along with pricing.

HQD Disposable vapes how they look

What is an HQD Vape?

HQD stands for high-quality distribution and the HQD brand offers two different types of vapes. These are the HQD Cuvie and the Cuvie Plus. The major selling points of the HQD vapes are that they're disposable and offer a variety of flavor combinations to suit every palette.

The HQD Cuvie is a smaller device, suitable for new beginners to vaping, whilst the Cuvie Plus offers slightly more in capacity.

What are the coolest things about HQD disposable vape?

There are a number of qualities that make the HQD disposable vapes some of the best on the market. Here are some of the top-selling benefits of this vape brand in particular.

  • Capacity as well as lasting with more than 1200 puffs

For the Cuvie and Cuvie Plus, it provides a choice between 350 puffs and 1,200 puffs. This capacity is fairly substantial for a disposable vape and is therefore suitable for anyone looking for a vape they can enjoy on a daily basis.

  • Flavors from which to choose (50 available flavors)

There are up to fifty available flavors to choose from when it comes the HQD devices. That's a lot of options to explore through and whilst you might not like them all, it'll certainly keep you entertained as you work through the selection.

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Easy to carry and easy to use

Both the HQD Cuvie and Cuvie Plus are easy enough to carry around. The Cuvie is a small bar that's perfect for slipping into a trouser pocket and the Cuvie Plus will fit perfectly in your handbag or for when you're going on vacation.

The devices are easy enough to use, so you won't have any trouble operating these draw-activated devices if you're new to vaping entirely. They're a great choice for beginners to vaping.

  • Great taste

The HQD devices offer great taste with every inhale and exhale that users take. You'll be able to tell from the testimonials below, just how much customers of the HQD devices love these vape pens. As disposable vape pens, they offer intense flavors that last.

Top 8 HQD Disposable Vape

Which HQD disposable vape should you choose when it comes to shopping this vape brand for the first time? There are lots of options available, so we've rounded up the top eight that have managed to really impress our customers and those who've been using the brand for a while now.


1- Ice Mint - HQD Cuvie Plus Disposable vape

A cool and refreshing hit every time, the Ice Mint is a flavor that is a fan for anyone who enjoys a menthol kick to their vape experience. This one would benefit those that once enjoyed menthol cigarettes but now need to find an alternative.

The Ice Mint is a great one for the HQD Cuvie Plus because it offers a refreshing blast of mint from start to finish. The powerful battery ensures the Ice Mint flavor remains constant and intense until the end.

Price: $16.95

Barbara P: I quit smoking and used this as a transition, then fell in love with this singular product.


2- Blueberry Raspberry- HQD Cuvie Plus Disposable vape

Blueberry Raspberry is a delicious blend of blueberries and raspberries that's rounded it off with an icy finish. It's a great combination for those who prefer a fruity flavor in comparison to dessert flavors that have a sickly sweet taste.

It's one of the best flavors that HQD provides and in the Cuvie Plus, you can enjoy a satisfying hit for over 1,200 puffs per device. That's enough for a disposable vape pen for this type of flavor. The Blueberry Raspberry is a must-try and like the Ice Mint, the cooling finish is addictive.

Price: $16.95

Yaneth D: This HQD Blueberry Raspberry is the best flavor out off all of the HQD flavors. This is by far my favorite one 😍




3- Strawberry Watermelon - HQD Cuvie Plus Disposable vape

The fruity combinations are ideal for those that love childhood classic duos but this strawberry and watermelon is like a level-up for your tastebuds. Typically not one to go with strawberry, the flavors work really well together. The sweetness of the strawberry with the juicy watermelon hit is one that you won't get bored of by any means.

For a disposable vape, this one like the Blueberry raspberry is one to add to your to-try list.

Price: $16.95

Moreau M: I love it because It's not too sweet but it has a great flavor. I will definitely buy again ;)


4- HQD Cuvie - Strawberry Banana

The Strawberry Banana HQD Cuvie is one that's very popular for most who love a fruit fusion. A disposable vape device is made better with this sweet mix and for those who can be a little fussy with their vape flavors, this one is likely to suit most.

A lot of vape brands use this strawberry banana flavor due to its popularity.

Price: $17.95

Yessi R: There is no better flavor than this one for me and the cuvie is perfect for my nights out



5- Mango Ice - HQD Cuvie Plus Disposable vape

If you're more of a tropical vaper, then you'll love the Mango Ice. As a disposable vape flavor, the Mango is a delicious and fruity kick that is paired with an icy finish. It's a great taste that won't get boring.

Mango Ice is not always one that gets picked by most newcomers to vaping but it's certainly one you want to have on your list to try once you've become a little more acquainted with the vaping community and what's available.

Price: $16.95

Juan C: This is an amazing flavor! It’s the only one I like



6- Apple Peach -HQD Cuvie Plus Disposable vape

Apple Peach is one that you don't often see paired together but once you try this vape, you'll wonder why they don't get paired up as a fruity duo more often. The Apple Peach flavor offers a great blend for your disposable vape device. It's full of flavor which combines the sweet and slightly sour apple with the creamy peach flavoring.

Price: $16.95

Katherine C: This device is incredible, I do not only feel that it last longer than others but it also is super comfortable to handle.


7- Pineapple Ice - HQD Cuvie Plus Disposable vape

For tropical fruits, the Pineapple is often a go-to choice. Pineapple Ice combines the slightly sour but juicy Pineapple flavoring with an icy refreshing kick on the end. It's a popular one amongst the HQD Cuvie Plus as it's a flavor that won't get boring, even over a 1,000 puffs later.

Price: $16.95


8- HQD Cuvie - Lush Ice

The Lush Ice is one that will become a quick favorite in your collection of vape devices. The HQD Cuvie offers 350 puffs of this icy watermelon flavor. Lush Ice is a definite must-have for the summer months.

Price: $17.95

Anton I: I usually get the cuvie plus, but I ordered this time the cuvie size because is smaller and I can take to my office and is incredible



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What is the best HQD vape Flavor?

The best HQD vape flavor has to be the Ice Mint or the Blueberry Raspberry. They're considered the most popular on our site and they offer a delicious hit every time. We think it's the icy finish on both that makes them top-sellers.

Which HQD vape has the most puffs?

The biggest HQD vape you can get is the Cuvie Plus. This provides up to 1,200 puffs per vape device, whilst the Cuvie only offers 350 puffs.