HQD Rechargeable Vape Won't Charge

There's nothing worse than a vape that won't charge. If you have recently found that your HQD vape wont charge, then here are a few ways that you can attempt to fix it yourself:

  1. Verify the source of the problem
  2. Try an external battery charger
  3. Adjust the connection plate
  4. Change the power source
  5. Check the wires
  6. Replace your vape
  7. Purchase a new battery

In this guide, we'll discover the reasons why your HQD disposable vapes may not be charging and the quick fixes that will hopefully resolve your problem.

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Reasons why your HQD vape won't charge

When you use your HQD vape, you don't want to be faced with a device that doesn't charge or won't work at all. If that has become the reality for you, don't panic. There are usually reasons why your HQD vape won't charge and here are some of the reasons why.

  1. It ran out of puffs

Every disposable vape has a certain amount of puffs available within the device. Some may have 600 puffs, others up to 7,000 depending on the device model. A reason why your disposable vape is no longer charging is that it's ran out of puffs.

If the device isn't refillable, then you're going to want to throw out the disposable vape and buy a new one.

  1. The power source or charger is not working

For a lot of the rechargeable disposable vapes, you'll find that the power source is that of a USB-C port for most. Sometimes, the charging port or the cable itself, might not be working properly. If it got knocked or damaged in some way, then it's likely not going to charge your vape battery.

  1. Defective vape

A defective vape is unusual but it's not uncommon by any means. Like with any product that's manufactured, there can sometimes be problems in manufacturing that lead to it being defective. Of course, testing the device might not be possible until it's out of its packaging.

With that being said, if you do have a defective vape, then you'll need to get a replacement.

  1. Unit damage

While a lot of disposable vapes are highly durable, including the HQD range of devices, they're not indestructible. Being too heavy-handed with them can cause damage to the unit and if the unit in any way is damaged, then it may not charge properly or at all.

  1. Battery overheated

Sometimes, overuse of the disposable vape can cause the battery to overheat. With an overheated battery, you're likely to find that disposable vape pens are more likely to stop working altogether.

Ways to fix your HQD vape that won't charge

For those who find themselves with a HQD disposable vape that no longer charges, don't be too quick to throw it out. Here are some top tips to try and fix your HQD vape. All hope is not lost, after all.

  1. Verify the source of the problem

Before you do anything else, it's important to verify the source of the problem. Troubleshoot all of the potential problems listed above, whether that's the current condition of the device, the power source, or the charger to determine which one is failing.

By finding the source of the problem, you're going to save yourself a lot of time and effort trying different fixes.

  1. Try an external battery charger

If you're struggling to charge the battery with your existing charging port or cable, then it's worth attaching the battery to an external charger. This will distinguish one of two things, whether your battery is faulty or whether it's the charging cable or port that's the problem.

Should there be an issue with the charging port or cable, then external battery chargers may help use up the remainder of the device's juice.

  1. Adjust the connection plate

Sometimes, the connection plate within the device that connects the vape supply to the battery is out of place. This requires more advanced knowledge of what goes inside your vape device.

Adjusting the connection plate will require a thin paperclip or needle that's sturdy enough to gently lift the connection plate. This should hopefully resolve the problem.

  1. Change the power source

For a rechargeable disposable vape, you may need to change the power source. Perhaps the cable you're using has seen better days. It could be that your charging point where the cable goes, is not working properly.

Try charging your vape pen battery with a different charger or at a different outlet to see if this makes any difference.

  1. Check the wires

There are a few wires within your disposable vape that should all be connecting and functioning properly. There's a chance that this might not be the case. The wires that have become disconnected can be corrected with a soldering iron but again this requires more knowledge and skill. There is a chance you may end up breaking it in the process.

  1. Replace your vape

If you've tried all of the above tips, then there might not be much left to try other than to get rid of the vape pen. Sometimes, it's gone beyond being able to do anything to fix it and your rechargeable disposable vape is better off being recycled.

  1. Purchase a new battery

To recharge your HQD vape, you need to have a battery power that's working properly. If it's not and you have a permanent dead battery, then it might be best to purchase a new battery.

At what point should you dispose of your HQD vape?

When is the best time to chuck out your HQD vape pen? It's worth checking how many hits your device had to begin with, to ensure it's not the vape juice that's run out. An HQD vape number of hits depends on the device itself.

Signs of the vape juice running out will be a lack of intensity of flavor or vapor produced. You may also notice a burning taste in your mouth. Alternatively, if the battery stops working or you're not having any luck with the above tips, then it's best to dispose of the vape pens and buy new ones.

Where to buy HQD rechargeable vapes online?

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HQD vape won't charge FAQs

Why can't you connect your HQD vape to the wall plug?

The reason why plugging your HQD vape into a wall plug might not be the best idea is that the electric current gets pushed through the coil and therefore may risk it overheating.
Depending on the wattage of your outlets, this could cause problems for your vape device. It's best to use a cable that connects to a computer or perhaps to your car charger.

What happens if you overcharge your HQD vape?

Overcharging your vape can often lead to overheating. This deteriorates the battery's performance and in some cases, could permanently damage the unit itself. Only charge the device for as long as it's recommended by the manufacturer.