SpaceBar Cosmo Vapes Review

As one of the big boys in disposable vape pen devices, SpaceBar Cosmo is one that trumps many on the market currently. From its large vape juice capacity to its sleek and compact size, this device has a lot to offer to its customers.

In this SpaceBar Cosmo Vapes review, we'll take a closer look at the device and how it's a must-have in your collection this year.

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What are Spacebar Cosmo vapes?

Spacebar Cosmo vapes are a great option for those who want a long-lasting pen. It offers both a seamless and stress-free experience, whether you've tried disposable vape pen devices yet or not.

Disposables are a helpful starting point for those looking to quit smoking or wanting to try vapes for the first time. It's certainly a powerful vape device that you'll get a lot of satisfaction from.

Spacebar Cosmo vapes features and specifications

What can you expect from the Space Bar Cosmo vape? As a disposable vape pen, it offers a hefty list of features that provide great value for money. Along with a durable and well-built device, you've also got a variety of flavors to choose from.

With that being said, let's take a closer look at what features the device provides its users.


As a disposable, the Space Bar Cosmo vape offers up to 6500 puffs per device. That's a sizeable amount for a disposable and is certainly on the larger capacity of puff counts in general.

  • 5% nicotine salt concentration
  • 10mL pre-filled e-liquid capacity
  • Mesh coil for superior flavor and vapor production
  • Draw-activated firing mechanism
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Variety of delicious flavors to choose from

For the ultimate vaping experience, the design and build of the disposable device is important. From the mesh coil to the draw-activated firing mechanism, these features are all influential to the performance of the vape. The draw-activated mouthpiece makes for a hassle-free experience, perfect for beginners.


As part of this SpaceBar Cosmo Vapes review, let's look at the specifications that the device provides. The device itself is fairly lightweight, making it handy for carrying around. With a battery capacity of 850mAh, you've got plenty of power delivered to the device for a satisfying inhale on every puff.

  • Dimensions: 115mm x 21mm x 15mm
  • Weight: 45g
  • Battery capacity: 850mAh
  • E-liquid capacity: 10mL
  • Nicotine concentration: 5% nicotine salt
  • Coil type: Mesh coil
  • Puff count: Up to 6500 puffs

The level of nicotine available makes this one of the healthiest vapes on the market. It's certainly healthier than smoking.

Spacebar Cosmo vapes average price

For just $18.95, you can get your hands on the Space Bar Cosmo vape. Considering it offers an impressive 6,000 puffs on average per device, it's a worthwhile investment to add to your collection this year.

Spacebar Cosmo flavors

When choosing a disposable vape, flavor combination is an important one to consider. Different flavors mean more vape users in general, are more likely to venture through this collection as a result. The Cosmo disposable vape has a variety of flavor options available. These include the following:

As you can tell, there's a lot of choice available. From slushy options like Blueberry Slushy and Strawberry Slushy to fruity combinations like Pineapple Banana and Blackberry Grape, there are enough options to cater to everyone's taste buds.

When it comes to this SpaceBar Cosmo Vapes review, we recommend you try a number of vape flavors to get a better understanding of which ones are your preferred choice.

How much nicotine is in a spacebar vape

When it comes to disposable vape devices, you will typically find 5% nicotine strength. This disposable vape is no different. The result is a satisfying and smooth vape, perfect for those who want an alternative to smoking.

There are zero nic vapes out there but all the flavors in this collection will have the nicotine content as mentioned above.

Is the Space Bar Cosmo vape leak-proof?

As this is a disposable vape device, the entirety of the device comes pre-assembled. That means pre-filled too, meaning you don't need to worry about having to take apart the device to fill it up with vape juice.

Of course, not all vapes are indestructible, and therefore care is needed to make sure the device stays in good condition. For example, storing it upright and out of direct sunlight is important. You should also place it in a certain place in your pocket or in a bag so that it isn't damaged by anything else.

These are high-quality products that are well worth spending money on as a vape user. As part of our SpaceBar Cosmo vape review, it's important to cover the safety aspects of the device, of which this disposable vape ticks all the boxes.

Does Smoky Box recommend the Space Bar Cosmo vape to others?

It's worth checking out our SpaceBar Cosmo Vapes review to learn more about the Space Bar Cosmo brand. 

Like most popular vape brands, we highly recommend this disposable device here at the Smoky Box.

We offer a wide range of flavors from the collection and great value for money. Whether you've got a preference for Strawberry Slushy, Mint Ice, or Frozen Peach, there's a great selection available.

Our SpaceBar Cosmo recommendations

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Spacebar Cosmo Review FAQs

How long does the spacebar Cosmo last?

For the best long lasting vapes, the Space Bar Cosmo is a must-have. How many puffs do you get? You've got a whopping 6500 puffs to enjoy, which will last regular vape users a few weeks to a month depending on your usage.

For example, if you're puffing 100 puffs a day, then you'll likely get around two months' worth from this device. For $18.95, that's a great amount of puffs in ratio to the amount you're paying.

How do I know when to replace my Spacebar Cosmo?

With any disposable vape device, it's important to pay attention to the flavor of the vape and how it performs as you near the end of the puff count. For the SpaceBar Cosmo, you'll likely find that the vape flavor deteriorates towards the end and you might even taste a burnt flavor when the coil is worn out.

You do have the rechargeable functionality with this device, so it's worth checking your type c charging port works properly to troubleshoot any problems.