How Long Do Puff Bunny Vape Last

For a tasty draw with every puff, the Puff Bunny vape is a great disposable that offers long-lasting enjoyment for those looking for a large vape. How long does Puff Bunny vape last?

In this guide, we'll take a look at how much value you get from the Puff Bunny vapes, including the number of hits you get, how many days you'll get out of it, and what factors influence the performance of the vape in general.

If you're looking to improve your vaping experience by trying out new vape pens, then the Puff Bunny vape is well worth a try.

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How many hits does a Puff Bunny vape have?

The Puff Bunny disposable vape is one of the largest vape devices on the market. With the Puff Bunny, you get a staggering 8,000 puffs per device.

That amount of puffs is a great choice for those who are regular vapers but perhaps still want to keep their vaping choice to disposables.

With an 8,000 puff count, you'll be able to enjoy this device for a long time before it runs out, especially if you're only an occasional vape user.

How many days does a Puff Bunny vape last?

So how long do Puff Bunny vape last? It's all dependent on how often you vape and your personal usage. For some, it might last two weeks, and for others, two months.

The benefit of these devices in particular is that they're rechargeable, making sure you get every last bit of juice and max puffs that are available.

What factors affect the lifespan of a Puff Bunny vape?

The lifespan of your Puff Bunny device is something you want to prolong as much as possible. If you don't then you could be wasting a lot of the device as a result, which means money lost from your back pocket! With that being said, here are some factors that would often affect the lifespan of the Puff Bunny vape.

Puff count

The puff count of a disposable vape can affect the lifespan of your PB device. It's important that you have a device that caters to your personal usage. With the Puff Bunny, 8000 puffs is a considerable amount of puffs that will keep you satisfied for longer.

if you're looking for the best stealth vape, then this device might not be the best due to the high VG content.

Battery life

It's important that you stay on top of the battery life when it comes to a disposable vape such as this one. While a lot of disposables don't come with a rechargeable functionality, this one does. Therefore, it's important to keep an eye on the battery performance and ensure you recharge it as and when needed.

By maintaining the battery life of a device, you'll ensure you get the most out of your best blue razz disposable vape.

Usage patterns

In order to enjoy a disposable vape in general, you want to avoid chain vaping. This is where you're vaping in short bursts and not waiting in between inhales. Therefore, it's worth being mindful of your usage and how often or how regularly you use it.


There are some great Puff Bunny vapes features that you want to keep in good condition so that it continues to benefit its performance. That means the way you store your vapes, will influence their efficiency. For example, you'll want to store the device properly. This includes storing the device upright and out of direct sunlight.

How can I extend the lifespan of my Puff Bunny vape?

If you want to make the most out of the device as a purchase, then there are a few things that you can do to extend the lifespan of the Puff Bunny disposable vape.

So that you can enjoy the delicious blend of best dessert disposable vape, here are a few tips worth taking on.

  • Take shorter, shallower drags: This will help to conserve e-liquid and battery life.
  • Avoid overfilling the tank: Overfilling the tank can cause the vape to leak and waste e-liquid.
  • Store your vape properly: Store your vape in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Clean your vape regularly: Cleaning your vape will help to remove buildup that can clog the coil and reduce airflow.
  • Don't leave your vape in your car: The hot temperatures in your car can damage the battery.
  • Avoid using your vape in extreme temperatures: Extreme temperatures can damage the battery and other components of the vape.

Taking shorter and shallow drags is a good way to extend your usage of the device. Be wary of where you leave the vape and consider giving your vape a quick clean every so often to keep on top of the vape's lifespan.

When it comes to how long do puff bunny vape last, use these tips so that you can enjoy every last puff in the device.

How do I store my Puff Bunny vape properly?

Storing your Puff Bunny disposable device is important. Whether it's a Strawberry Banana flavor or Black Ice, the way you store the vape pen impacts its effectiveness. With that being said, here are a few tips for storing your vape properly from the Puff Bunny collection:

  • Store upright to avoid leaks.
  • Keep out of direct view of sunlight.
  • Avoid any moisture getting onto it.

If you know how long do Puff Bunny vape last, then storing your vape correctly is essential to make sure you get the max puffs.

Where can I buy Puff Bunny vapes?

To avoid fake vapes, it's useful to know where to buy the best vape devices from Puff Bunny. Whether you're after the best mint vapes or the sweetest ones, you'll find all of them easily here on the Smoky Box.

There are a variety of flavor options to choose from. A few popular ones worth trying from PB are Triple Berry Ice, Kiwi Strawberry, Watermelon Ice, Sour Apple, Blue Razz Ice, and Ice Mint.

We also provide useful information on vaping in general, whether that's how long do Puff Bunny vape last, to listicles on the best flavors to try from many of the brands that we sell online. Get 15% off your first order when you become a Smoky Club member and free deliveries on orders over $50 when delivered in the US.

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How long do Puff Bunny vapes last FAQs

What should I do if my Puff Bunny vape is leaking?

If your Puff Bunny vape has started leaking, then chances are, there's something that's come undone within the device or certain parts have been damaged. As this is a pre-assembled device, you might not be able to do much to fix it and for the most part, your device might need replacing.

What should I do if my Puff Bunny vape is not producing vapor?

Should your device stop producing vapor, then it might be the device isn't charged up enough or the vape juice has run out. The Puff Bunny vapes features an LED screen for battery and nicotine indicator.